Dermatologist Edmonton | Obtaining a Younger Appearance

There are many ways that people can obtain a more youthful appearance says dermatologist Edmonton. However, if people are looking to completely erase all signs of aging for several years, they should look no farther than their CO2 laser treatment. What this is, is laser resurfacing that is also called an ablative laser.
Ablative means it is going to cut the skin, therefore it is going to eliminate the problem on a microscopic level. As much more effective than the lasers that are simply using light and heat in order to achieve similar results.
The first thing that people need to do, is understand how the ablative laser actually erase signs of aging permanently. This uses a laser that burns microscopic holes into the second layer of skin which is called the dermis. What this does, is it causes skin to lose the collagen.
Collagen is necessary for the elasticity of the skin, and it improves skin health, which improves the total bit, the look of it and proactively eliminates wrinkles. When the collagen starts to leak out, the body realizes that it is losing collagen and kick starts its production.
By rushing an overabundance of collagen to the face, it ends of with the skin being infused with more collagen, resulting in tighter, smoother and more even looking skin.
the second thing that the CO2 laser does says dermatologist Edmonton, is that by using heat to burn the holes into the dermis, the heat also of the same time vaporizes the skin on the epidermis level which is the outermost layer of skin.
As the skin dies and peels away, it also appeals away scar tissue, wrinkles and deep lines as well as discoloration from sun damage and age. The result once everything is healed up, is tighter skin without damage from scars or wrinkles. This gives way to a more youthful -looking appearance, giving people increased confidence.
Another benefit to this procedure according to dermatologist Edmonton is that it only takes one treatment in order to be effective. Not only is one treatment only needed, but it is only recommended that people do it once, as repeated use too often can actually cause more damage.
The next thing that people need to understand, is that when they take care of their face after this treatment, the results can last several years. There is no other treatment on the market that is as effective at eliminating signs of aging, with lasting results.
Regardless of the reason why people want to eliminate signs of aging and scars on their face, but it is typically to help them increase their confidence, and be able to put their best face forward. Whether this is in order to look their best for special event, or for themselves to feel much more attractive and confident in their skin.
Regardless of the reason, dermatologist Edmonton says people should come in immediately for consultation in order to determine if they are a good candidate for this procedure so that they too can live their best life in a beautiful face.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Obtaining a More Youthful Look

Regardless of the reason why people are searching for a more youthful face says dermatologist Edmonton. There is one option that can help them achieve that look through one treatment, for long-lasting results. By finding out about how CO2 laser treatments work, can help people make the decision on if this is the most beneficial procedure for them.
The first thing that people should understand, is that it can be fairly invasive procedure, because as opposed to typical lasers, this one actually uses the laser to burn microscopic holes into the second layer of the skin.
This is quite a bit more invasive, therefore it take a longer appointment as well as a much longer healing. As well. If a person is planning on having the procedure prior to a special event, they need to mention that to dermatologist Edmonton to ensure that they are leaving enough time in between their treatment and the event to ensure that there putting their best foot forward.
When getting ready for the appointment, people need to ensure that they have prepared for the treatment had of time, by getting ice packs, filling this prescription for antibiotics, and having as much time off scheduled as they need.
While not everybody takes two weeks off, it is recommended, so that people cannot only take the time to heal, but also avoid sun exposure while they are healing their new skin. For this reason, many people opt to get this procedure done either in the fall or the winter, when the daylight is shortest and people want to stay inside where it is warm.
When they are ready to go to their appointment, need to ensure that they are ready for a two hour long procedure.
Even though the procedure is scheduled for two hours, people may not take the full two hours. Dermatologist Edmonton says the first half hour is going to be applying the numbing cream and then waiting for it to take effect. While not everybody finds this procedure uncomfortable, and some describe it like a preventing snaps, other people have a low pain tolerance.
They will also be getting a cooling fan that they can use in control in order to aim on any part of the face that needs any additional soothing. Whether it is from the pain or the heat, be able to sue that as they need to can help people withstand the treatment. Those with a high pain tolerance will be able to do the procedure in about half an hour, whereas others may take the entire two hours.
Having two weeks to heal is very important, because even though the light feel okay, their base will be considered an open wound, that can be prone to infection, and the sun can actually damage the fresh and new skin. Therefore, many people opt to take two weeks of downtime, so that they can heal effectively from this procedure.
By finding out all of the facts behind this great procedure, can help people decide if they want to be one and done, with this effective treatment that will virtually eliminate all sides of aging.