Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Acne Scarring

If people had acne as adolescents, they may find that there scarring leaves them wanting to find the best acne scar treatment Edmonton. Especially if they have never experienced scar free skin as an adult.

Whether people have had significant acne scarring. Or if people have deep lines from wrinkles. Or even have a scarring from things such as surgery. They may be searching for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton.
By setting up an appointment at their Edmonton dermatologists office. They are going to be able to discuss their particular issues. As well as what kind of outcome they are looking for.
That will help their dermatologist choose the right treatment for them. And when people are very determined to eliminate as many lines or scars as they possibly can.
CO2 laser is an extremely effective laser treatment for this issue. And while Edmonton dermatology has many different lasers to treat a wide variety of dermatological issues.
From lines, pigmentation, and veins. CO2 laser is their only ablative laser. Which means it actually drills holes into the second layer of skin, called the dermis.
That can truly help people eliminate the look of wrinkles, as well as scars from a variety of sources. How this ablative laser works, is in two ways in the same time.
The laser actually drills microscopic holes into the dermis of the skin. Which causes the body to work extra hard to produce even more collagen in the body.
This is because the holes that the laser drills. Will tell the body that there is a lot of healing that it needs to do. And since collagen is an important building block in skin.


The overproduction of collagen can help make it look more youthful in appearance. But also, the heat from the laser will also vaporized top layer of skin. Which causes the body to regrow that top layer.
The increased collagen production can help support the new skin growth. That will grow in without any trace of scarring. Making this an extremely effective acne scar treatment Edmonton.
And while this is an extremely effective treatment. Patients should expect that the procedure will take approximately two hours. And two weeks to heal from.
As well, Edmonton dermatologist cautioned people that this is only an effective treatment for the whole face, or the chest. But not the neck. Because of how deep the lasers go into the skin.
During the procedure, patients will expect the first half-hour to be application of a numbing cream. Because while most laser treatments can cause some discomfort. Because this one goes so deep.
As well as the CO2 laser is also burning microscopic holes into the second layer of skin. Some people find it more difficult to tolerate. Even if they are used to other laser treatments.
After the numbing cream starts working. The procedure can take as little as half an hour. But for those people who have a very low tolerance. The dermatologist will only go as fast as they allow.
So that it may take longer, to ensure that nobody is uncomfortable during the procedure. By doing this, many patients will be able to eliminate the look of fine lines and scarring.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reduce Acne Scarring

While many patients may be fine with lines or wrinkles, they also may be looking for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Because they want to eliminate the scarring that has likely been there since they were an adolescent.
Whether people have acne scarring, deep lines and wrinkles. Or scars from other things such as an accident or a surgery. The CO2 laser is an effective treatment for these issues.
The reason why this laser can get rid of deep lines and scarring. Is how it works. Not only does it burn microscopic holes into the skin, in the second layer.
But the heat from the laser actually vaporizes the top layer of skin. So that when new skin grows in. It grows in without a trace of scarring. Which minimizes, or completely eliminates the look of scars and wrinkles.
One of the most beneficial aspects of this treatment. Is that people will only need one treatment. However, if people do have very deep lines or very heavy scarring. They might need a touch up.
So that they can ensure that the skin texture matches throughout their entire face. When it comes to this acne scar treatment Edmonton. People who are undergoing the procedure should be well aware of the healing time.
This is why coming in for a free consultation to Edmonton dermatology is extremely important. Because while most laser treatments take about 2 to 3 days, or a week at most to heal from.


The CO2 laser treatment requires about two weeks of healing time. Because of the skin that needs to regrow. And because people are literally re-growing skin. They need to be careful of bacteria.
As well as ensure that they have antibiotics on hand. So that if they start feeling an infection. Going to be able to start treating it extremely quickly.
During the first few days, they will be pleading, and have Christina’s on their skin. From the white blood cells that have been sent to their face to help heal.
After the third day, this acne scar treatment Edmonton people should expect swelling to occur. And when they swell, they find that the crusty bits on their face starts falling off.
After this, there face will look and feel greasy, and this is will lead into their skin starting to peel off, leaving very pink looking skin underneath. And this entire procedure can be very shocking to people to witness.
Which is why many people opt to heal at home. As well, staying at home will allow people to avoid the sun, and keep it clean as well.
After two weeks, people should expect their face to be healed enough. To go back to work, and pursuing regular activities. However, they should still avoid direct sun exposure, and use sunscreen rigorously.
While it might be a long time for many people to heal. The payoff will be skin that is free of lines, wrinkles and scarring. As well as youthful, younger looking skin.