Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Not Too Good To Be True

When people hear that laser hair removal in Edmonton can be a permanent solution. To their hair removal problem. They may think that it is too good to be true.
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They often have heard many different promises, from different methods. That also promise to be permanent. That did not work out the way that people expected.
Which means many people are skeptical, when they hear that there is any procedure on the market. That can deliver permanent results. However, the reason why laser hair removal is gaining popularity quickly.
Is because it really does work, to eliminate hair for people’s problem areas. Permanently, with enough treatments. And unlike waxing, where people have been doing this every month for years.
And still have not seen any lightning of their hair. And still have to go in for treatments. Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can get rid of up to 95% of the hair on any part of a person’s body.
Anywhere between two, two eight treatments. What makes the hair more stubborn to get rid of. Is the amount of blood flow in the area. The more vascular the region is, the more difficult the hair is to get rid of.
Because the blood supply, delivers nutrients to the body. Which makes it easier for the body to regrow hair follicles in that area. This means the legs, and bikini areas. Are the most stubborn to remove hair from.
While areas like the armpits, or the back. Can often be hair free in his few is two or three treatments. How it works, is the laser that is used is called an IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light. This is a gentle, non-ablative laser.

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That actually target pigmentation. Goes through all of the layers of the skin, to find the pigmentation in the hair follicle. And then explodes the cells on contact. This is accompanied by some heat from the laser.
And a small snapping sensation. From the hair follicles exploding. Which is much less painful, then traditional waxing. Since the hair follicles are not just pulled out. But destroyed. It will take even longer for the body to regrow that hair.
And when it does grow back, it will grow back lighter and thinner than before. When the hair starts growing back. This is when people should come back to their dermatologist.
For their next laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. And when the laser hits the newly formed hair follicles. It will destroy those ones. And take even longer to regrow the next set.
Therefore, the amount of time between each treatment will continue to lengthen. Until people know longer have to go back for their next treatment.
It is very important that if people are thinking of undergoing laser hair oval in Edmonton. That they contact Edmonton dermatology for consultation. The first consultation is absolutely free.
And will be a great opportunity for the dermatologist to see their skin type, their hair type. And let them know what they can expect from the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Too Good To Be True?

Many people struggle with trying to remove unwanted body hair, which is why laser hair removal in Edmonton is so popular. Not only does it allow people to be hair free for longer, and between treatments.
But it is the only permanent hair removal solution on the market. While people have heard that with waxing, they may eventually stop growing here in that area. For people who have been waxing for years.
Will say that this is not true, because they are continuing to wax for years. And unlike waxing, which is intensely painful. Laser hair removal in Edmonton that uses an IPL. Which stands for intense pulse light.
Is the most gentle, but most effective hair removal laser on the market. Some people compare the sensation to snapping rubber band. However, the different paint tolerances of different people.
Means that some people have virtually no problem with this treatment. While others, may want to talk to their dermatologist about what they can do. To make them more comfortable during the treatment.
Not only is there a cooling sapphire crystal, in the tip of the wand that is used to deliver treatment. Which is designed to soothe the skin before, and after each laser pulse.
But also, if people are still concerned about pain. They can utilize a topical numbing cream, or cooling gel. That will dull the sensations. Or even use a cooling fan that cools the patient down during treatment.

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As well, the dermatologist will only proceed as quickly through the treatment as possible. So that the patient is never feeling rushed, or in pain during the entire treatment.
The best thing to do, would be to bring up to their dermatologist during the initial consultation that they are concerned. And they will be taking care of during the entire procedure.
As well, some people may think that the treatment is going to last half the day or longer. But because it is such a gentle laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Some parts of the body will only take half an hour.
While a large area of the body, such as legs, or an entire back. May take up to two hours. But also, because it is such a gentle procedure. There is virtually no healing time.
With some people feeling slightly sensitive skin. Or being flushed on their treatment area the next twelve hours. But they will still be able to wear makeup, put on sunscreen and work out.
There are some limitations, such as people who are uncertain medications or have skin conditions. Or people that have darker skin tones, or later hair that they are looking to remove.
But this is why calling Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation is vital. They will be able to find out if they are good candidate. And what they can expect. As well as get every single one of their questions answered to feel comfortable with the procedure.