Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Are Laser Treatments For Anyone

Even though the popularity of laser hair removal in Edmonton is on the rise. It is not necessarily a procedure designed for everyone. Due to a number of limitations that will be discussed at a consultation.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While it is a very gentle procedure. Utilizing a non-ablative laser. Which means the laser does not cut the skin. The way the laser works. Is by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicle.
Which means if people have pigmentation in the skin. They could risk damaging their skin. As well as causing pain. Therefore, people with darker skin tones. May not be the best candidates for this procedure.
Or, they can get laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. As long as they understand. That the strength of the laser will be turned down. And they will have to undergo twice as many treatments.
In order to rid of their unwanted hair. So while this is a procedure that darker skin toned people can get. They may not want the additional treatments. That it will take in order to generate permanent results.
Another reason why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is not a procedure for everybody. Is because people who have certain skin conditions. Particularly ones that are exacerbated by heat or light.
Should not undergo any laser treatments at all. A good example of skin condition. That would be made worse by laser treatments. Is melasma, often called the mask of pregnancy.

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Typically caused by a hormonal imbalance. This skin condition is made worse by heat and lights. Therefore, if a patient has this skin condition. And they undergo a laser hair removal treatment.
They might find that there symptoms worsen. Which would make them feel more self-conscious about how they look. Therefore, dermatologists will ask medical questions during the consultation.
In order to determine if a person should not undergo the treatment. As well, they will ask if the patient is on any medication. Because some medications. Will cause reactions with the laser.
For example, people who are on the acne medication Accutane. Will have more sensitive skin. That could be hurt, or damaged by the laser. Even a gentle one such as an intense pulse light laser.
As well, people who are on antibiotics should avoid laser treatments as well. If they are finished their medication. It needs to be out of their system for six months. Before dermatologists will treat them this way.
This is why having a consultation with the dermatologist. Prior to undergoing any laser hair removal treatment. Is so beneficial. It can help ensure that the right people get the treatment.
While people that could be harmed. Will not be able to get this treatment. Because dermatologist will not want to cause any damage or harm to the people that they are treating.
If anyone is curious about this procedure. Or if they like to find out if they are a good candidate. All they have to do is reach out to Edmonton dermatology. And arrange a free consultation today.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | People Wonder If Laser Treatments Are For Anyone

When people make an appointment for laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should know what to expect. As well as what to do to properly prepare for their treatment.
During their initial consultation. The dermatologist will explain that the laser. Is a very gentle treatment. Using a non-ablative laser, called an intense pulse light. This is one of the best lasers on the market for hair removal.
And is significantly more gentle. Then the first laser treatments that were on the market. Many people had tried those treatments. Only to not resume them. Due to the intense sensations they experienced during treatment.
However, most people will have no problem undergoing the sensations. Of an IPL treatment. However, if people are concerned about pain tolerances. They should bring that up with their dermatologist at the consultation.
The first thing that they will find out is about the wand that is used in treatment. The wand has a built in cooling pad. That is placed on the patient’s skin. That will immediately cool the skin before each light pulse.
And immediately after each light pulse. To counteract any heat from the laser. However, if people are still nervous about pain from the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. The dermatologist has solutions.

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Including using a numbing cream, that can deaden the sensation on the skin. Increasing a patient’s comfort level. As well as a cooling gel, that specifically will counteract the heat of the laser.
The dermatologist can even bring in a fan, blowing cold air. So that it can be aimed at the patient’s skin during treatment. To increase their comfort level even more. There goal is to ensure everybody is as comfortable as possible.
Because the laser works by targeting the hair follicle itself. People might experience a slight jolt, as the hair follicle gets exploded by the laser. Some people explained that it feels like a rubber band on their skin.
And again, why the cooling wand, the numbing cream. And the cooling gel is so beneficial. If people want to minimize this sensation. Edmonton dermatology recommends.
Shaving the day before the treatment. This will get rid of any additional hair material. That may contribute to the sensation of the hair follicle exploding. But to be very careful, and not to shave too soon.
To the appointment, because that could cause sensitive skin. That will react harshly. To the heat of the laser. By following all of the dermatologists recommendations. People can have a comfortable, pain-free laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
If people have any other questions. Or if they simply would like to set up a consultation. So that they can get their first treatment on the go. All they have to do, is call Edmonton dermatology for free consultation. They will be able to start treatment often, within the same day.