Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Benefits of Intense Pulse Light Treatment

When people are looking for permanent hair removal, they should consider laser hair removal in Edmonton. Which will utilize a treatment called IPL, or intense pulse light treatment.

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This uses a very concentrated beam of light called a laser. And what this particular laser will do. Is target the pigmentation in the hair follicles. And then literally explode them to destroy them.
Unlike shaving, that simply cuts the hair off. And unlike waxing, that simply pulls the hair out by the root. Laser hair removal in Edmonton actually destroys the follicle itself.
Therefore, in order to regrow that hair. The body is going to have to regrow the hair follicle itself. Which will take a longer time then regrowing the hair itself. Once this procedure is done multiple times.
The body will simply give up trying to regrow the hair follicle. And at that point will this procedure be considered permanent in removing hair from that person’s body.
However, because the laser actually targets the pigmentation of the hair follicles. This procedure is best done with someone who not only has very dark hair to remove.
But also, done on someone who has extremely light skin. So that there is a very large difference between pigmentation in the skin, and pigmentation in the hair follicle. So that they can generate the best results.
For people who have more pigmentation in the skin. The laser hair removal may not be as effective. Because the laser has a harder time determining what is the hair follicle and what is skin.

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As well, for people who have lighter hair to remove. Such as light brown or blonde. They might need more treatments. In order for they hair removal to be permanent.
Because the laser has a harder time finding the pigmentation in the hair follicle. And when people have grey hair, dermatologists say that they are not good candidates for laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Simply because they have no pigmentation left in their hair. So the laser will not explode hair follicle, and will not remove hair in that area at all. With these limitations in mind.
People who still want to find out more about laser hair removal. And if they would be a good candidate for the procedure or not. Should contact Edmonton dermatology for free consultation.
They will be able to show the dermatologist the area that they want to get treated. So the dermatologist can see their skin tone and hair colour. As well as see their skin type. And what area of the body they want to treat.
So that they can make a recommendation on how many treatments they are going to need. In order for this treatment to be permanent. So that people can manage their expectations accordingly.
Since intense pulse light treatment is the most effective, and popular forms of laser hair. When patients want to know more information. Talking directly to the dermatologist will help them get the answers they need.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Intense Pulse Light Treatment is Awesome

While intense pulse light treatment is the most effective laser hair removal in Edmonton. There are some reasons why people should not get this procedure done themselves.
While the laser actually targets pigmentation. Which means people that have a darker skin tone. May not be the best candidate for the procedure. Their dermatologist will actually use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale.
And that Fitzpatrick scale will determine if they should avoid laser hair removal in Edmonton or not. However, that is not the only reason why people may not be a good candidate for intense pulse light treatment.
People that have medical conditions may not be a great candidate for this procedure. Such as those who have them allows them a period melasma is a condition that is exacerbated by heat.
Therefore, since the lasers that are used in intense pulse light treatment get hot. It can actually exacerbates their melasma. And should be avoided indefinitely.
Pregnant women are also not a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Not only have lasers not been tested on pregnant women. Therefore, nobody for sure knows how safe they truly are.
It is also common for pregnant women to develop melasma. Which is why pregnant women are asked to stay out of the sun. And if they get an intense pulse light treatment. They might exacerbate this skin condition.

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As well, people that are on certain medications such as Accutane or antibiotics. Should avoid laser hair removal in Edmonton. For the duration of their medication treatment. And then six months after that.
However, for people that do not have any of those conditions. Intense pulse light treatment can be incredibly beneficial for many reasons. Why people want to permanently remove hair is very personal.
It could be out of convenience, such as wanting to avoid having to shave every day or every other day. Or out of embarrassment, because they have visible unsightly hair that causes them anxiety.
Or it could be out of comfort. Such as having sensitive skin. And shaving, or waxing that area is difficult. Or it causes especially in places like the bikini zone, or the underarms.
Not only is it difficult to shave these areas. It is incredibly painful to wax those areas. And when people are doing things like applying antiperspirant, or wearing swimsuits.
Those things could irritate the area that has just been shaved or waxed. Which is why many people want to opt for a more permanent hair removal solution. This is why intense pulse light treatment is so beneficial.
When patients want to know more about this procedure. And if they are good candidates. They should contact Edmonton dermatology, because their initial consultations are absolutely free.
And they will not only be able to ask their questions directly to the dermatologist. They will also be able to show that part of their body, and the hair that is growing.
So that the dermatologist can tell them how effective the procedure will be. At approximately how many treatments they can expect to permanently remove their hair.