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There are many reasons why people may want to find an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. But none are as compelling as mental health. And while many people do not understand the correlation between mental health and appearance.
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96% of people who responded to a survey. Reported feeling depressed over their appearance because of their acne and acne scarring. Depression is very serious.
And in order to help people avoid falling into a depressive state. Finding the right acne scar treatment can be incredibly beneficial. However, the first step would be talking to a dermatologist.
So that they can find all of the right options. That will fit their particular issues, skin type. And the results they wish to see. And in fact, the first step for many patients.
Is in fact minimizing the acne breakouts that they actually currently have. Because a dermatologist. As well as the patient themselves. Are not going to want to undergo any acne scar treatment Edmonton.
That are not going to be as effective. Because they are continuing to have the acne breakouts. That cause scarring into the first place. Therefore, the best place to start. Is minimizing acne breakouts.
The dermatologist will actually talk about the right acne treatment. By getting patients on a great skincare program. And good routine. So people can eliminate the acne breakouts.
But at the same time, the dermatologist will also share with patients. About why scarring forms. And how they can minimize making their scarring worse from happening in the future.


In order to understand this. People needs to understand the role collagen has in forming scars. Because even though collagen is an important skin building block. Any time it is disrupted.
It will cause inconsistencies, or scars in a person’s skin. Therefore, when people have acne. Particularly large acne. Also known as cystic or nodular acne. It will form a large, inflamed bump underneath the skin.
This large inflamed bump will pull down the collagen in awkward angles. When that inflamed bump heels. Causing the very typical looking acne scarring that people are familiar with.
And while this is unavoidable. The more collagen is disrupted during this process. The larger, and more pronounced the scar is going to be. For example, if people pick at their acne.
It will cause even greater scarring then if they left it alone. As well, people often think that in order to minimize their acne breakouts. They need to aggressively wash their face. Or aggressively exfoliates.
And this is unfortunately not true. In fact, what this can do is disrupted the collagen even more. Particularly if they are aggressively exfoliating to the point of bleeding.
This can end up with more pronounced scars. Once patients know how to minimize acne from breaking out. They can talk to their dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton.
And when they are ready to do this, they can simply contact Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation. And start their journey towards self-confidence.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reduce Scarring Today

There are many reasons why people want to reduce their acne scar, and find an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Whether they want to increase their self-confidence. Decrease their self-consciousness. Or avoid falling into a depression over their appearance.
Each patient has their own reason for contacting Edmonton dermatology to find out what their options are. And depending on how severe their scars are. As well as what their skin type is.
And ultimately, what the results they would like to see. Their dermatologist is going to make a recommendation. For each patient, individually.
The first treatment that they are likely going to talk about. Is a true laser, unlike IPL, which is also called intense pulse light. Which simply uses a spectrum of highly concentrated light. Instead of a laser.
But while IPL is great for treating discolouration. Actual lasers are great for eliminating scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. And how it does this, is by using heat to target the dermis, or second layer of skin.
The second layer of skin is where collagen production happens. And collagen loves the heat. Therefore, the heat from the laser will inspire the dermis to increase collagen production.
And since collagen production is an important building block in skin. It will actually start to heal any scar tissue that it encounters. This way, it will start reducing the look of scarring immediately.


However, this particular acne scar treatment Edmonton. Will take approximately 3 to 4 treatments. That should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. To ensure that the collagen has healed as much as it possibly can. Before increasing the collagen production once more.
However, it also will only improve the look by 50%. Therefore, if people are looking for a faster, or a larger improvement in the look of scarring. CO2 lasers may be the better option for them.
With this particular kind of acne scar treatment. Patients are going to have a much more invasive laser. As it is considered an ablative laser. Unlike the Fraxal laser which uses heat.
The CO2 laser actually drills microscopic lasers into the dermis. To inspire collagen production. While the heat from the laser. Actually vaporizes the top layer of skin, called the epidermis.
And while this is very intense. Dermatologists will also put a layer of numbing cream. To ensure patients are as comfortable as possible. The epidermis is also where scar tissue lives.
And when the epidermis peels away from being vaporized. So will the scar tissue. And when and new epidermis grows in, it will be without the look of scars.
While this can be an incredibly effective acne scar treatment. Giving patients results in a single treatment. It also is quite invasive. And requires two weeks to heal from.
Therefore, it may not be the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for every patient. But, Edmonton dermatology is convinced that every patient can find an effective treatment with them. As long as they arrange a free consultation.