Botox Edmonton | Botox and Fillers are Different

When you come to Edmonton Dermatology and have your Botox Edmonton done you will be happy with your decision. The first thing you will see when you come into the clinic is a professional environment that welcomes you and brings you a calm peaceful experience. You will meet our expert nurse injectors and our wonderful administrative staff upon entering the space. We look forward to meeting your needs for Botox and many other procedures.
Botox Edmonton
A lot of times we get the same question and curiosity around Botox versus filler. Many people don’t understand that although Botox and filler are both used on the face they do not do the same thing. They are not the same procedure. They don’t even use the same products. Both services do take a professional to do them safely and precisely. Just as you wouldn’t take your car to a dentist to have it serviced or maintained you would not want to go to a non-expert in skincare to have Botox Edmonton or fillers performed. It’s important that you do your research on the products and procedures you are thinking of having done. But how do you know what information is correct and which is not.

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We will break it down in this article exactly what Botox is and what it is not. Many people will flippantly interchange the two words Botox and fillers and not realize there is actually a very big difference between the two. Botox Edmonton is very simply put a special protein that is injected into the muscle that stops the muscle from receiving the messages that it should make movement. When that movement is stopped the muscles clearly don’t move the skin that is sitting on top of them. After a while that skin becomes smoother because the muscles are not interrupting its smooth surface by being manipulated through creasing and wrinkling.
It’s probably easy to understand now that Botox Edmonton is administered by syringe into the muscular level and changes the function of the muscle. But what is filler compared to Botox? Filler is exactly as the word suggests. It is a substance that is injected into the skin under the surface that fills out the space where it used to be filled out or the elasticity was able to stay taut. Filler provides the same effect that all the beautiful plumpness that the skin and under its surface used to provide. A fast guide on where filler versus Botox is administered on the face is. Botox is usually administered from the temple and up to the forehead where his filler is administered from the temple and down to the chin.
Both filler and Botox are best administered by professional services in a professional environment. At Edmonton dermatology you will be welcomed in to a wonderful, professional space to have these procedures performed. Our expert nurse injectors and doctors are well trained and experienced in performing Botox and fillers. Please call our office to book your complimentary consultation.

Botox Edmonton | Botox Has A Fast Recovery

At Edmonton dermatology you will find that Botox Edmonton is one of the many amazing services that we provide. We take great delight in offering so many options that will allow you to have the best care for your skin. Our motto is always to perform services for the health and beauty of your skin. Our doctors and nurse injectors are experienced. And very knowledgeable on all the latest technology and materials to best suit your skin care needs.
Some people believe that having Botox requires a lot of time to recover. This is simply not the case. The Botox procedure is a relatively quick one that has little prep time, but a lasting beautiful effect. When you come into Edmonton dermatology to have your Botox Edmonton procedure done you will be greeted and then brought into a room where we will take a photo of your face from the front and the sides. From there we will examine the photos as well as document these photos as before pictures.
After the photos are done you will be taken to the room where the Botox Edmonton will be administered. You will lay comfortably on the medical bed where the nurse injector or Dr. will examine your skin. You will be asked to crease your forehead and other parts of your face. This is to ensure we know the target areas for the Botox.
Once we have discovered the areas you want addressed through our consultation. With you the next step is to mark on the face exactly where the injection sites will be.

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If you are concerned about the four headline wrinkles you might have five different injection sites. In addition if you are worried about the lines between the brows. Which are often called the 11s, markings will be placed in that area as well. Then the marks will be wiped away and the nurse injector. Will follow the guideline that she or he have marked out and within a few minutes all of the injections will be complete.
There may be a tiny bit of bleeding from the pinprick that you would feel from the syringe. There may be minimal swelling on those sites as well. From there you will be asked to follow certain rules for the rest of the day and even within the next few hours to get the maximum effect from the Botox Edmonton.
The rules are quite simple and will be explained in more detail in other articles. In a nutshell that is the whole procedure and then you will be given a mirror to see how it looks so far. You may not notice a big change sitting there on the medical bed when you examine your face in the mirror. But in the next few hours to the next few days you will see progressive changes that show the effect the Botox has had on your muscles. Some people in fact many people are quite pleasantly surprised. At the look that they achieve in such a simple, noninvasive procedure such as Botox.
Please call our office at Edmonton dermatology to have your Edmonton Botox procedure done. We can answer any of your questions and concerns in a complimentary consultation.