Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Never Worry Again

The reason why many people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is because they are tired of constantly shaving. Or spending time and money waxing. Especially when it is unwanted or unsightly hair.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Often, the hair is in the spot. That causes people embarrassment or anxiety. And others, want to get rid of the hair. Because it is irritating, itchy. Or gets bothered in the spot that it is, and props against their clothing.
Therefore, people often want to find. A more effective solution. Or a solution that results in permanent hair removal. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology, and their intense pulse light treatment.
This is not only the most gentle laser on the market. But it is also the most effective hair removal laser. Unlike the lasers from the nineties, that were quite painful. This machine, is the most comfortable.
And promises 90% reduction. Of hair growth, as long as people. Follow the advice and directions of their dermatologist. What people can expect, is when they come in for a treatment.
They should have first, shaved the area. And under no circumstances wax it. Because waxing will remove the hair follicle from area. And since the laser is designed. To destroy the cells of the hair follicle.
If people wax their hair. Anywhere closer than two weeks. Before their first treatment. Treatment will not be effective at all. However, the reason why. Edmonton dermatology recommends. Patients shave.

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Is because the laser, will attack any pigmentation in the hair. And if the hair is longer than necessary. It can cause more irritation, or pain. Then is absolutely necessary. As well as, hair that is above the skin line.
Is likely going to cause problems. In the laser shining through to the epidermis. Where the hair follicle lives. Therefore, people are going to want to shave. So that the procedure is comfortable.
But also, so that the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is as effective as it should be. As well, people should expect. That when they get to their appointment. The technician is going to need to apply.
Cleaning solution, to ensure that the skin is clean. To eliminate the risk. Of infection, or other problems. They will clean the skin, and ensure that the patient. Is ready to proceed.
The treatment, does not last very long. The wand used in laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments. Covers a large area. In order to eliminate how long the appointment has to be. And to cover the most surface area.
In the least amount of time. Because of this, areas like the eyebrows. Are impossible, because there is no way. That the laser technician. Could go around the eyebrows and sculpt them.
But also, they avoid the eyebrows. Because of the close proximity to the eyes. And if the eyes are exposed to the laser. They could be damaged, or the patient go blind. Therefore, to eliminate that possibility. The eyebrows are simply not done.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Never Worry About Your Unwanted Hair Again

When people look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. They will find out a lot about intense pulse light treatment. As this is the laser now used. In order to deliver this increasingly popular treatment.
The laser is considered the most gentle on the market. And it is a non-ablative laser. Which is unusual, since most of the lasers. Such as the CO2, or the Fraxal laser to cut the skin.
Therefore, the fact that it is non-ablative. Means that it is gentle. And the most comfortable laser treatment to get as well. The most part, dermatologists do not have to apply. Any numbing cream.
To the area before treatment. However, if people are nervous. Or they have a sensitivity to pain. They typically will ask the dermatologist. During the initial consultation for cooling gel or numbing cream.
Since the dermatologist will want to ensure. Every patient’s comfort, this is definitely. Something that they will be more than happy to arrange. However, many people go to the first appointment.
And discover that it was not needed. And are comfortable. Moving forward, without any cooling gel or numbing cream at all. As well, people should keep in mind. That unlike other laser treatments.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton is quite fast. Unlike a treatment. That takes half or an entire day. Most people are in an out of their dermatologist’s office. With laser hair treatments. In under an hour.

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Of course, the larger the treatment area is. The longer the appointment will last. But now appointment will last longer than two hours. Considering this, people should also take into consideration.
That this timeline also includes. Giving numerous breaks to the patient. As they will not proceed faster. Then if patient is comfortable with four treatments. Since it is a fast treatment.
That does not require any healing. Most people are excited to hear. That there is nothing stopping them. From going back to most of their regular activities. Immediately after the treatment. They can go back to work, home.
Or innate out on the town. And they can even apply makeup. Or have their dermatologist apply makeup. Before they leave, if the treatment area. Is in a visible location. Nobody will know that they had anything done.
And the reason the dermatologist would apply makeup. Is because some people experience some redness. For 12 to 24 hours. After their initial laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
However, dermatologists do recommend. That people avoid hot water, or very hot environments. Which means hot baths and showers. Sitting in a sauna, or a hot tub. Should be avoided for the first day afterwards.
Mostly because the skin may be slightly irritated. And those things can heighten the irritation. However, all other regular activities. People can get into immediately after. Even going to the gym, can be done after this treatment.
If people are interested like more information. They can arrange an initial consultation. At Edmonton dermatology, either by calling their office. Or visiting their website and submitting an appointment request digitally.