Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Understanding IPL

IPL stands for intense pulse light treatment, and is the most popular laser hair removal in Edmonton. It is most popular for many reasons including being the most effective permanent hair removal system. And the fact that it is very tolerable for most people to withstand on a wide variety of body parts.

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It is also a non-ablative laser. Which means it does not cut the skin at all. Which means it has an incredibly quick healing time. With most people being able to go back to work, home.
Or head out for a night on the town immediately following the procedure. And since it is non-ablative. People can apply makeup immediately after the treatment. Or they can have the dermatologist apply make up for them.
So that even if they are slightly red after this laser hair removal in Edmonton. Nobody will have to know that they got any procedure done at all. Another reason why intense pulse light treatment is so beneficial.
Is because it does not take very long to administer the treatment. In fact, depending on what area people are getting treated. The whole procedure can take thirty minutes from start to finish.
Including cleansing patient’s skin prior to the treatment. Doing the treatment, and then applying skincare after the treatment is over. As well as applying makeup if the patient desires.
Of course, for larger areas such as a chest, a back. Or if a person wants to get their legs done from their ankles to their hips. They might be looking at two total hours of treatment time.
And while this is longer, it is still incredibly fast. Because there is a large area that the laser covers. Which means the treatment can go as fast as the patient allows.

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The reason why the patient has a say in how fast the procedure goes. Is because during this laser hair removal in Edmonton procedure. Dermatologists and laser technicians do not want to cause any discomfort.
Therefore, they will ask patients to tell them if they need to slow down or stop. So that they are not experiencing any more discomfort than they need. In fact, during the initial consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
Patients who are concerned about being too sensitive. Or are worried about pain can express that. So that they can utilize a wide variety of things that can help minimize that discomfort.
Not only can they arrange to have a cooling fan in the room. That will be aimed at the treatment area. To help a patient’s skin cool down. So that they can be as comfortable as possible.
But also, the dermatologist can apply a numbing cream, or a cooling gel. That can help them be as comfortable as possible. The laser want itself, will have a sapphire crystal in it.
That will be designed to cool the treatment area for, during and after the treatment. So that patients can be as comfortable as possible. If people want more information about this particular laser hair removal. They should reach out to Edmonton dermatology for that free consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Understanding IPL Treatments

When people are ready to permanently remove hair, a laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be the answer that they are hoping for, which utilizes a treatment called IPL, also known as intense pulse light.
The way this laser works, is by targeting the pigmentation in the hair follicle. And once that laser finds the cells of the hair follicle. It will explode them. Which destroys the hair follicle entirely.
And while people have heard that laser hair removal in Edmonton is completely permanent. It is not completely permanent after a single treatment. It takes more than one to be effective.
The reason why people need to utilize more than one laser session. Is because the body will want to regrow that hair follicle. But the faster people get in for their next treatment, after their hair starts to regrow.
The faster the body can understand that it is not worth the time or energy. To try to grow that hair follicle. Because it will just get destroyed again. However, where the hair on a person’s body is.
Will dictate how effective their laser hair treatment is. And if they need to or three sessions, in order to permanently remove hair. Or if they need six or eight sessions for permanent hair removal.
Ultimately, a part of the body that has more blood flow. Is going to be able to regrow the hair more effectively. Which is why air growth on the legs, on the bikini area can be very stubborn to get rid of.

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However, if patients have talked to their dermatologist about this. And are prepared for going in multiple times. They can be very pleased with the results at the end of their treatments.
As well, parts of the body that have much less blood flow. Are much easier for the laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments to be effective. And can get rid of hair permanently in two or three sessions.
Parts of the body such as a person’s back, or their underarms. Can get permanent hair results very quickly. Because there is not a lot of blood flow to support hair regrowth.
As well, how dark the hair is will affect how many treatments they need to get. Simply because the intense pulse light treatment actually targets pigmentation. And the lighter the pigment in the hair is.
The less effective the laser hair removal treatment is going to be. Therefore, people that have blonde or very light brown hair. Should be prepared for going in for multiple treatments.
Each person is different. And if someone wants to explore permanently removing hair. On different parts of their body. They should make an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. Because their initial consultations are absolutely free. And can help people get the results that they desire.