Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can Hair Be Removed Permanently?

Unwanted hair can be a huge nuisance, leading people to look for laser hair removal in Edmonton. And while there are many different hair removal methods. Including shaving, waxing and sugar doing. Only laser hair removal is completely permanent. With enough treatments.

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When people go to Edmonton dermatology. In search of the laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. They will hear about intends pulse light treatment. Which is a non-ablative laser.
Lasers are an extremely powerful and concentrated beam of light. And what the intense pulse light treatment does. Is it goes through all three layers of skin. In order to find the pigmentation and hair follicles.
Went that laser does once it finds the pigmentation. His literally explodes the hair follicle cells. Destroying them. Causing the body to push out what is left of the hair.
And while it is not a permanent solution after the first treatment. Once the second and third treatments happen. The body will often simply give up trying to regrow that hair. At which point it will be permanent.
However, people should take into consideration. That laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Will require more treatments in an area of the body where there is more blood flow.
Areas of the body that have a more extensive vascular system. Such as the legs, and the bikini area. Can be more stubborn when it comes to permanent hair removal. Simply because that extra blood flow.
Helps feed the area nutrients. That will be used to be more effective at growing that hair. This is why legs and the bikini zone, can often take up to eight treatments to be effective.

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But also why treatments in the back, and underneath the arms. Can be permanent in as few as two or three sessions. However, before patients get their hopes up about how effective treatment is going to be.
They should call Edmonton dermatology for a consultation. And at this free meeting, they will be able to find out all about the treatment. And all of the variables that go into an effective treatment.
For example, they will find out about if they have a good skintone. That will result in an effective treatment. Or if they will need to have the laser turned down lower. To avoid damaging their particular skin.
Or, if the area of the body that they have. Is more stubborn than others. Or if they have the type of hair that is very good at responding to laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments.
At this free consultation, patients will also be able to ask. The dermatologist all of their own burning questions. Such as whether it hurts, or how long the treatment is going to last. And how much time it is going to take to heal from.
These are all the questions that their dermatologist will be more than happy to answer. So that people can find out all of the facts about laser hair removal. Before proceeding with this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Can Hair Be Permanently Removed?

When hair becomes a nuisance to remove, many people are in search of the laser hair removal in Edmonton. This is because it is a permanent hair removal solution.
However, there are many things that patients should keep in mind. To generate effective results. One of those things, is to ensure that they do not wax or pluck their hair prior to their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
Also, they need to not use any hair removal creams. That can cause the hair follicle to not be there. During the laser treatment. Because how the intense pulse light treatment works.
Is by targeting the pigmentation. In the hair follicle itself. And if people have plucked, waxed. Or used depilatory cream to get rid of their hair. The hair follicle will not be there, and will miss being hit by the laser.
However, they do need to ensure that they shave the area completely. Within a twenty-four hour period of that treatment. The reason they need to shave, is because since the laser targets pigmentation in the hair follicle.
If people have any hair above the surface of their skin. The laser will also hit that hair. And several things could happen. First, the laser might miss hitting the hair follicle. Because it hit the hair instead.
That would result in less effective results. But also, when it hits the hair. It will be considerably more painful. Because it is exploding the cells on the surface of the skin. Therefore, to minimize pain.

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But also maximize effectiveness. Patients need to ensure that they shave prior to the treatment. However, they need to shave a full they before the treatment.
Because if they shave too close to their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. What will happen, is that they will have sensitive skin from the shaving. That might make the laser treatment more painful.
And while many people do not think that intense pulse light treatment is painful at all. Some people compare it to the snapping of a rubber band on their skin. That might be irritating, but not necessarily painful.
But patients should keep in mind that pain is objective. And what might be not very painful to one person. Might be very painful to another. And depending on the body part that is being treated.
They might be significantly more sensitive in one area, then another. For example, the arms might not be very painful. However, the bikini zone might be significantly more sensitive.
By keeping all of this in mind. Patients can make the right decision on whether they should utilize intense pulse light treatment. As a way to permanently remove unwanted hair.
If they are sick and tired of shaving, and waxing. And getting rid of this hair on a regular basis. This simply might be the answer to their prayers.