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It is very important for people who have acne scars and are looking for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. To understand why scars form. And the role collagen plays in that.
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So that when they sit down with their Edmonton dermatologist. To discuss different treatments. They will understand why so many of the treatments. Will increase collagen production within their face.
The first thing that people should keep in mind. Is that when they have acne. Particularly large cystic or nodular acne. This large inflamed bump underneath their skin.
Is going to cause the collagen to be pulled in many different directions. As it heals. This is what causes the scar. And at typical acne scar. Is has peaks and valleys in it, and is very well known for how it looks.
Therefore, the more the collagen is disrupted. The more the scar is going to show up. Therefore, when people pick, poke or squeeze their acne spots. They do not realize it.
But they are actually disrupting the collagen. That will lead to scars forming even more then if they had left their acne alone. This will result in needing a stronger acne scar treatment Edmonton.
So people should avoid picking poking or squeezing their acne spots. And in fact, something else that could lead to increased scarring. Is if people are aggressively exfoliating their face.
Or exfoliating their face more than just once a week. Or are washing their face to the point of bleeding. They are also disrupting the collagen in their face. And resulting in more pronounced acne scars.


That will require a stronger acne scar treatment. Therefore, simply leaving their acne alone. Can help people reduce the amount of scarring they have on their face.
However, talking to their Edmonton dermatologist about minimizing their acne breakouts entirely. Through the right skin care products and routine. Is also going to be very beneficial.
Once they have their skin care routine down. And they have eliminated acne breakouts. The next step, is talking about the different acne scar treatment Edmonton.
That they can undergo in order to minimize or eliminate the look of their scars on their face. And while this seems like it is cosmetic in nature. It actually is important for people’s mental well-being as well.
And the reason why, is because a survey was conducted recently. With 96% of the respondents who had acne or acne scarring. Reported being depressed because of their appearance.
Therefore, when people decrease their scarring. Not only can they increase their self-confidence. They can avoid falling into a depression, and having the problems that come with that.
If people want to get started right away. And talk to their dermatologist. About the right acne scar treatment. All they have to do is call Edmonton dermatology.
And arrange for a free consultation. The sooner they arrange this free consultation. The sooner they are going to be able to reduce the look of their acne scars. And feel more confident themselves.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Healing Scars Today

There are many different acne scar treatment Edmonton at Edmonton dermatology. And that is because not only do they have many different machines. But because the dermatologists on staff as well as the nurses.
Are very knowledgeable, they have a lot of experience. And they are dedicated to finding the right acne scar treatment for each patient, their particular scars. And their skin type as well.
One of the first treatments that people will find out about when they talk to their dermatologist. Is the Fraxal laser. Unlike a intense pulse light treatment. Which simply is a full-spectrum light treatment.
Fraxal is a true laser. And uses the energy from the laser. To impact the dermis, or second layer of skin. And the way it does that, is through applying heat. Since collagen loves heat.
Using the Fraxal laser will encourage collagen production. When collagen is produced. It will start healing scar tissue that it comes in contact with. And when it comes to acne scarring.
The very well-known peaks and valleys of this type of scar. Will start filling in the valleys. When the collagen comes into contact with it.
This can reduce the look of scarring, because people will have a smoother face. Even if there is still some scarring that is noticeable. When it comes to the Fraxal laser as an acne scar treatment Edmonton.


People should understand that each procedure will take about two hours. But it will also take 3 to 4 treatments. In order to get the maximum results.
Not only are the procedures going to be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. The reason why is because they are going to need to ensure there is enough time for the collagen that is produced.
To do as much as they possibly can for using the laser to increase collagen production again. And at the end of the fourth treatment. People can expect to have a 50% reduction in their scar tissue.
Which will give them the appearance of smoother, clearer looking skin. Although they will still have evidence of scar tissue there. If people are looking for a more effective acne scar treatment.
They should talk to their dermatologist about the CO2 laser. Not only will it develop extremely dramatic results in a single application. It will also reduce the scars significantly.
This laser is considerably more powerful than the Fraxal laser. And it combines ablation with heat. In order to get the results that is used for. And what ablation means, is that it is going to cut the skin.
While this cuts the skin microscopically. It will drill these tiny, microscopic holes into the dermis. Which is going to inspire even more collagen production. Then the Fraxal laser.
This laser will also vaporized the epidermis. Which is the top layer of skin where the scars are. And together, this procedure will significantly eliminate the look of scarring.
To find out more specifics about this and other acne scar treatment Edmonton. Will can contact Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation.