Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Why Laser Treatments Are Effective

When people have unwanted hair, laser hair removal in Edmonton. Can be a huge benefit. Helping them be less embarrassed. As well as be less irritated, if there unwanted hair is problematic.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
While many people may have heard. That laser hair removal in Edmonton is painful. Those are the older lasers. That did used to be more uncomfortable. Then the lasers that are currently in use.
At Edmonton dermatology, the utilize an intense pulse light treatment. Which is the best laser on the market. For eliminating unwanted hair. The best thing about this, is that it is more gentle.
Then previous lasers. Not only that, but the intense pulse light treatment. Also has a cooling head. So that it cools down the skin immediately before the light pulse. As well as immediately after the light pulse.
So that people have maximum comfort. Not only from the heat of the lasers. But also, that cool head will calm their skin. After the hair has been hit by the laser. Some people say that the sensation.
Of their hair being hit by the laser is similar to that of a rubber band. Snapping on the skin, which can be uncomfortable. And some people think that the sensation is not uncomfortable at all.
When people want laser hair removal in Edmonton. They should have a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. And if they are concerned about the pain. They should mention that.

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The dermatologist will be able to use many different methods. Designed to make each patient as comfortable as possible. And if they are concerned that it will still be uncomfortable.
After hearing about the cooling head. The dermatologist can offer some numbing cream. That will dull the sensation in the skin. In the area where the lasers going to be used. This can eliminate any discomfort.
Caused by the heat of the laser. Or by the sensation of the hair being hit by the laser. Or, people can get a cooling gel. Which specifically counteracts the heat of the laser. Helping people be as comfortable as possible.
They can also bring in a cooling fan during treatment. To blow it on the patient. So that they can act as another way to bring comfort to each person during this treatment.
Afterwards, people might have slightly more sensitive skin. Then they did before the treatment. However, because the intense pulse light laser is non-ablative. That means it does not cut the skin.
Which means the skin will require far less healing time. Because it is intact. They might be more sensitive, or have a bit of red discolouration. But this will go away after the first twelve hours.
Whether people definitely no. That they want to have laser hair removal. Or if they just want more information because they are curious. They can set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
This consultation happens in office. And is completely free. It will allow each patient task all of their questions. And find out what they can expect from this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Why Are Laser Treatments So Effective

Many people are getting it laser hair removal in Edmonton. Then ever before, because of how effective it is. People can expect a 90% reduction of hair growth. And these results are completely permanent.
One misconception that many people have. Is that it is permanent after the first treatment. And this is unfortunately not true. The body will try to regrow the hair follicles. That have been destroyed by the laser.
However, the body will only try to regrow those hairs. After a certain period of time. What is the biggest factor, and how often. The body will try to regrow the hair. Depends on what area of the body is being treated.
The reason why, is because the more blood flow there is to an area. The more stubborn the body will be at regrowing the hair. Because the blood carries nutrients to the area. Giving the body the resources it needs.
To trying regrowing the hair more often. The parts of the body that are most vascular. In that they have more veins, arteries and blood vessels in the area. Include the legs, and the bikini area.
This is why legs and the bikini area will be the most stubborn areas to get rid of hair. That being said, dermatologists tell patients. To expect anywhere between 6 to 8 treatments.

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In order to get permanent results. In the grand scheme of things, that is a very small number of treatments. That people have to go through to get permanent hair removal in that area.
Considering they would have to shave every day, or every other day. In order to remain hair free. Or wax once a month, or every six weeks if they were waxing. In comparison, laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Even at the maximum treatments. Is much less time and less money overall. When comparing it to the lifetime of a person, having to shave or wax their legs or bikini zone.
Another question that most people have about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is wondering how long the treatments last. This is another great benefit to this type of laser service.
People typically can be in and out in an hour. Except for the parts of the body that cover a larger surface area, such as the legs. Then they can expect to treatment to last two hours.
Therefore, most people do not even have to take time off work. Going in for treatments. Before work, on lunch breaks. Or even after work on their way home. Since there is virtually no healing time either.
It makes it a very accessible treatment. And almost everybody, has unwanted hair that they would like to get rid of. If people want more information, all they have to do is call Edmonton dermatology. And find out more about this procedure, and what they can expect.