Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Do You Want To Stop Shaving

Many people hate shaving, which is why they look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Shaving is something that they must do every day. Every other day. Or every few days to stay hair free.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
And while waxing can allow them. To be more hair free. In between sessions. Many people are unwilling to ask their body. Because of the intense pain they feel from ripping out chunks of their hair by the roots.
Shaving, while it is not very expensive. It is time-consuming. Not just the act of shaving. But the fact that shaving. Simply cuts the hair off. And not destroys the entire hair. So that depending on how fast.
A person’s hair grows, they will need to shave. Soon as they see that stubble. In order to eliminate the hair. That is either embarrassing. Or is irritating. Another problem with shaving. Is that it also irritates the skin.
Dragging a sharp razor blade across the skin. Is inherently deriding. And many people, find that they get very dry and irritated skin. After shaving. Since they have to shave every day, or every other day.
This is a lot of time to have irritated skin. In addition to irritated and itchy skin. People who shave often experience a phenomenon called razor bumps. Where they get bumps on their skin that are red, sore and itchy.
They often appear immediately after shaving. And will last for a few days. Which means unfortunately. To many people who have to shave daily. That they are never free of this awful condition.
That quite often is more unsightly or embarrassing. Then the hair itself. As well, people can get razor burn. That usually happens when the skin is not moist enough. For the razor to easily glide across.

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Razor burn is painful. Itchy. And also leaves red marks on the skin. So again, people who are getting rid of hair. Because it is irritating. Do not get a reprieve from the irritation. And people who shave.
Because there hair is unsightly and embarrassing. Are now embarrassed, because of the red marks. And finally, shaving causes problems. Simply because it causes the hair to have to regrow through the skin.
And most people are affected by the subsequent ingrown hairs. While exfoliating can cause a lot of those ingrown hairs to go away. Some people are just destined. To live with ingrown hairs.
That is why laser hair removal in Edmonton can be so enticing. However, many people have a great deal of questions for their dermatologist. In order to decide if it is the right procedure for them.
One of the first questions they have. Is what part of the body can they treat. Or rather, what part of the body. Is off-limits? Ultimately, Edmonton dermatology says there are very few areas that cannot be treated.
The eyebrows, are one area of the body. That they do not do laser hair removal in Edmonton on. Primarily because this area. Is far too close to a person’s eyes. And if the laser is shone in the eyes.
It will immediately blind the patient. However, everywhere from the cheeks and below. Is fair game for permanent hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Of Course You Want To Stop Shaving

There are many reasons for people to want to stop shaving, and laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can give people that ability. Whether it is shaving, waxing. Sugar in or threading.
People for millennia, have been coming up with new, interesting. Often painful, and sometimes dangerous ways. To get rid of the unwanted hair. That is either unsightly and embarrassing.
Or, causes them irritation. Such as hair that rubs against elastic on their clothing. However, many of the painful and archaic methods of hair removal. Can be a thing of the past. With laser hair removal in Edmonton.
While many people are fearful that it is going to be a painful experience. The laser that Edmonton dermatology uses. Is an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. And is in fact, the most gentle laser and existence.
How it works, is the laser, in a certain light wave. Looks for pigmentation. And when it finds this pigmentation. It destroys at the cells by exploding them. When used on skin.
The laser actually shines into the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin. Where incidentally, the hair follicles start to grow. When it finds the pigmentation in the hair follicles. It will explode them. Destroying the hair.

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This means that people that have thicker hair. And subsequently larger hair follicles. Often have the most success with this method. As well, people with dark hair. Have success as well.
Simply because the laser is able. To see the pigmentation. In order to destroy it. While people who have thinner, or lighter coloured hair. Can still get laser hair removal in Edmonton done. Often need a more intense laser setting.
Or, perhaps they need multiple sessions. Such as needing five sessions instead of three. Or ten instead of eight. The only people that should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton done.
Our people who have absolutely no pigmentation. And there hair follicles at all. Such as people who have started to go grey. Or albino’s for example. By making an appointment.
With Edmonton dermatology, in their west and location. Patients will be able to ask all of the questions that they have. As well as let the dermatologist. Examine their skin, and their hair. In order to determine.
If they are a suitable candidate for this procedure. As well as help the dermatologist understand. What setting their laser should be on. In order to generate the most effective results.
While nobody is going to be hair free in a single day. Even 8 to 10 sessions of the laser. Seems a lot more reasonable. Then a lifetime of shaving and waxing. Especially because of the pain, annoyance and expense of those activities.