Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Undergoing Intense Pulse Light Treatment

Intense pulse light treatment is a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. That is extremely effective. And removing unwanted hair permanently. Therefore, it is extremely popular at Edmonton dermatology.

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The intense pulse light treatment uses a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin. And while this laser treats a wide variety of issues, such as getting rid of birthmarks.
As well as treating angiomas, and pigmentation problems. It is also the most effective laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. This works, because it targets the hair follicle, and the pigmentation within it.
Because of this, it works the best. On hair that is extremely dark in colour. However, lighter coloured hair can also be removed. It just will take a more intense power on the laser, and more treatments.
However, because it does target pigmentation. It is not recommended that people with darker skin tones undergoes this treatment. In case the laser targets the pigmentation in their skin instead.
And not only will that burn their skin, but it will likely also cause permanent damage. Therefore, dermatologists do not want to do anything. That is going to damage skin.
They use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. That is going to help them determine. Who has the best skin tone for this laser hair removal treatment. There are still many things that people should keep in mind with this procedure.
Because it targets the hair follicle itself. People need to ensure that they avoid plucking, or waxing up to two weeks before their appointment. Even the use of depilatory creams is advised against.

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This is because all of those activities will remove the hair follicle. Which means when the laser is used, those missing hair follicles. Will not be affected by the laser. And therefore, that hair will grow back quite easily.
It is recommended however, that prior to the treatment. That people shave the area completely. It is important that they shave within twenty-four hours of the appointment.
Because if there is additional hair in the area. Not only could it be painful, to get a laser hair treatment. Because it will affect the hair above the skin as well. But also, it could cause the treatment to be less effective.
As the laser will hit the hair itself. And maybe not the hair follicle. Which is why they should be shaved. But it is important that people do not shave only a few hours before the appointment.
Because that might cause skin irritation, or razor burn. That could make the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment much more painful than it should be.
By listening to their dermatologist. And following their recommendations. People will and up with the most effective hair removal. And will end up with the best aftercare that they can have.
While it may take several treatments in order for this to be permanent. Following their directions will also help ensure that it is permanent as well.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Receiving Intense Pulse Light Treatment

There are many things that people do to get rid of unwanted hair, that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can help people avoid doing all of those things. Whether people have to shave and wax daily, every other day. Or once a week.
It can take a lot of time. And cost a lot of money to take care of that unwanted hair. This is why many people seek out permanent solutions. And while some treatments, such as waxing. Can get rid of the hair for a longer amount of time.
Only laser hair removal is completely permanent. However, people need to keep in mind that it is permanent after a few treatments. And not to expect permanent results after the first intense pulse light treatment.
The reason why it is not permanent after the first treatment. Is because the body will naturally try to regrow the hair follicles that were destroyed by the laser. But the more the laser is used.
The more the body will give up in trying to regrow those hair follicles. The areas that have the most success after the fewest treatments. Are the areas of the body that have the least amount of blood flow.
This means places like underneath the arms, and people’s backs. Are going to have the most effective results. Often taking two or three treatments. In order for this to become permanent.
However, places of the body that have a lot more blood flow. Because of an extensive vascular system. Such as the legs, and bikini zone. Will end up being more stubborn, requiring more treatments.

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And while many people know exactly want is involved in the laser hair removal in Edmonton. They often have questions such as does intense pulse light treatment hurt?
It is very hard to determine. Simply because everybody has a different pain threshold. And those thresholds can be different across different areas of a person’s body.
However, most people who have experienced laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can parent to being snapped by a rubber band. Which is very tolerable for most people.
However, people who are concerned about pain. Or know that they have a low pain threshold. Can talk to their dermatologist during the initial, free consultation.
And tell them their concerns about pain. So that the dermatologist can make the right arrangements. Either to have a cooling fan in the room. Blowing cold air on the patient during treatment.
Or giving them numbing cream, or cooling gel. That can make the sensation dulled. So that people do not have to feel the treatment as intensely as they would otherwise.
However people should keep in mind. That there is a sapphire crystal built into the head of the laser. That works to cool the skin for, during and after initial treatment.
If people want to know more about intense pulse light treatment. Or anything about laser hair removal in general. Can contact Edmonton dermatology for free consultation.