Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Deep Scarring Minimized

The reason why many people with deep scarring, may contact their Edmonton dermatologist for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Particularly, because people with acne scarring can suffer from depression over unhappiness over how they look.

And while Edmonton dermatologist has many different treatments available. From an IPL laser, to pay DL laser. Which stands for pulsed dye laser. As well as an NDA laser.
These lasers are best for minimizing pigmentation problems, such as age spots, port wine stain birthmarks, as well as rosacea for example. As well as getting rid of unwanted hair.
For people who are looking for laser resurfacing, in an effort to eliminate wrinkles. Or have an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. The lasers that Edmonton dermatologist will most likely talk to the patient about.
Includes a fractional laser resurfacing. Also known as the CO2 laser. As well as the Fraxel laser which can help resurface a patient’s face. And can eliminate the look of scarring by 50%.
How the Fraxel laser works, is by targeting the collagen in a patient’s face. By heating up the skin. Because collagen loves warmth and heat. And when the face gets warm or hot. The collagen production is increased.
The Fraxel laser as an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Will typically take two hours. And require about four treatments, depending on the extent of the scarring.
And while the goal of the Fraxel laser will be to improve the look by 50%. There is another option that Edmonton dermatology has. That can significantly reduce the look of scarring.
This is the CO2 laser. Which is considered an ablative laser. Which means it not only heats the skin up, but it actually cuts the skin. By drilling microscopic holes into the dermis.


And the dermis is the middle layer of skin. And what that will do, is increase the collagen production significantly. While the heat from the laser itself, will cause the top layer of skin, called the epidermis to vapour rise off completely.
This will do two things at the same time according to Edmonton dermatologist. It is will increase collagen production significantly. And as collagen is an important building block of skin.
And it is important for building connective tissue, and skin elasticity. When this is increased in patients looking for an acne scar treatment. Their skin will improve texture significantly.
But also because the CO2 laser has also vaporized the patient’s skin. The increased collagen production. Will help patients regrow that epidermis effectively. And when the new skin grows in.
It will grow in without a sign of scarring. Therefore, unlike the Fraxel laser that will only improve the look by 50%. Which will get a much more significant improvement this CO2 laser.
And while the CO2 laser treatment is not the right acne scar treatment for everybody. Particularly because of the healing that is required.
If people are truly looking for the most effective way to reduce scarring on their face. This is the best option that will give them the best results.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Scarring Be Minimized?

There are many different treatments that can improve the look of acne scar treatment Edmonton. And when people have their free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. They will be able to find out about each of these procedures.
They have many different treatments at their disposal. From very common laser treatments, such as IPL, which is a broad beam of light. To PD L, which stands for pulsed dye lasers.
And these actually target pigmentation, and blood vessels. In order to minimize the look of discolouration, even deep into the dermis layer of the skin.
As well as an and the a laser, which also targets people pigmentation. Such as birthmarks, by vibrating the mentation out of the dermis, which is the middle layer of skin.
While all three of these lasers are extremely effective at getting rid of discolouration, and getting rid of unwanted hair. When people are looking for an effective way to treat scarring.
They should look at two different treatments and lasers such as the CO2 laser, which is known as a fractional laser resurfacing tool. And the Fraxel laser, which is considered a laser resurfacing tool.
Which the right acne scar treatment Edmonton is for each patient. Will depend on the severity of their scarring. As well as what kind of results they are looking for.
With the Fraxel laser only improving scarring by about 50% in the appearance. While the CO2 laser can almost eliminate scarring completely. However it is quite a bit more ill a sieve.


Therefore, when the dermatologist talks to the patients about the severity of their scarring. As well as what the procedure and healing entails. And what kind of results they are looking for.
They will come up with the right treatment for each person. And manage their expectations accordingly. While the Fraxel laser will heat up the collagen, improve the look of scarring, by helping the skin heal.
The CO2 laser will actually vaporized the top layer of skin. As well as increase collagen production. By drilling microscopic holes into the dermis. To encourage even more collagen production.
And while the Fraxel give may not give the results that a lot of people want. They may not want to have a two-week healing period. That is necessary with the CO2 laser.
When people use the CO2 laser with their Edmonton dermatologist. They are going to find that they require two weeks of healing.
Because their skin will eventually, over a two-week period slough off, which will cause them to have extremely pink and crusty looking skin. That can be very difficult for many people to overcome.
Especially the people do not want to tell their family or their coworkers that they are getting a cosmetic procedure done. However, it is one of the most effective acne scar treatment Edmonton.
By being prepared for what the treatment and healing looks like. As well as knowing what kind of results they should get. Will help people make the right decision.