Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | More Gentle Than Waxing

Many people who are unable to tolerate waxing look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Because they are tired of shaving their unwanted hair away. And they want a longer period of time between treatments.
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Waxing, although pulling the Harold at the roots. Leaves people hair free longer. It is messy and difficult to do at home. Expensive at the salon. And very painful, matter where people are getting it done.
This is not only because they are pulling several pairs out of the root at a time. But also because the plot wax is pulling the skin as well. In fact, this pulling of the skin dramatizes the skin.
And destroys the skin elasticity. And waxing has been linked to premature wrinkles in people who have been doing it for many years. Therefore, there is no wonder why many people want to avoid, or get away from waxing.
One of the first questions that people have for their dermatologists concerning laser hair removal. Is wondering if it is a painful procedure. The laser that is used for removing here.
Is called an intense light. Or IPL for short, and is a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. As such, it is one of the most gentle lasers on the market. And is quite easy for most people to tolerate.
Some people compare the sensation to be similar as being snapped by a rubber band. And for others, it is the heat of the laser that is hard to handle. This is something that they should bring up to their dermatologist during their consultation.
Because they will learn that the wand that delivers the pulse of light. Actually has a sapphire crystal built into the tip. Which is designed to cool the skin immediately before, and after each pulse.

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For most people, this is enough to provide soothing relief to the area. However, if people are still concerned. They should talk to their dermatologist about topical cooling gel, or numbing cream.
That can help increase their comfort during the laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure. The dermatologist will also bring in a cooling fan, to blow cold air on the patient’s skin during treatment.
And the patient will be able to say quickly the dermatologist can move on to the next area after treatment. So that they are never going faster than they patient can tolerate.
As well, because there are many different ways to increase comfort. Because of all of these things. Most people are easily able to handle this procedure. Especially when compared to waxing.
There is almost no area of the body that cannot be treated, using the laser hair removal in Edmonton. The only exceptions to that, is everything above the cheeks to the top of the head.
Simply because that is too close to the eyes. And the dermatologist will not want to risk damaging the eyes or the eyesight of the patient. Even though everyone will be wearing protective eyewear during the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | More Gentle Than Waxing

People have been trying to get rid of unwanted hair for centuries, and laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is the only one that offers permanent results. This is such a benefit for people who are tired of spending time and money on this never ending endeavour.
One of the most important considerations that many people have for this procedure. Is wanting to know how long each session lasts. It is very easy to get the procedure done.
As well as fitted into a busy schedule. Because it is relatively quick. Especially since it only has to be done every few weeks or months. Until it achieves a permanent results.
The smaller areas, such as chin or under the arms may take as little time as half an hour. While larger areas like the legs, or chest or back. Will take up to two hours to treat the entire area.
This means many people can fit it in two their daily schedule. Getting treatment done on their lunch break. Or immediately after work, on their way home to their family.
Although many people here permanent results. Thinking that they only need to get one treatment. Actually takes multiple treatments. To train the body. That it should not try to regrow the hair follicles.
And depending on how vascular the area is. Means it will take two or three sessions. Or as many as eight. In order to achieve permanent results. The amount of time in between each treatment.

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Will be dependent on how quickly a person is regrowing here in that area. In the beginning, it may be every for five weeks. Or maybe several months, towards the end of the treatment.
And even though, many people may hear eight treatments as a lot. It is much better than a lifetime of waxing, and shaving. Which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is quickly growing in popularity not just for women.
But for men as well. Are getting the procedure done as well. Getting rid of unsightly hair on their chest and back. Not only is it completely gentle, but it is safe for people to get done on their body.
However, there are some limitations. People need to talk to their dermatologist during their initial consultation. Because certain medication that people may be on. Or skin conditions that they have.
Might make them for candidates for this treatment. For example, people that are on antibiotics, or taking medication such as Accutane. Should not get laser hair removal in Edmonton.
If they do want to go off their medication. In order to get the treatment done. It needs to be out of their system for six months. Before proceeding. To avoid any adverse side effects.
when people are ready to talk to dermatologist about this procedure. All they have to do is contact Edmonton dermatology. The first consultation is absolutely free. And can allow people to ask all the questions they need. And find out what to expect from this treatment.