Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Facial Scars Be Decreased?

Often, when people have facial scars, they are depressed, which causes them to seek out an effective they scar treatment Edmonton. In fact, 96% of all people with acne scarring report feeling depressed, and lacking self-confidence with their appearance.

When they set up their initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology. They are going to be able to find out about not only all of the different treatments that they have their clinic.
That can help diminish or eliminate the look of their acne scars. They will also be able to have the dermatologist look at their scarring. In order to make the right recommendation.
About what treatment is going to be most beneficial for those scars. As well as the right treatment for their skin type. So that they can get the results they desire from the treatment that they choose.
The first acne scar treatment Edmonton that their dermatologist will likely tell them about. Is the Fraxel laser. Which works to not only treat scarring from acne.
But it will also fill in scars from accidents and surgeries. As well as find lines and wrinkles as well. In order to understand how the Fraxel laser works. People should understand why scarring occurs in the first place.
When people are injured, or when they have acne. The collagen in their skin gets pulled at in awkward directions. Which causes their skin to heal in a scar formation.
When people are younger, they typically would have less scarring happen. Simply because they have more collagen production in their skin. Which means they were be less likely to develop scars.


However, as people age, they produce less and less collagen. Which means they are more and more prone to not just scarring. But wrinkles and fine lines. As well as sagging skin that looks older.
Therefore, this acne scar treatment Edmonton will help not only fill in the look of scars. But help improve the tone and texture of people’s skin. To look tighter, and younger.
As well as fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that may be starting to form as well. The way this laser does all of that, is by increasing the amount of collagen that the body produces.
How it does that, is by using the laser to apply a significant amount of heat deep down into the second layer of skin. Which is called the dermis, and where collagen production happens.
Since collagen loves heat. When heat is applied to the dermis, the body starts producing even more collagen during this acne scar treatment Edmonton. That will start filling in scar tissue, and healing that skin.
Because it is filling in where the collagen was pulled that awkwardly. That formed the scar in the first place. The procedure takes about two hours. And will help people get a 50% improvement in their scar tissue.
Although it is not going to completely eliminate the scarring. It is going to cause people to have noticeably smoother and clearer skin. Which is often enough for people to regain their self-confidence. And feel comfortable in their skin again.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Facial Scars Can Be Decreased

Often, one of the reasons why people set up an initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology, is to find the best acne scar treatment Edmonton for their particular scars.
This may be because they are feeling very conscious about their looks. And while there are many different treatments that their dermatologist will be able to discuss with them.
One of the first things that they will talk about. Is minimizing their acne breakouts in the first place. While many people Had their acne breakouts as teenagers. And do not struggle with this anymore.
There are many adults who actually struggle with acne breakouts well into adulthood. And this is why it is very important to talk to the dermatologist about an acne recoat treatment.
Because while they will be able to eliminate the look of scar tissue on their face. If they are still having active acne breakouts. That is going to cause them to develop more scars in the future.
Therefore, by getting their acne breakouts eliminated. Patient to undergo an acne scar treatment Edmonton their dermatologist. Are going to have all of the confidence.
That they will not be forming new scars once they clear their face of their older scars. Once they get their acne breakouts under control. The doctor will talk to them.
About all of the different acne scar treatment that they can utilize. And if patients are looking for an extremely dramatic result. And very improved acne scarring.

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There dermatologist will likely talk to them about the CO2 laser. Which is a fractional, and ablative laser resurfacing tool. Ablative means that it is going to actually cut into the skin.
And it does this by drooling the microscopic lasers into the dermis. Which is the middle layer of skin. At the same time, the heat from the laser is going to literally vaporized the top layer of skin, also called the epidermis.
And as the epidermis peels away, it peels away scar tissue. Requiring the body to grow that top layer of skin again. The holes that are drilled in the second layer of skin will increase collagen production.
So that as the body grows a new epidermis it will be aided by an increase in collagen production. Which is a structural support in connective tissue, and is responsible for skin elasticity.
As well as helps reduce the look of scarring. And improves skin tone as well. Together, this gives an extremely dramatic result of significantly reduced scarring. As well as younger, more healthy looking skin.
The most important thing for patients to keep in mind about this procedure however. Is that it requires about two weeks of healing time. Because the body is literally growing a new layer of skin.
Many patients opt to take two weeks off of work. To heal properly and thoroughly. As well as keeping their face as clean as possible and avoiding sun exposure.
Divide out of this is the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for a patient. They should sit down and talk to their dermatologist about all of the benefits about the procedure. As well as everything to expect, to make the decision whether this is the right treatment for them.