Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Can Facial Scars Be Diminished

Often, when people contact their dermatologist divides the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. It is a matter of self-esteem. Since 96% of people who have significant acne scarring, report feeling depressed over their appearance.

And whether they have lived with acne scarring for only a few years, or for significant portion of their lifetime. Living with scarring can be very hard which is why many people eventually seek out treatment from their dermatologist.
It is important to note that the initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology is free. So that they can not only find out about patient’s skin type, and extent of their scarring.
They can also find out what results the patient desires from their acne scar treatment Edmonton. To recommend the right treatment, for what they want, and what is possible to achieve as well.
At Edmonton dermatology, they have many different types of lasers that can treat many different kinds of dermatological issues. And they have at least two that can deal with acne scarring.
The first one is called the Fraxel laser. And it works to reduce scarring, by increasing the amount of collagen that people are producing. As people age, their bodies produce less unless collagen.
And since collagen is an important building block of skin. When that is increased again, not only can they start to heal the scars, to reduce their appearance.
But they will also be able to fill in any fine lines or wrinkles that they have developed. And tighten and tone their face. And make it look less saggy, because of the increased collagen.


Therefore, not only is the Fraxel laser extremely effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. But it will also help people look their best, and have a more youthful appearance to their skin.
The next thing that patients should understand about the Fraxel laser treatment. Is that it works by applying heat to the face. And by heating up the dermis, which is the second layer of skin.
Collagen production is increased. Simply because collagen loves heat. And while it may take up to four treatments for people to get the final results. The healing time is very low for this procedure.
However, Edmonton dermatology recommends that people with a certain skin type. Not use this treatment. Because if people have a tendency to develop keloid scars. This is a kind of scarring that happens because of an overabundance of collagen.
Therefore, that is not going to help them diminish the look of their scarring. In addition to that, Edmonton dermatology also says that this Fraxel laser. Is not going to completely eliminate their acne scarring.
And people will generally get as 50% improvement of their scarring. Which makes a noticeable appearance and how smooth and clear their face is. However it will not be gone completely.
Pending on a person’s skin type, the extent of their scarring. And what they are hoping for an outcome. The Fraxel laser may be perfect for them. Or they may want to find out about other treatments that are available at Edmonton dermatology.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Facial Scars Diminished

It is very important for people to find out all of the facts about the different acne scar treatment Edmonton. So that they can make an informed decision about which treatment they should utilize.
While Edmonton dermatologist has many different types of treatments that are available to eliminate scarring. Not all of the treatments are best suited for all patients.
And while some treatments may be very effective. There are things that might cause people to want to avoid them, such as the healing time.
However, when people are looking for the most effective and dramatic results. In their acne scar treatment Edmonton. There dermatologist will most likely recommend the CO2 laser for treatment.
This is considered a fractional laser resurfacing that uses ablation. And ablation means that it is going to actually cut into the skin through the treatment.
How the CO2 laser works, is by utilizing the laser, to vapour rise the epidermis. Which is the outermost layer of skin. And what that will do, is because that top layer of skin to peel off, taking scar tissue with it.
At the same time, the CO2 laser will be drilling microscopic holes into the dermis. Which is the middle layer of skin. Which is where collagen production comes from.
These microscopic holes will cause the body to increase collagen production. In order to help heal the damage done by the laser. Which will help the skin not only grow, but look its best as well.

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Because this procedure is so invasive. Edmonton dermatology recommends people have at least two weeks of healing time. And while they do not have to take time away from work.
Many people want to, because they will have an increased risk of infection. Because they are literally going to be regrowing the top layer of skin.
It is also very important for people to avoid sun exposure at this time as well. So a lot of patients opt to get this done during the winter. Where sun exposure is at its least amount.
And while there is a long healing time with this procedure. The benefits of this acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is that is going to significantly reduce the look of acne scarring.
And also, deliver results to patients after a single treatment. And while the dermatologist might want to do a couple of touch up treatments, to ensure the texture matches the rest of the skin.
Typically, patients will only have to undergo one treatment, and one healing time. In order to get the results that they desire.
It is also very important for patients to know that this is only effective on the face or the chest. And they are not going to be able to get this treatment done on their neck. Because of the ablation.
Therefore, by finding out all about the CO2 laser. Patients can find out if this is the right acne scar treatment for them.