Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting The Best Results

Even though laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is gaining popularity, every year. People need to follow the directions. Of their dermatologist, in order to get the best results from this procedure.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the first things that people need to keep in mind. Is that the directions given to them by their dermatologist. Are there for a reason, and will help them get the best results possible.
The best place to start is with a consultation. People can arrange an absolutely free consultation. With Edmonton dermatology, simply by calling into their office. They will be able to meet with a dermatologist or nurse.
Who will walk each patient through the procedure. Describing what it will be like. And explaining every step of the treatment. They will then allow the patient task as many questions as they need.
As well as find out the suitability. Of each patient, by taking a medical history. As well as looking at their hair, and their skin type and tone. This is very important, as it will dictate.
The intensity of the laser. As well as how many treatments people can expect to undergo. One of the questions that their dermatologist will ask. Is if they are on any medications.
The reason why this is important. Is because some medication. Can cause an adverse reaction with people undergoing laser hair removal in Edmonton. For example, people on antibiotics.

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And people who are taking Accutane. Should not undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. If they have finished that medication. It needs to be out of their system for six months, before undergoing this treatment.
Another thing that they will discuss with the patient. Is if they have any skin conditions. Because some skin conditions. May be exacerbated with the laser, used to treat hair removal.
For example, if people have a condition called melasma. This is a darkening of the skin on the face. This is exacerbated by heat as well as light. Therefore, they should not undergo laser hair removal.
As well, it will allow the dermatologist the opportunity. To see the hair that people want to get rid of. To see how dark and how thick it is. As well as see the treatment area.
Some areas will be much more stubborn. For people to get rid of hair permanently. Such as the bikini zone, or legs. By showing the dermatologist the area that they would like treated with the laser.
Can help each patient’s know exactly what they can expect. And what they can do, in order to generate the results that they want as well. They will also be able to ask any questions during this time.
If people have any questions about laser hair removal. Or they would like to have a consultation. So that they can start the process. All they have to do, is call Edmonton dermatology. And schedule that consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting The Best Laser Results

When people are getting laser hair removal in Edmonton. They typically want to get the best results possible. So that they can have permanent results. And as few treatments as they can.
They can make a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. Where they can find out, exactly what they should be doing. To generate the best results that they can. From this treatment.
One of the first things that they will hear about. Is stopping plucking their hair, and waxing immediately. The reason why, is because plucking and waxing. Will pull the hair out by the root.
The problem with that, is that the laser that eliminates hair. Actually targets the root of the hair. And if people are plucking, and waxing. They are eliminating the follicle, that laser is designed to target.
Therefore, people will not get the results that they should. Requiring many more treatments. In order to get the results. That they should have had from the beginning. The sooner they can stop plucking and waxing.
The more likely there going to be able to stop treatments sooner rather than later. However, patients should get ready. For anywhere between three, eight sessions. In order to achieve the results they desire.
The reason why, is because the body will regrow the hair follicle. After the first laser hair removal in Edmonton session. However, once the laser technician does the second treatment, eliminating the hair follicle.

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It will take even longer for the hair to regrow. And the more the dermatologist can utilize the laser. Which means the hair is more likely to never regrow. The more blood flow the area has.
Resulting in the more stubborn the hair will be at being eliminated permanently. For areas such as the under arms, that does not get a lot of blood flow. People can expect around 3 to 4 treatments for permanent results.
But areas like the bikini zone, or the legs. That can take up to eight sessions, in order to be permanent. And that does not mean that 100% of the hair will be eliminated either.
People should expect and 90 to 95% reduction in hair growth. It may not be able to get all of the hair. But the few hairs that remain. Will be much lighter, and easier to get rid of.
Another question that many people have. Is wanting to know how long each treatment lasts. If they are going to sign up for eight treatments. They do not want to have to be in the dermatologist’s office.
For an entire day, each time. And this is where laser hair removal in Edmonton is wonderful. People typically only need between half an hour, to two hours. In order to get the treatment.
Which means people can fit it in, on their lunch hour. Or on their way home from work. So that they do not have to take any time off of work, in order to get rid of their unwanted hair permanently.