Dermatologist Edmonton | Can CO2 Laser Treatment Eliminate Scars?

There are many reasons why people may choose to get a laser treatment done on their face says dermatologist Edmonton. They may want a more youthful -looking appearance, tighter skin, to eliminate fine lines or deep lines and wrinkles, or to eliminate sunspots and uneven pigmentation. If these are all of the things that a person wants to eliminate in their look, they should consider CO2 laser resurfacing. The reason why, is because this procedure can eliminate signs of aging, leaving people with a tighter, more youthful appearance without wrinkles.
In order to understand how the CO2 laser can help them, dermatologist Edmonton says that people should consider how it works. While there are many different types of lasers that are available, ultimately some work by using heat and light, and some work by using heat and a process called ablation. Ablation simply means that it is going to cut the skin. Therefore, an ablative laser is going to drill microscopic holes into the skin in order to work.
How an ablative laser is going to help a person look younger, have tighter skin and eliminate their wrinkles is because as it drills microscopic layers into the second layer of the skin called the dermis, this is going to actually cause the skin in the face to lose collagen. As the body loses collagen, it works to replace it, causing even more collagen to go to where it has been lost. Since collagen is an amino acid that provides structural support and connective tissue as well as responsible for skin elasticity, the more collagen there is in the area, the tighter the skin looks, and appears younger.
Dermatologist Edmonton also says that the ablative laser works by vaporizing the top layer of skin called the epidermis. As this skin sloughs off, it also peels away scar tissue, eliminating deep laws such as age spots, and even tighten, wrinkles and deep lines. The skin that grows in its place, is younger, newer and fresher skin, coupled with the increased collagen ends up with a tighter skin, and more youthful appearance without the wrinkles and the fine lines.
The most beneficial thing about the CO2 laser is that it only takes one treatment to get the results that people desire. Not only does it only take a single treatment, but it is not beneficial to get it done multiple times. Therefore, people who are looking for a treatment to be effective in a single application will love what the CO2 laser can do for them says dermatologist Edmonton.
Helping people love how they look is an important goal of dermatologist Edmonton, the CO2 laser can eliminate the flaws that people see in their skin, as well as help them have a more youthful appearance, so that they can live the best life. By taking care of their skin, and following the recommended skincare routine, people will be able to enjoy this look for a long time to come.

Dermatologist Edmonton | CO2 Laser Treatment & Scars

One of the most important reasons why a person may want to eliminate flaws on their face, as if they have had scars says dermatologist Edmonton. Whether this is from acne, an accident or even surgical scars, people need to understand that not all laser treatments work the same way, and lasers will either work with heat and light, or with something that is called ablative. Ablative lasers actually cut the skin, and this is what helps eliminate a lot of the flaws that people see. People can eliminate this from their face with the use of the CO2 laser. However if this is a right procedure for them, people need to understand that not only can it be uncomfortable to go through, but it also takes a longer time to heal from, which people need to at least be aware of.
People need to understand that it is going to take about a two hour session with dermatologist Edmonton in order to complete. During the procedure, they will be applying numbing cream, in order to make the procedure more comfortable. While some people do not have a problem with how this procedure feels, and others describe the feeling like a rubber band snapping, some people have a low tolerance, and might require additional time during the procedure to ensure that they can stand it. Dermatologist Edmonton says that people will be able to have a cooling fan that they can control and point to the area of their face that is most uncomfortable whether it is from pain or from heat.
After the procedure, people should expect two weeks of healing time, where they may choose to want to stay home, and be away from people including being away from work. Their face might initially be bleeding, for crusty either from dried blood, or white blood cells that are brushing to the face to try to heal it. Expect that around day three, their face should be swollen and then the crusting should start falling off, leaving a shiny look to the skin underneath. In the second week, the person’s skin is going to start pulling off, leaving shiny pink skin underneath. During this entire process, to infections, meaning they need to avoid bacteria at all costs, meaning constant hand washing, having antibiotics on hand in case they do get infected, and being careful with things like pets.
Any people may opt to get this procedure done in the autumn or winter, as there is shorter hours of daylight, and they have a tendency to not want to be outside in the cold. The reason why, is because people are going to need to avoid set exposure for as long as possible after the procedure so that their new fragile skin can grow without getting additional sun damage.
Dermatologist Edmonton says the CO2 laser procedure may be the perfect solution for people that either want their deep flaws eliminated, or to be done in a single treatment. While some procedures require multiple treatments to be effective, the great thing about the CO2 laser is that it is effective in a single treatment, public people achieve the look that they desire quickly.