Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Lasers Can Treat Cosmetic Issues

While most cosmetic issues that were being treated by lasers included hair removal, and anti-aging issues according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. However, more issues can be treated with the synergy laser.
While synergy laser is considered more of a dermatological laser. There are many issues that can be effectively treated with it. Especially because it contains two lasers within the same machine.
It can treat dermatological issues such as vascular problems such as rosacea, spider veins, port wine stains, cherry angiomas and broken capillaries. Even damage caused by the sun, resulting in changed pigmentation. Can be treated with the synergy laser.
One of the most beneficial things about this laser entreating pigmentation problems. Is because it can tell the difference between pigmentation that causes a person’s skin colour to be what it is. And pigmentation that is caused by damage like the sun. Was caused by an anomaly like a birthmark.
When treating vascular issues, the laser that is in the synergy machine is a pulsed dye laser. This is a yellow laser, that treats the top layer of the patient’s skin.
What this laser actually does, is targets the heme a in hemoglobin. Which is a molecule in people’s blood cells. Blood cells contain oxygen, and treating an area with this laser. Effectively deoxygenate’s the blood vessel.
The effect is that the body stops sending blood to this vessel, and as it stops being used, it dies and fades away, becoming more and more less noticeable under the skin.


how the second laser, the ND laser works says acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is my using the beam of light in the infrared spectrum, to go deep into the dermis layer of a patient. Where it vibrates the unwanted pigmentation at an extremely high level.
This pigmentation actually damages the pigment, causing it to break down in the patient’s body. Within five days of having this treatment, patients will notice that pigmentation is rising to the surface of their skin, appearing as crumbly bits.
Within another five days of this happening, the crumbly bits will slough off of the patient’s skin, leaving smooth skin. And the desired color of pigmentation underneath.
Because of how this works, this is very effective at minimizing pigmentation caused by sun damage. Whether this is Brown spots, or age spots. Or birthmarks. Including port wine stain birthmarks. During extremely dark red, purple birthmark.
By being able to treat this wide variety of problems. Regardless of what a patient is experiencing. Whether it is vascular, or pigmentation. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says they can get these problems helped with this machine.
If patients are looking to see if they would be a good candidate for this treatment. Or to have their dermatologist look at their issues. To make a recommendation. They should set up an appointment. Because initial consultations are free.
They will find out what treatment options are available to them. And how many treatments they will undergo. So that they can end up with the complexion that they always desired to have.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Lasers Can Treat Cosmetic Issues

Patients should not be embarrassed about wanting to get there cosmetic issues fixed says acne scar treatment Edmonton. And whether it is dermatological or not. Patients have many reasons for wanting to have the look that they have always wanted.
Especially with the prevailing set of other laser treatments, that focus on things like laser hair removal, and antiaging. The creation of a laser that can help patients improve dermatological problems is extremely important.
The only pigmentation problem that cannot be treated with the synergy laser treatment. Is called the last. Melasma is often referred to as the mask of pregnancy. Because it is so common in pregnant women.
However, sun exposure, as well as taking birth control pills can cause melasma to appear in people. Or to be made worse says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Because melasma is actually made worse by heat and light. Acne scar treatment Edmonton says people with this condition should avoid laser treatment. Because it will make their condition worse.
Even people who are suffering from warts can get treated with the synergy laser. Because the pulsed dye laser. Targets blood vessels. And when patients can cut off the blood supply to their warts. They can cause their wart to die.
Carlos of which laser a person is using to treat their issues. It will have the same procedure. The dermatologist will line the laser up, and as they activated, patients will hear a popping or cracking sound. Followed by some discomfort.


This discomfort happens because of the laser hitting the patient’s skin. And since laser is extremely concentrated light. Light is hot, it can feel very uncomfortable.
In fact, patients who are getting treatment with the ND laser will find that there is more discomfort. Simply because it is going deeper into the third layer of their skin.
Because of this discomfort, dermatologists will ensure that their pointing a cooling fan at their patient. As the patient gets hit with the laser, the cooling fan will bring that temperature down. Minimizing the patient’s discomfort.
However, it is very important for the patient to be communicating with their dermatologist. To ensure that they are not going faster than they are comfortable. And to take breaks whenever they need if they are unable to handle it.
After the treatment, patients can expect to leave their dermatologist’s office with soreness, and redness. The soreness will fade after two or three days. While they may stay read up to a week.
It is very important that patients are following all of the advice of their dermatologist. Such as staying out of direct sunlight. And if they have to go into the sun, cover up exceptionally well. And use an extremely high SPF sunscreen.
The reason why it is important for patients to stay out of the sun, is because their skin has essentially been damaged by the laser. They will want to avoid further damaging their skin in the sun.
This is also White’s important for patients to come back after 4 to 6 weeks. So that their skin can heal, before it is hit the laser again. If patients end up with laser treatments to close together, it can often damage their skin. So that should be avoided at all costs.