Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Acne Scars Be Healed?

There are many people who are looking for an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they feel very self-conscious about how they look. Because of the acne scarring on their face.
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In fact, according to a recent study. 96% of respondents. Reported feeling depressed over there parents. Because they had acne, and acne scarring over their face.
Therefore, a dermatologist treating acne scarring. Is not just helping them cosmetically. But it is helping their mental health. By helping them avoid depression. And increasing their self-confidence.
The first thing that people should know. Is what causes acne scarring in the first place. So that they will understand why the treatments are recommended for each patient.
When people have acne, there is an inflamed lump under their skin. And when that lump heals, it pulls the collagen at awkward angles. Resulting in scar tissue. And while everyone who has acne, will develop scar tissue.
It is not as noticeable with people who do not have large acne. Such as cystic, nodular or boxcar acne. These are larger bumps underneath the skin. Which means when they pull at the collagen.
It results in a more noticeable looking scar. And the peaks and valleys that are most often associated with acne scarring. Our from the collagen being pulled at different angles while the acne heals.
And while collagen that is being disrupted. Will result in scar tissue. If people disrupt the collagen even more. It will make the scar tissue more significant. Which is why it is important not to pick acne.


People who pick, poke or squeeze their acne spots. Can make their scars worse then if they had left it alone in the first place. But that is not the only thing that people can do to make their scars worse.
When people talk to the dermatologist about an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. The dermatologist often hears that they have been aggressively washing or exfoliating their face.
And they do this in an effort to eliminate their acne. So that they do not have acne that will cause scars. However, this kind of aggressive action will actually cause the scars to become worse.
Therefore, when patients come in looking for an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Edmonton dermatology will first talk to them about the right skincare routine and products.
That they should use, so that they can eliminate the acne breakouts they have. Without having to wash or exfoliating their face aggressively. And then once they have got their acne under control.
They can talk to the doctor about what acne scar treatment is going to be most effective for them. To reduce their scars. And help them feel confident in their appearance once more.
The first thing that patients need to do. Is simply call Edmonton dermatology for a consultation. And not only is the first consultation absolutely free. But this is a great opportunity to meet the doctor. So they can see the patient and the skin, and recommend the right procedure.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Scars Be Healed?

Often, when patients contact Edmonton dermatology for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. The goal is to eliminate the scars completely. However, this is very difficult and may not always be possible. Especially if people have significant scarring on their face.
However, by talking to the doctor about the different treatments. People can make an informed decision. About what method is going to be the most beneficial for them, and their lifestyle.
One of the most effective treatments for eliminating acne scars. Is called a CO2 laser. Also known as a fractional laser resurfacing tool. But it is also ablative, which means it cuts the skin.
How this tool works, is first, the heat from the laser. Is so hot, that it literally vaporizes the epidermis. Which is the outermost layer of skin. And as the skin dies, it pulls away scar tissue as well.
At the same time, microscopic holes are being drilled into the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin. And this causes the body to increase its production of collagen.
Since collagen is a building block for skin. This will aid the epidermis we growth. To be very smooth. And to regrow without any trace of the scar tissue that was there first.
This is going to be the most effective way. To either eliminate or significantly reduce scars caused by acne. And is one of the most effective acne scar treatments.


However, it is very invasive. And requires about two weeks of healing time. Where people might be best to stay home from work. Because of the infection risk that happens without the epidermis.
But if this is not the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. They can talk to their dermatologist about the Fraxal laser. Which is a much less invasive treatment. And takes much less healing time.
The Fraxal laser is a true laser. And what it does, is it uses heat to target the dermis. and since this is where collagen production occurs. And collagen loves heat. It will increase collagen production.
When collagen is flooding the area with scar tissue. What it will do, because it is a building block of skin. And actually starts to fill in the valleys. That are caused by the scar tissue.
And what this will do, is start to smooth out the complexion. So that there are fewer valleys with each treatment. However, it is important to note. That this treatment will take 3 to 4 treatments to be effective.
And the treatments should be about 4 to 6 weeks apart. To ensure that the collagen can do as much healing. Before the next treatment happens. And ultimately, this will result in a 50% reduction of scar tissue.
The best thing about the Fraxal laser as an acne scar treatment. Is that people might have a slightly red face that might be tender for a day or two. That is as much healing time as is required.
When people are looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Making an appointment with Edmonton dermatology is going to be the most effective way to find the right treatment for each person.