Botox Edmonton | Botox Don’ts

At Edmonton dermatology we pride ourselves on doing everything for the health and beauty of your skin and that includes the Botox Edmonton procedure. You will find when you come into our clinic that you are welcomed with a friendly face, a peaceful environment, and a professional space. As with any of our procedures we want your Botox one to be comfortable and satisfying.
Botox Edmonton
We spoke about what you do need to do when looking for a clinic to meet your Botox Edmonton needs. A quick reminder is to find a professional clinic that has experience and is able to make you feel comfortable in their environment.
It is also necessary to share with you what you don’t want to have happen when it comes to your Botox Edmonton experience. Lately there has been a trend where people have “Botox parties”. This is not something you would want to participate in. You must consider a lot of things when it comes to safety. A Botox party would likely not be able to offer a sterile environment, proper lighting or proper patient position. You may risk your health if you involve yourself in this kind of activity. It could even lead to complications. Some complications are minor but there are some major ones we would like to discuss.
After you’ve had the Botox procedure done no matter where you decide to do it, please go see your doctor if you have any trouble breathing or swallowing. If you develop a headache or flu like symptoms, any blurred vision or drooling please seek medical attention.

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If you have a drooping eyelid or uneven eyebrows it’s definitely time to seek some medical help. Loss of bladder control, muscle weakness or a change in or loss of voice. Are all indicators that something more severe is going on and it is a smart idea to go and see your doctor.
Now that we’ve gone over some of those red flags of something severe going on. Where you need to seek medical attention we can focus back on some other things you want. To pay attention to when it comes to having Botox Edmonton done.
After you have had the procedure you want to be sure to not rub or massage or get a facial immediately after. We would even suggest you do not put makeup on on the locations where the syringe entered the skin. Something else to consider is to sleep with your face up for those first couple of days after you have had Botox done. One more thing that we would suggest is that the day before you come in to have Botox if possible refrain. From taking pain relievers, blood thinners or drinking alcohol so that there is less chance of you bruising and bleeding from the Botox procedure.
Now that we have helped you understand all the things to consider when it comes to choosing where to have your Botox we would love to have you visit our clinic at Edmonton dermatology. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Because it is our intention to do everything for the health and beauty of your skin.

Botox Edmonton | Botox Recap

At Edmonton dermatology we help you with all your Botox Edmonton needs. Our motto is to do everything for the health and beauty of your skin. Our experts such as our nurse injectors, our doctors, and all our staff, are well trained. As well as experienced in the procedures they are responsible for. When you come into the clinic you will be greeted with a friendly face to help check you in as well as gather all of your medical and cosmetic information. You will be asked to fill out some forms if you have not done so already. In our complimentary consultation with you we will ask you. Questions about what you would like done and how you want to look and feel after you had your procedure with us.
When we sit down with you we will discuss any questions and concerns you may have about your skin and about any Botox Edmonton procedure you may want to know more about. We want you to feel comfortable bringing up your questions. So that you can make an informed decision on which procedure is right for you based on what we see when we examine your skin. No question is a wrong question and often you may come in wondering about one thing. But find out there may be more than one concern we can address.

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For example you may come in asking about how to treat the surface of your skin or you may come in asking about how to look younger. We have many procedures that address different concerns such as Botox Edmonton for those fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. Between your brows and even around your eyes. You may not have known that fillers work great in tandem with Botox and that can be done in that same appointment to get off full facial rejuvenation.
The great thing about fillers and Botox is there is essentially no downtime when you’ve had those procedures. Botox helps soften the lines and stop the muscles from increasing and making additional lines whereas fillers help plump up skin helping to give a more useful overall surface to the skin and lips.
As we mentioned before Botox Edmonton helps with paralyzing the muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles and lasts for up to four months. Fillers also help with giving that youthful look. To the skin’s overall presentation by volumizing the sagging parts of your face.
At Edmonton dermatology we do everything for the health and beauty of your skin. We believe that you can have great looking skin as well as healthy skin. We want you to look in the mirror and be happy after you’ve had Botox when you see the wonderful effect it has on the look of your face. Please call our clinic to come in for a complimentary consultation. We cannot wait to meet you.