Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting IPL Treatments

IPL stands for intense pulse light, is the laser used for laser hair removal in Edmonton. It is a non-ablative, and therefore very gentle treatment. That is the most effective one, for removing unwanted hair in patients.
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There is almost no area of the body that cannot be treated with this laser. The only exceptions, our any area above the cheeks. Because not only is the skin so sensitive and then. But this is too close to the eyes.
And dermatologist will not want to do anything that could put the eyes at risk. Of being damaged, or affecting someone’s eyesight. Despite the fact that the patient will be using protective eyewear during the entire procedure.
The rule of thumb, is that anything from the cheeks and below will be the only areas to be treated with the laser hair removal in Edmonton laser. However, for most people that includes most of the areas that they want to remove unwanted hair in.
One of the most common questions that people looking into laser hair removal and Edmonton have. Is wanting to know how many treatments they will need to undergo. In order to achieve permanent results.
Many people have often been told, that waxing will eventually get rid of their hair permanently. But people who have been waxing for years will tell you. That this is not generally their experience.
The number of treatments they will need. Will depend on a couple of factors. The first one, being how dark and thick their hair is. The darker and thicker the better says Edmonton dermatologist.
Simply because that will give the laser the most material to work with. As the laser is designed to find the pigmentation in the hair follicles. In order to explode them and destroy them.

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Another factor in how many treatments someone will need to undergo. In order to achieve permanent results. Is what areas of the body they are getting the procedure done on.
The more blood flow there is an area, means that area will be more stubborn. In order to remove hair permanently. Requiring upwards of 6 to 8 sessions. In order to achieve permanent results.
This is because the more blood flow there is, the more nutrients are being delivered to that part of the body. And the more resources the body has. And being able to try to regrow those hair follicles.
However, many people who have been waxing, or shaving often. For many years of their life. Look at 6 to 8 treatments. In order to never have to wax or shave again. As a minor miracle.
For other parts of the body, that has less blood flow. People can see permanent results after two or even three sessions. Such as underneath the arms.
This is a huge bonus, as many people who shave or wax to get rid of hair in that sensitive part of the body. Experience a lot of sensitivity. Especially as they have to apply deodorant immediately after shaving.
For more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. People should get touch with Edmonton dermatology right away. The first consultation is free.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting IPL Treatments Today

When people are looking into laser hair removal in Edmonton. One of the best procedures that they can get is called an intense pulse light treatment. Or IPL for short.
When people make an appointment at Edmonton dermatology, this is the exact laser that they will be getting. For their hair removal procedures. Not only is it the most effective laser hair removal treatment.
But it is also the most gentle laser on the market. It is non-ablative, and has virtually no healing time required. Which makes this a very easy procedure for many people to fit into their busy schedules.
However, it is very important. That if anyone is thinking about getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. That they contact Edmonton dermatology for consultation. Not only is the initial consultation absolutely free.
But they will also be able to find out if they are good candidate for the procedure. One of the first considerations that the dermatologist will have. Is ensuring that they have the right skin tone for the procedure.
This is because since the intense pulse light is designed to find pigmentation in the hair follicles. People with darker skin tones are not good candidates. Simply because they run the risk of the laser targeting pigmentation and their skin.
Which could not only cause pain, but cause actual damage to their skin as well. Therefore, the dermatologist will use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. In order to determine if a patient has the appropriate skin tone.

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People with a 1 to 4 on this scale, will be good candidates for the procedure. Unfortunately, this is not the only consideration that they will have. People who are on certain medication. Will not be good patients for the procedure.
As unwanted and negative side effects can happen. Particularly if people are taking antibiotics, or are on Accutane. If they have been on antibiotics or Accutane. It will need to be out of their system for six months.
Before they can proceed with laser hair removal in Edmonton. And finally, the consultation with the dermatologist. Will also discuss whether the patient has any skin conditions. That could be exacerbated by the laser.
Such as melasma. Melasma is made worse with light and heat. Therefore, the consultation will rule out any problems, that would be made worse by the treatment.
As well, the consultation will be an important time and place. For the patient to ask any questions that they have. And find out what kind of results they can expect from the procedure.
They will be able to find out how much time they will need to set aside for each treatment. How much healing time they can expect. And approximately how many treatments they will need to undergo. In order to achieve permanent hair removal results.