Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Intense Pulse Light Treatment is Effective

When people are ready to get laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should talk to Edmonton dermatology for free consultation. They will find out about all of the different methods that they have, and the benefits of each.

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Their dermatologist is likely going to talk to them about intensive pulse light treatment, also known as IPL. Because not only is this a very popular hair removal method.
But it is also permanent, and the most effective laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, there are many things that people should keep in mind about this treatment. So that it can be as effective as possible.
One of the first things that people want to know, is how it actually works. Dermatologists say that the intense beam of light. Actually targets the pigment itself. In the hair follicles, deep in the patient’s skin.
When it targets these hair follicles, when it finds them. The laser literally explodes the pigmentation cells. Destroying the hair follicle in the process. Because this is how works, it works most effectively on the darkest hair.
Therefore, people who have light brown, blond and even white hair. May not get the results that they expect. But also, it works best when there is the most contrast between skin tone, and hair colour.
In fact, Edmonton dermatology says that it is a method that is only suitable for lighter skin tones. Therefore, they utilize a scale called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine if a person has the appropriate lightness to continue.
The reason why it is not effective in darker skinned people. Is simply because the more pigmentation a person has in their skin. The more the laser might mistake pigmentation in the skin for hair follicle.

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And when this happens, the person receiving the treatment. May be burnt in their skin, by the laser. Which not only would be painful. But it also can damage their skin permanently.
This is why laser hair removal utilizing intense pulse light treatment. Needs to happen only with lighter skin toned people. However, other patients can utilize other hair removal methods with Edmonton dermatology.
Another question people often have about this laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is they wonder if it hurts. Because it is a laser, a lot of people are fearful about the procedure hurting.
However, because the treatment happens in very short bursts of light. It is not going to be a sensation that is prolonged. And it some people have said that it is similar to being snapped by a rubber band.
Both in intensity, as well as in how quick it happens. And then the sensation is done. However, the head of the laser that is used. Actually has a sapphire crystal embedded in the head.
Which cools the skin before the treatment, and immediately after the treatment. So that it minimizes the discomfort. However, if people are still concerned.
Their dermatologist can apply some numbing cream, or cooling gel. As well as point a cooling fan at a patient during treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | The Effectiveness of Intense Pulse Light Treatment

The reason why laser hair removal in Edmonton is so popular. Is because Edmonton dermatology utilizes intense appalled light treatment. And people will get permanent results with just a few treatments.
While people have many questions about this. One of the first questions that they wonder about. Is how long does the treatment to last? They want to know how much time they should set aside for this treatment.
Because they have heard that laser treatments. Our done with a very small laser head. And if they are covering a large section of their body. Such as their legs, they do not want to have to take a day off work.
Luckily, it does not take that long. Because the laser is in a wand. That covers a larger area at a time. So that it can be done relatively quickly. For example, the laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure.
That takes care of the neck, chin and upper lip. It will take approximately thirty minutes from the very start, to the very end. Including cleaning the skin, doing the treatment itself. And applying the skincare afterwards.
And if the treatment area, is in a place where people can see. Edmonton dermatology will be more than happy. To apply makeup to the area. So that people do not know that a procedure was done at all.
People might end up with a slight skin discolouration for a day. Or they might end up with skin that is a bit red. And they want to avoid drawing attention to it. Or simply do not want to feel self-conscious about their looks.

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The next thing people wonder about this laser hair removal procedure. Is how much healing time is needed? They wonder this, because they have heard that it can take a long time to heal from laser facials.
Luckily, when it comes to the intense pulse light treatment. Because it is non-ablative, which means it does not cut the skin. It does not affect the skin very much at all. Causing a bit of sensitivity.
As well as a bit of redness, or potentially a bit of swelling. That typically goes away in twenty-four hours of the initial laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure.
Therefore, twenty-four hours after the initial treatment, patients should be back to normal. This is due to the nature of the intense pulse light treatment. And the fact that it is not going to cut their skin.
When people are ready to permanently get rid of hair. They should check out Edmonton dermatology. And get a free consultation. That is going to help them get the information they need.
To make the right decision on what hair removal method is going to be most beneficial for them. They can ask all of the most burning questions they have. And find out how many treatments they should expect for permanent results.