Botox Edmonton | Myths about Botox

At Edmonton dermatology we do everything to make you feel comfortable with your Botox Edmonton treatment. When you come into our clinic you will see that we have a professional and clean environment. This is something that is very important to us as we care about the health and beauty of your skin. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in choosing us for your antiaging skincare needs. When you are having a procedure such as Botox Edmonton you will want to be in an environment that is bright, sterile and professional. You will find all of these attributes at Edmonton dermatology. When you come in the door you will be greeted by a friendly face that will gather your information. You will then have a complimentary consultation with a nurse injector who will help you to feel relaxed and knowledgeable about the procedure you are inquiring about.
Botox Edmonton
You trust Edmonton dermatology to deliver quality products along with excellent service. When it comes to Botox Edmonton we are sure to deliver on that. One of the things we are sure to do is to explain all about the Botox and the procedure of having it injected. You may have come into visit us today because you have tried other methods of smoothing out the wrinkles on your face. Some of these most common areas are the forehead wrinkles that run horizontally. The vertical wrinkles that are between the eyebrows called the 11s and the last area. That you may want to address is around the eyes which is commonly called crows feet. If you have visited a drugstore or looked online and were promised that a cream or serum could address those wrinkles and smooth them out then you have believed one of myths that are out there.

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We often have to explain to clients that think that a cream or serum could not do what Botox does. A cream or serum only sits on top of the skin and does not penetrate much beyond that. Whereas Botox is injected to the muscular level where the neuromuscular junction is. This is where the Botox Edmonton does the work. A cream or serum could never penetrate that level. If it could reach that level it would need to be approved by the FDA and health Canada and it would not be sold over-the-counter.
At Edmonton dermatology we are serious about our expertise and our training so much so we are always improving on it. This is a quality you would want to see in your injector. Simply putting a cream or serum on your face to do this job is not going to come close to getting you the results you desire. Please call to book a complimentary consultation. So that we can show you how we can help you achieve your antiaging skincare goals. We want you to love the face that you see in the mirror and we feel that Botox can be a big part of that.

Botox Edmonton | What To Know About Botox

At Edmonton dermatology we take great care in treating our patients with respect and kindness especially when it comes to Botox Edmonton treatments. We care about every individual’s unique skincare needs and desires. No two persons are alike. One person may want to address the lines on their forehead and another person might want to address the lines around her eyes. Everything we do is to help with the beauty and health of your skin. We have taken every measure to have a clean, bright and welcoming environment. When you enter the facility you will see friendly faces that will help you. To feel comfortable and confident in your choice in coming to Edmonton dermatology for your skincare needs.
When you come in you will be able to ask questions. That you might have already been researching about when it comes to Botox Edmonton. You may have some myths that you have believed to be true. We will help you understand what is true and what is just a rumor. We know that when it comes to your skin not every decision is just an easy one. You may be nervous or just unsure altogether about what Botox really is. To remind you it is a neurotoxin that is delivered into the muscular level below the skin surface. Once this neurotoxin is active in the muscle the muscle is stopped from contracting.
Once contracting stops the skin no longer is wrinkled or creased and becomes smooth on the surface. As good as this sounds many people are nervous about how it will feel to have a syringe poked in the skin. How painful will it really be?

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Of course getting your skin pricked you are going to feel that poke. However we are really fast at delivering this Botox Edmonton. Our expert nurse injectors like to give a three, two, one countdown before they do the pokes. We find that this helps calm the client down and everything goes a lot smoother in the appointment. Before you know it you had all of the injections and it’s time to let the magic of Botox do its work. If you are still nervous because you know what a needle poke feels like. We do have other ways we can help bring some of that pain down so that it is even less.
Putting some ice on the spots that will be poked is a great way to numb the skin a little bit. This is really the only pain that you will feel when having Botox Edmonton injected. You will not feel anything past that initial prick on the skin.
Once you are done with your appointments we will remind you of all of the things to keep in mind with regards to your face. We will be sure to make you aware of things you can do and things that you should not do. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin.