Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Eliminating Port Wine Stains

There is a dermatological condition called a port wine stain, that is a discolouration deep in the dermis layer of the skin according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. It has the look to it like a deep purple birthmark. And many people who have this on their face are very self-conscious.
This is just one of many different treatments of the synergy laser. That can help people eliminate discolouration, and various skin issues. That is affecting their skin and most importantly, their self-confidence.
The synergy laser is actually very unique. Because it has two lasers in the machine, so that it can treat a wide variety of dermatological conditions.
Many lasers that are marketed are actually light emitting, and not laser. So are less effective than actual lasers. The synergy laser treatment uses a pulsed dye laser and and ND laser to treat a wide variety of problems.
The pulsed dye laser has a yellow beam of light that targets blood vessels specifically. So that problems such as rosacea, vascular lesions, and spider veins can be eliminated through this process.
And other vain and vascular problems such as hema angiomas, which are been nine tumors made up of newly formed blood vessels. That appear as a lump on the top of skin. Cherry angiomas, which are tiny red dots that appear on people’s bodies. As well as venous lakes on the lips, which are benign, vascular lesions. That are caused by sun damage.


Because of this process, he pulsed dye laser works, is that it targets the red blood cells. So for vascular problems, it cuts off the oxygen supply to these areas. acne scar treatment Edmonton says that this in turn kills the vein in that area. Which lets the body allow that vein to fade away.
While the ND laser is designed to treat the per problems, that appear in the third layer of skin called the dermis. And is one of the deepest targeting lasers available. The problems that are helped by this laser include port wine stains, sun damage and brown spots.
And how the ND laser works, is that it gets deep into the dermis layer of the skin. Where the laser actually vibrates the pigmentation out. Because of this, the laser can tell the difference between pigmentation that creates a person’s skintone. And pigmentation that is actual sun damage, or birthmarks such as port wine stains.
Because of this, the end delay or is able to treat a wide variety of skin types and skin colours. Therefore, regardless of the type of skin type that a person has, if they have issues in their blood vessels, birthmarks, or sun damage. They will able to be treated by the synergy laser treatment.
If people are wondering about how many treatments it would take to get rid of their issue. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says that patients should book an appointment into their dermatologist’s office. In order to find out what laser treatment would be effective for them.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Eliminating Port Wine Stains

There are a wide variety of pigmentation problems that many people want to get rid of according to acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Whether they have vascular problems such as spider veins, rosacea, hema angiomas, venous lakes on the lips, or cherry angiomas just to name a few. The synergy laser treatment can be very helpful to them.
Or, if the problems they have are pigmentation caused by sun damage or birthmarks. Such as brown spots, or port wine stains. The synergy laser can also help them as well says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
There are two lasers included in this machine. And they both target different areas of the skin, to improve the look of a patient’s skin. The graph for example, the pulsed dye laser is a laser beam that targets led vessels.
Because of this, one of the most surprising things that this laser treats is stubborn warts. If people have warts that they have tried for years to get rid of by over-the-counter treatments. As well as going to their general practitioner in doctor to get it frozen off. Having synergy laser treatment may be extremely effective.
How the pulsed dye laser works according to acne scar treatment. Is that it targets the Hema in hemoglobin, which is a molecule within blood cells. That the oxygen the blood cells, causing the particular vein to die.
As the vein dies, it leaves the area of the skin close to the surface, and fades away. Therefore, problems such as rosacea, cherry angiomas, and venous lakes on the lips start to disappear according to acne scar treatment Edmonton.


When people are getting laser treatment, whether it is with the pulsed dye laser, or the end delay or. There will be a short burst of laser, and a snapping sound can be heard.
These lasers are very specific at where they shoot, not like a light that is less specific, and spreads to a wider area. As they hear this snap, they will feel a pang of discomfort. Because the laser itself is very hot.
When people get the N D laser, it will be a little bit more uncomfortable. Because it goes into the third layer of the skin, called the dermis. So it is affecting more tissue than the pulsed dye laser.
Acne scar treatment says this discomfort from the heat is the reason why the dermatologist is going to aim a cooling fan directly at the patient’s treatment area. So that they will have that sudden burst of heat, followed by the cool air of the fan.
As people leave the clinic, they may be read. And a bit sore. But not even as sore as if they had a sunburn. Patients will expect to have the soreness last for two or three days. While the redness can stay with them up to a week.
As their redness fades, so will the problem area, and while it might not disappear completely on the first treatment. All subsequent treatments will work to continue to fade the area. And eventually leaving people with clear, blemish free skin.