Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Preparing For A Laser Treatment

One thing that many people who have had laser hair removal in Edmonton say. Is that in order to get the best results. People need to follow the recommendations of their dermatologist.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Anyone who has not achieved permanent hair removal. Likely, did not follow the before, and aftercare. That was recommended to them. Such as stopping waxing before their first treatment.
It is vitally important. That people stop waxing. As well as plucking, threading. Sugar in, and any method of hair removal. That involves pulling the hair out by its route. The reason why is quite simple.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton. Uses an intense pulse of light. To target the hair follicles and destroy them. And when a person boxes, or pulls their hair out by the route. Those hair follicles are absent.
And the laser treatment is ineffective. While it can be very panic inducing to many people. To stop waxing their often embarrassing hair. Even if they shave, they feel as though the hair is growing back. Within the same day.
And that is why, they want to pluck or wax it. So it can understandably. Be extremely hard for many people. Especially when their unwanted hair. Causes them embarrassment. Or, is in a very prominent place on their body.
However, if people want permanent results. Of a 90% reduction of hair growth. On their body, they will follow those directions. And something that Edmonton dermatology points out to their patients.

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Once the treatments are all over. They will never have to worry about walking, waxing or shaving. Ever again, for their treatment area. However, that is not the only pre-care instructions. They will get from their dermatologist.
Twenty-four hours before their. Laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Dermatologists recommend patients shave the treatment area. The reason why it needs to be twenty-four hours in advance.
Is because as the laser targets the hair follicles. Anything else that has pigment. Will also get targeted by the laser. Which means any hair attached to the hair follicle. Will also get hit by the laser.
And someone who has very long hair. May feel extreme discomfort. Or even pain, when the pulse of light. Explodes not just the hair follicle. Down in the dermis, which is the second layer of skin.
But the hair, sitting on top of the skin will also explode. And is more likely to cause pain. In addition to that, Edmonton dermatologist says. That people who have hair that is long. Before their treatment.
Will often end up having less desirable results. Because the laser, will simply attack the hair on the surface of the skin. Instead of looking further into the dermis. To search for the hair follicle.
However, shaving any closer than twenty-four hours to their first treatment. Is also ill-advised. Because shaving can irritates the skin. Which could make their laser treatment painful, when it does not need to be at all.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Preparing For Your First Laser Treatment

Many people are very excited for their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. They are nervous, because they are not sure what to expect. But they have had their consultation the dermatologist.
On the day of the appointment. They should come to the office, wearing loose fitting clothing. Because while most people experience no discomfort. Some people find that their skin is sensitive.
For the first twenty-four hours after their laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. And certain clothing, that is scratchy. Has elastic’s, or embellishments may be irritating to wear.
They should wear as soft clothing as possible. And nothing that has buckled, or elastics in areas. That would cause irritation, or itchiness. During the procedure. The dermatologist is going to start.
By applying a cleansing solution to their skin. So that they can get rid of any cosmetics, lotion or dirt. That has come onto the skin. That may interfere with the laser’s ability. To do the job. Or, because the treatment to be more uncomfortable.
Once they have cleansed the skin. The dermatologist will ensure that there is no stubble poking through the skin. They ideally, want the area to be shaved. Twenty-four hours before the first appointment.
Although, in some people. There hair grows quite quickly. And they might have stubble already. The dermatologist will gently shave that stubble away. Because any stubble that remains. May in fact cause discomfort.

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When the laser pulse hits that area. As the laser is designed to destroy all pigmentation. Pigmentation in the hair stubble. Will also be destroyed. And since that is above the skin. It may cause more sensation.
Then people realize. Once this is done, they will begin the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. While the want that they use. To deliver the pulses of light. Is quite large. That large surface area.
Will allow the dermatologist, or the laser technician. To treat as large an area as possible. So that they need fewer pulses of light. To get rid of the hair in one area. However, the dermatologist will also.
Only go as fast as the patient allows. Waiting until they are comfortable. Before they have the next pulse of light. The appointments are scheduled. To allow as much time in between pulses as possible.
Because while most people have absolutely no discomfort. During this procedure. Some people do find that the heat of the laser. Or the sensation of the laser destroying the hair follicles. Is more than they were expecting.
And having a long time in between one pulse to the next. Can make them feel as comfortable as possible. Also, they can feel free to speak up. Until their dermatologist if they are uncomfortable.
They may be able to apply and numbing cream or cooling gel. To ensure each person is as it comfortable as possible. During the entire procedure. So that they do not have to suffer. In order to permanently get rid of their unwanted hair.