Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Common Questions About IPL

Even though intense pulse light treatment is one of the most popular laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. People and up having many different questions about this procedure.

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Ultimately, anyone who is looking for more information. Can always set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. In order to get their specific skin tone and type looked at.
As well as their desired treatment area. And the hair in that area. In order to determine if they would be a good candidate, and how many treatments it will take. In order for this to become permanent.
However, even before people get that stage. There are many questions they often want to know the answer to. One of the first things that people typically want to know.
Is if IPL is painful? This intense pulse light treatment is actually a laser, therefore many people are concerned that it will be painful. To undergo the treatment. And depending on each person.
As well as their pain tolerance, that answer is going to vary a bit. However, most people compare the sensation of the treatment. To a rubber band snapping the skin. The different intensity of that rubber band.
Depends on each person and their pain threshold. As well as their skin tone and type. And finally, the area that they are being treated in. As well as how stubborn the hair in that area is.
However, many people can tolerate it very well. But they have many options for people who have a difficult time. Not only are there numbing creams, and cooling gel that can be applied prior to treatment.

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The dermatologist can have a cooling fan aimed at the treatment area. To cool them down even more. But with the intense pulse light treatment at Edmonton dermatology. The head of the laser.
Actually has a sapphire crystal in it. That is used to instantly cool the area. For, and after treatment. To give maximum comfort for all patients. Most people have no problems with intense pulse light treatment.
Another question that many people have. Even before they go to Edmonton dermatology about intense pulse light treatment. Is how long the treatment is going to last.
Again, this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Will depend on the area that is being treated. On how long it is going to take. Facials typically take approximately thirty minutes.
And that time includes cleaning the skin, doing the treatment. And then applying the skincare at the end of the treatment. So it can be quite fast for most people.
However, things like patient’s backs and chests, or legs. Can take up to two hours for the entire treatment. They can find out approximately how long when they set up their initial consultation.
Almost any question that patients have can be answered by their dermatologist during their consultation. And consultations are mandatory before any laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure.
Once people know all of the details about this treatment. It makes the decision to go ahead with it very easy. Helping people avoid embarrassment, and hassle of constantly removing that hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Facts About IPL

Many people are tired of having to remove unwanted hair, which is why they opt for laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, there are many questions they often end up having.
That they want the answer to, in order to figure out if they want to get this procedure or not. Such as how much healing time is needed. After getting intense pulse light treatment?
Since this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment is non-ablative. That means it does not cut the skin. Because of that, it takes an incredibly short amount of time to heal from the procedure itself.
In fact, most people experience a slight sensitivity. Or a slight discolouration, such as darker skin. Or read skin tone immediately following the procedure. But because it is non-ablative in nature.
People will be able to put makeup on immediately after the procedure. And in fact, Edmonton dermatology will reapply their make up for them. So that they can go back to work, or go home.
Without anyone knowing that they got any procedure done at all. That redness and sensitivity will typically last for less than twenty-four hours. However, some people who are very sensitive.
May experience the sensitivity or redness for a little bit longer than that. This is incredibly short for healing time. Especially when it comes to laser treatments. Which is one reason why it is so popular.

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Another question that many people have about this form of laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is, are there any reasons why people should not get intense pulse light treatment?
While this is a treatment that is good for most people. People who have certain medications that they are taking. Or who have certain skin conditions. May not be the best candidates for the procedure.
For example, people taking antibiotics or. Or who have taken Accutane in the last six months. Should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton. But also, people that have this can condition that is exacerbated by heat.
Should also avoid getting this treatment. Because since the intense pulse light is hot. It will make that particular skin condition worse. And finally, people with darker skin tones are not the best candidates.
The reason why, is because intense pulse light treatment targets pigmentation. And people with darker skin tones run the risk of having that pigmentation in their skin get targeted by the laser.
Which not only would be painful, it would also damage their skin. Which Edmonton dermatology definitely wants to avoid. During the free consultation, they will utilize a Fitzpatrick scale.
That will determine if someone has an appropriate skin tone for the treatment. There are many other considerations that the dermatologist will have. Which is why the free consultation is needed prior to this treatment.