Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Eliminating Scars With Lasers

The reason why many people seek out an acne scar treatment Edmonton from their dermatologist. Is because self-esteem could be suffering. And that could cause them to fall into a depression, no matter how long we have had scarring on their face.

And when they set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. That will be able to find out all of the different lasers that they use. In order to eliminate and reduce the look of scarring, no matter what that scarring is.
The reason why the consultation itself is so important. Is because it is going to be for the dermatologist to be able to see the scarring themselves. To recommend the right treatment.
As well as recommend how many treatments they are going to suggest. In order to get the results that the patient is looking for. But also, they need to look at the patient’s skin type as well.
What treatment is going to be the most effective for their issues. And to help prepare the patient for what they should expect with each of the treatments. Including the length of time the treatments take.
How many treatments they recommend. And what the healing time should look like. All of this is very important for the patient to understand completely before choosing their acne scar treatment Edmonton.
So that they can make the best and most informed decision on what treatment they would like. Based on their circumstances, and what results they would like to get as well.
The reason why people should contact Edmonton dermatology. Is because they have a wide variety of lasers that they use. To treat a wide variety of dermatological issues.


From pigmentation and fine lines, to more significant issues. Including adducing the look of scarring, from a wide variety of sources, that could be causing them to feel poorly about their parents.
While they have two different lasers that are specifically designed for acne scar treatment Edmonton. The lasers are very similar in the fact that they both increase collagen production in the patient’s face.
And this is important for several reasons. First reason, is because collagen is an important building block of a patient’s skin. And collagen production slows down significantly as people age.
This is often why people find that they have scarring faster and easier than they did when they were younger. And when they increase collagen production using they laser treatments at Edmonton dermatology.
That can help fill in the look of not only scars, but also fine lines and wrinkles. That can give them a more youthful looking appearance. But also because collagen improves the skins elasticity.
No matter which treatment they choose. They will find that their skin is firmer, more toned and clearer looking. So that they end up looking more youthful. Even if that was not the goal.
Which can help people feel more positively about the outcome. Finding out the facts between all of the different acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is important in order to help people make the right choice but what treatment they would like to use.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Eliminate Your Scars

When people contact Edmonton dermatology in order to find out which acne scar treatment Edmonton is going to be most beneficial for them. They will hear about the two different lasers that they use at the clinic.
Depending on how significant the patient’s scarring is. What their skin type is. As well as what results they desire. The dermatologist will make a recommendation on treatment.
And help the patient be prepared for what to expect if they choose that as their acne scar treatment Edmonton. The two different laser treatments that they will be discussing will be the Fraxel laser, and the CO2 laser.
The Fraxel laser is considered a facial resurfacing laser. Because what it does, is it targets the dermis. Which is the secondly of skin, and where collagen production happens.
And the laser heats up the skin significantly. In order to increase collagen production. Because collagen loves warmth and heat. And by heating up the dermis, collagen production begins and the skin can start rebuilding itself.
That means that the valleys where acne scarring has left. Will start to be filled in over time. Which is why Edmonton dermatology recommends waiting for about 4 to 6 weeks in between Fraxel laser treatments.
So that the collagen can do as much as possible. Before the patient undergoes a second treatment. And while the process will take about two hours per treatment.
Dermatologists typically recommend anywhere between 1 to 4 treatments. Pending on each unique patient, their skin type and their amount of scarring.


The most important thing for patients to realize with the Fraxel laser. Is that they will not be able to completely eliminate scar tissue. But they will be able to get to a 50% improvement.
Which is a noticeably smoother -looking complexion, and more toned skin. Not only will people have a reduction in acne scarring. They will also have younger looking skin as well.
The second laser is called the CO2 laser, and is considered an up as the laser. Because it actually drills microscopic holes into the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin.
How this works as an acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is the microscopic holes work to increase collagen production. Even more abundantly than the Fraxel laser.
And at the same time, the heat from the CO2 laser will actually vaporized the top layer of skin. Which will force the body to regrow the epidermis. and when it does it will grow without trace of scarring that was once there.
So together with regrowing that top layer of skin and increase collagen production. People can get a significant reduction in their acne scarring. Or their scarring, no matter what the reason is.
They will be able to get effective results in just a single treatment. However, dermatologists will caution patients that the healing time is going to be about two weeks.
By finding out all of the facts between the two different laser treatments to minimize the look of scarring. Patients can make the right decision to help them achieve the results that can help them feel their best.