Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Your Scars

The reason why it is important for people with acne scars to find an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is because scarring on their face can lead to a lack of self-confidence and even depression.
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In fact, according to a recent study. Ninety-six per vent of people who have acne. Report feeling depressed over there looks. And a right acne treatment can help people avoid this problem.
The reason why acne causes scars to form in the first place. Is how the acne affects the collagen in people’s faces. Acne creates a lump underneath patient’s skin. And as that acne heals.
What happens is that the lump pulls at the collagen in awkward angles as it heals. Which creates the scar tissue. And unfortunately, the larger the acne. Such as cystic, or nodular acne. That has larger lumps.
Will result in more pronounced looking scar tissue. That can affect people’s self-esteem and self-confidence. And while many people have active acne breakouts.
They are unfortunately, unwittingly making their scores worse. Either through taking at their acne. Which will continue to disrupt the collagen. And impact its ability to heal smoothly.
But also, because people might end up aggressively exfoliating their face. In an effort to eliminate the acne breakouts from happening. However, this will also increase the acne scarring that happens.
Therefore, when they first make an appointment to talk to their dermatologist about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. They will first discuss how to eliminate the active acne breakouts from occurring.


So that when they do the acne scar treatment. It will help them stay scar free. Because they are not developing more scars after the treatment is over.
Once they have able to get their acne breakouts under control. With the help of their dermatologist. They can then start talking about all of the different acne scar treatment Edmonton that will help them.
The reason why people should talk to Edmonton dermatology when they are looking for the right treatment. Is because not only are they extremely knowledgeable. And have many years of experience.
But also, because they have a very wide variety of machines and treatment options. So that no matter what their skin type is. How severe their acne scarring is. Or what they are desired results will be.
The dermatologist can the right treatment for each patient. To help them feel their best. And look their best as well. In order to get started, all patients have to do is contact Edmonton dermatology.
The first consultation is absolutely free. And will be a great opportunity for the doctor and the patient to meet. And that way, the doctor will be able to see the extent of their acne scarring.
As well as what their skin type is. And can help find the right treatment option for the patient. With the right treatment, people can eliminate the look of their scarring for a smoother appearance. So that they can feel confident, and increase their self-esteem significantly.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Minimizing Scarring

When people are ready to see a dermatologist for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton. Talking to Benton dermatology is very important. Because they have a wide variety of treatments for patients.
Depending on how severe their acne scars are, their skin type. And most importantly, the results they desire. To help them feel confident and increase their self-esteem.
One of the first machines that the dermatologist will talk to the patient about. Is called the Fraxal laser treatment. And this is an actual laser, instead of a IPL, which is an intense pulse light treatment.
What the lasers will do, in this Fraxal treatment. Is target the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin, and where collagen production happens. As collagen production slows down as people age.
This laser treatment will heat up the dermis. And since collagen loves heat, it will start producing more collagen than was there before. Because collagen is an important building block of skin.
What happens when collagen floods into an area, is it starts to heal the skin. Not just making it look younger and more vibrant. But actually healing scar tissue in the area as well.
The important thing for patients to take note with this particular acne scar treatment. Is that it is going to take 3 to 4 treatments to improve the scar tissue by 50%.


And while that is a noticeably smoother and clear complexion. If people are looking for a treatment that eliminates scarring more significantly. Or works faster, there is another machine that they can hear about.
The CO2 laser is considered a fractional laser resurfacing tool. And it is also an ablative laser. Which means it will cut skin. Although it will happen on a microscopic level.
What will happen during this acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is that the laser will drill microscopic lasers into the dermis layer of skin. Which will significantly increase collagen production.
At the same time, the heat from the laser will actually vaporized the epidermis. Which is the outermost layer of skin. And where most of the scar tissue will sit. As that skin peels away, so does the scar tissue.
And while this is an effective treatment. That can significantly reduce scar tissue in just a single treatment. It does take a lot more healing time. As people are having to regrow their entire epidermis on their face.
Therefore, people often will take two weeks off of work. So that they can heal from this procedure safely, and in the comfort of their own home. Without risk of infection.
But because it is effective in a single treatment. It can give people dramatic results very quickly. That not only reduces the look of their acne scars. It also will give them a more youthful looking appearance.
Whichever acne scar treatment Edmonton is right for each patient. Is up to the patient and their dermatologist. And they can get started right away by contacting Edmonton dermatology for free consultation today.