Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Questions About Acne and Dry Skin

Many people often believe that if they have dry skin, they will not get acne. And will never need to talk to a dermatologist about acne scar treatment Edmonton. However, this is not true.

And there are a lot of assumptions that people make when it comes to acne treatment, and dry skin. Here are some of the most common questions that people have about dry skin and acne scars.
The first one is: what is dry skin? This is incredibly important, because while a lot of people have dry skin especially in drier climates. They may not know exactly what that means.
Dry skin is rough, flaky skin that is often irritated. Dry skin can be itchy, or sore. And it can go from very mild dry skin to extremely severe.
When people have mild dry skin. It probably is uncomfortable or rough to the touch. But when people have more severe dry skin. It can be painful. Are very hard to touch, because of the rough surface.
The next thing that people want to know is what causes dry skin? While dry skin is far more common in drier climates such as Alberta. Many people are not sure why it happens.
Ultimately, dry skin happens when the air surrounding a person is drier than their skin. And the air will evaporate the water molecules in a person’s skin.
This is why skin that is routinely exposed to the air is more often dry. Such as face, and hands. And while even in the wintertime, people put gloves or mittens on their hands. Even if people have a scarf, their face is still mostly exposed to the air.


The third question people often have when they are dealing with dry skin, or when they are looking at an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is how to people prevent dry skin?
Ultimately, the answer is by hydrating and moisturizing. When people put moisturizer on. That provides a physical barrier between the skin and the air. And when the air is going to evaporate water.
It ends up evaporating the water in the moisturizer. Instead of the water in a person’s skin. But also, hydration is extremely important. To hydrate skin from the inside out.
Dermatologists recommend people drink eight glasses of water a day. But also eat many foods that are very high in water content. Such as fruits and vegetables. By doing this, people can end up hydrated so that they can have moisturized skin.
Ultimately, people with dry skin might end up seeking an acne scar treatment Edmonton. And they need to figure out how to combat their dry skin. And stop their acne before seeking treatment.
The sooner they can get to a dermatologist to combat their dry skin, their acne breakouts. The sooner they will be able to get the treatment they need to help them minimize their scarring.
When they minimize their scarring. They will have increased confidence. As well as feel less self-conscious about the way they look.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Questions About Acne and Dry Skin

Often, when people have dry skin and acne, they may seek out a dermatologist for an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because their acne scarring can look far worse than it actually is.
This is because dry skin can make imperfections like scars stand out. Because while moisturized skin is smooth. Dry skin is rough and flaky. Which can make even the smallest imperfection far more pronounced.
However, when people are struggling with dry skin and acne scars. They have many questions that they want the answer to. By getting the answer that they need. Can help them find the right treatment.
The first thing that people with dry skin, singing acne scar treatment Edmonton want to know. Is should they consider one small patch of rough skin a dry skin problem?
This is not indicative of eczema, or even just regular dry skin. And why it is very important to go to would dermatologist on a regular basis. Because one small patch of rough skin.
That does not respond to moisturizer. Can often indicate precancer. Particularly if it is red and crusty. Very persistent. Therefore, an acne scar treatment Edmonton is not going to be beneficial in this case.
But the dermatologist will be able to determine if this is precancer. And what a person needs to do next. In order to eliminate this patch, and avoid it developing into full-blown cancer.


The next question that people often have. Is when they have dry skin, should they be exfoliating? This is actually extremely important. Because if people who have dry skin also are prone to acne breakouts.
They need to understand that exfoliation is an important way to eliminate the dead skin on their face. That actually causes acne to form.
However, dermatologists recommend people avoid trying to exfoliate at home. Despite the fact that there are many different products available for people to try. Because people either exfoliate to aggressively.
Or they exfoliate to often. And both can cause damage to the skin, make them prone to infection. Or actually exacerbate dry skin.
By coming into the dermatologist’s office. People can get rid of their dead skin. And stop their acne breakouts from happening. So that they can get their acne scar treatment much sooner.
The next question that people often have for their dermatologist is should they use moisturizers on their dry skin, when they are prone to acne? This is a very good question, because most people make the wrong assumption.
They think that if they are prone to acne, the patient stay away from all moisturizers. This is not true. In fact, it is very important for people with dry skin and acne. To use a moisturizer.
In the reason why, is because people who have dry skin and acne breakouts. Because it is the body trying to combat that dry skin. By producing an overabundance of oil called sebum.
And sebum is an important ingredient in creating an acne breakout. So by moisturizing, people can end up creating the conditions that can help them avoid an acne breakout.
By talking to their dermatologist can help people with dry skin fix their issues. So that they can be more prepared for undergoing they step. Which is an acne scar treatment.