Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Hair Removal On The Face

The advancements in laser hair removal in Edmonton has grown in leaps and bounds. Especially over the last few years. However, there is a lot people still need to understand. About this very popular procedure.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
One of the areas that is most popular. For both men and women, is getting laser hair removal and Edmonton treatments. On their face. This includes on the cheeks for men.
Who may not want to have to shave the area above their beard. As well as their neck, because men do not want to have to shave their neck. Every day, due to the scraggly hair that they have growing in.
For women, is most often the upper lip. As well as the chin and neck. That they want to get rid of unwanted and unsightly hair. For both genders, they often want to get their eyebrows treated.
However, this is not possible. Because laser hair removal in Edmonton. Cannot be done on the areas above the cheeks on anyone. There are several reasons for this. First, the wand that is used to deliver treatments.
Is very large, and will not allow a dermatologist or a laser technician. The precision they need, to do a decent job of shaping a person’s eyebrows. However, the main reason is that this area.
Is far too close to patients eyes, for comfort. Despite the fact that patients will be wearing protective eyewear. This still is not going to protect the eyes enough. From damage that could be caused. By a laser going off to close to this important organ.

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Therefore, the general rule of them for dermatologists. Is that they will not get any laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments done. From anywhere above the cheeks, to the top of the head.
And while requests for getting the top of the head treated with a laser. Is very rare, dermatologists will also not do this area either. The skin is so thin. As well, the areas so close to the brain. And while the risks are very minimal.
Even a small risk is too much for dermatologists to take. Who will not want to damage any part of a patient’s skin, or any organ. By giving a laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment to anyone.
And while many women often ask to get their chin treated this way. Dermatologists want to prepare each woman, for the results that they should expect from this. The reason women get chin hair.
Is caused by a hormonal imbalance. Such as a polycystic ovarian syndrome. And most commonly by menopause. When women get this chin hair. It is almost impossible to remove permanently.
Because the new hairs grow in due to hormones. Therefore, the existing hair can be treated and eliminated. New hairs will continue to grow in.
Patients who have any questions about getting any parts of their hair treated with the laser. Should contact Edmonton dermatology. For their free consultation, and find out everything they need to know.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Getting Hair Removal On The Face

While most parts of the body can receive laser hair removal in Edmonton. One of the most common areas people request is the face according to Edmonton dermatology.
Whether the patient is a man, or a woman. They and up having unsightly and embarrassing hair. That is visible to everyone at all times. Which is why they seek a permanent solution.
While people can achieve a 90% reduction of hair growth. From laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. There is one exception, and that is for women who are getting hair removal on their chin.
Women typically start getting chin hairs, as they get closer to menopause. And caused by the decreasing estrogen in their body. As well as the increase of testosterone. Because these hairs grow due to hormones.
They are never going to be able to get a permanent hair removal in this area. That does not mean that dermatologists will not treat this area. It simply means that women have to mind their expectations here.
As they are able to treat the area enough times. To get rid of 90% of the hair that is currently there. As they age, there estrogen will continue to drop. And there testosterone will continue to increase.
And hair follicles, that were not there before. Will continue to pop up. Therefore, dermatologists tell women. That if they are going to get their chin treated with a laser.

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They will need to come in for 4 to 6 treatments initially. In order to get rid of all of the hair in that area. And then, they will likely need to come back every 2 to 3 years. For additional sessions.
However, it is not just menopause and perimenopause that cause women. To have hormone imbalances that cause chin hair to grow. Other medical conditions can cause a hormone imbalance as well.
Women who have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Have their hormones interrupted, causing them to have more testosterone in their body. And the decrease in estrogen. A common symptom of this syndrome.
Is hair growth on their face, and chin. Caused by these hormones. Therefore, when women come to Edmonton dermatology. For their initial consultation. Prior to their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
They will discuss if they have any hormone imbalances. That could be caused by menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome. Or any other health conditions that cause imbalanced hormones.
However, this is the only area of the body. And the only area of the face that is this stubborn. In order to get rid of hair. And women can get their upper lip, their neck, and even their cheeks treated.
As well as men can come in for the same treatment. And get rid of the hair that they consider embarrassing. So that they do not have to worry about shaving every day. Or if they were successful.
In shaving or plucking all of the embarrassing hair. If people would like more information. They should contact Edmonton dermatology today.