Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Do With Unwanted Hair

People who are tired of shaving and waxing, often look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. As an option to help them get rid of their unsightly hair. But in a way that is permanent.
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How this works, is by using a style of laser called an eye which stands for intense pulse light. It is a non-ablative laser. That can be used to treat a wide variety of dermatological issues.
However, the way it works is by targeting pigmentation. And when it sees the pigmentation, it literally explodes the cells, destroying them. The body then sloughs the destroyed cells, and they rise to the surface of the skin.
As crumbly bits that simply can be brushed off. And whether the intense pulse light treatment is used for correcting pigmentation problems. Such as getting rid of birthmarks or moles and son damage.
Or, it can be used to target the pigmentation in hair follicles. Of unwanted hair, to explode the hair follicles. And get rid of them. It is effective for both equally.
Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be an ideal candidate for this procedure. Because since the laser treatment is going to target pigmentation. It does not know the difference between pigmentation in the skin.
And pigmentation in the hair follicle. Therefore people with darker skin tones, are not great candidates for this procedure. Potentially, the laser could target the pigmentation in their skin.
Which could cause damage, and cause pain during the procedure. Dermatologists do not want to damage the skin or cause pain. Therefore, they use something called a Fitzpatrick scale.

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Which will allow them to determine who has the best skin tone for the procedure. And who they will unfortunately have to turn away. So that they do not risk harming someone during this procedure.
However, skin tone is not the only thing that makes a person a less than ideal candidate for a laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. People who are on certain medications.
Should avoid getting intense pulse light laser treatment. Such as if they are on antibiotics, or Accutane. And if they discontinue using that medication. So that they can get the laser hair removal treatment.
They medication it needs to be out of their system for six months or longer. Before Edmonton dermatology will do the procedure on them. As well, people with certain medical and skin conditions.
Such as melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy. Will not be a good candidate for laser hair removal in Edmonton. Simply because that medical condition is exacerbated by heat and light.
Since lasers are concentrated beams of light that get hot. This means that any medical or skin condition that is made worse by heat or light. Should avoid this treatment as well.
While laser hair removal is not for everybody. Those who are good candidates. Will be able to permanently take care of unsightly and unwanted hair Effectively.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | What To Do With Hair You Don’t Want

Many people dream about getting rid of unwanted hair, but thanks to laser hair removal in Edmonton. Their dream can now be a reality. Because not only is this an effective way of eliminating hair. It is permanent with enough treatments.
And unlike waxing, that was once said to be a method that would eventually be permanent. People who have been waxing for many years, or longer than a decade. Are still waiting for that to actually come true.
The reason why waxing was often said to be permanent. Was because by continually ripping the hair out by the follicle. Was said to weaken the follicle itself. And eventually, the body would give up trying to regrow the hair.
However, being pulled out is not necessarily enough trauma to the hair follicle. To keep the body from wanting to regrow it. Laser hair removal in Edmonton on the other hand, is.
What it does, is uses a laser, that targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. To literally explode the cells on contact. Which will destroy the entire hair, and the follicle entirely.
The body will push out the remnants of the hair. And this might look like hair is growing back in the treatment area. However, people may notice that the hair is brittle or crumbly.
Since destroying the hair follicle by exploding into. Is significantly more traumatic than pulling the hair out by the root. It will be more likely to end up being permanent. Especially when people undergo more treatments.

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When people notice that the hair is starting to grow back in the treatment area. They can go back to their Edmonton dermatologist. In order to get subsequent treatments. And since the newly grown hair follicles.
Will be new, and therefore weaker. Hitting them again with the laser. Will cause the body to start reconsidering trying to grow hair in that area. Since it appears to be a waste of its resources.
However, the more blood flow to the area. Due to a larger vascular system. Will mean that the hair in that area is more stubborn to get rid of. Because it will allow the body more resources to regrow those hair follicles.
In an area that does not have a lot of vascular systems. Such as the under arms, people can expect the laser hair removal in Edmonton to be permanent after a to treatments.
While people who are trying to get rid of hair on their legs, or their bikini area. May find that they need 7 to 8 treatments. In order for that to be permanent. But that is still better, then facing a lifetime.
Of having to shave or wax their legs, every other day, or every month. In order to get rid of the embarrassing, or irritating hair. If people have any questions about laser hair removal in Edmonton.
All they have to do is set up an appointment with Edmonton dermatology. not only is the initial consultation absolutely free. But it will help get all of their questions answered. And learn what they can do, to ensure they get the best results.