Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vascular Lesions with Lasers

There is a wide variety of different reasons why people would want to get laser treatment according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. From anti-aging concerns, to pigmentation, and treating scars.
However, the synergy laser treatment is perfect for treating a wide variety of dermatological concerns. Including pigmentation problems.
The synergy laser contains two different types of lasers inside the machine. That can target problems on the surface of the skin. As well as deeper down into the third layer where pigmentation is held. And is actually the deepest targeting lasers that is available for use.
How this laser works, is by targeting the blood vessels in a wide variety of problem areas. It can treat things like vascular lesions, port wine stains and these two things are congenital issues. Meaning they have been with the person since birth. And were not caused by the person doing anything.
And these problems can and up affecting a person’s self-confidence. Especially if the discoloured areas are on their face, or other commonly visible part of their body.
Other things that the synergy laser can treat according to acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is Pima and Geo is, Sherry angiomas, which are benign conditions. But our cosmetic in nature. But can end up affecting a person’s self-confidence.
As well, the synergy laser can treat Venice lakes on the lips, and deep pigmentation. Depending on where the problem is in the skin, a dermatologist will be able to choose which laser in the machine to use and target problem area.
As well, the synergy laser can be used to treat warts. And if people have had stubborn warts that they are having a hard time getting rid of. This can be a great treatment for that warts no matter where it is on their body.


Whether they have tried numerous over-the-counter treatments to get rid of the ward. Have even gone to their doctor in order to get the wart frozen off. This machine can target the blood vessel within the wart. Cutting off its oxygen supply, and slowly killing the wart, so that it will not be a problem any longer.
While many lasers that are on the market are actually considered light therapy, such as IPL. The synergy laser treatment contains two different actual lasers. That are very specific, and can target very specific areas of a person’s body.
Depending on the problem that they have, and the severity of it. They might require multiple treatments. While the treatments should be anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks apart. The number of treatments they get should be determined by the dermatologist. At the first initial and free consultation says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
The treatment will last a few minutes, to half an hour or an hour. And when people leave the clinic, should expect to have redness in the area that was treated, and be a little bit sore. Not nearly as sore as if they had a sunburn.
During the healing process, they should have 2 to 3 days of soreness, with redness subsiding after about a week. As there redness subsides, the problem area starts to fade away. Depending on the number of treatments they need, this will effectively leave them looking away they always desired to.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Treating Vascular Lesions with Lasers

while many lasers are designed to treat and the aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne scar treatment says the synergy laser is designed to treat dermatologist concerns.
The synergy laser contains two different types of lasers. That target to different areas in a person’s skin. The pulsed dye laser, targets surface areas of a person’s skin. And specifically is looking for blood vessels.
This is looking for the heme in hemoglobin, which is a molecule in a person’s blood cells that contains oxygen. It essentially the oxygen blood cells, cutting off the oxygen supply to that vein. Making it go from red, to feeding it out.
Problems that can be helped with using the pulsed dye laser include rosacea, angiomas, and thick red blood vessels on the surface of the face.
During treatment, people should expect a very quick zap, and a sound that is like a snap or crack. Followed by a very small amount of discomfort. The discomfort comes from the heat of the laser. It is why dermatologists will blow a cooling fan on the patient’s face.
The second of laser that is in the synergy laser is the NDA laser. Which focuses on deep pigmentation, deep into the dermis of the skin, which is almost all the way into the subcutaneous facts of the patient.
The synergy laser is the deepest targeting laser that is available. Which means it is the one that is going to help people’s pigmentation problems, that are caused deep within their skin.
Acne scar treatment says this is extremely good for targeting things like port wine stains, or prominent leg veins. And how it works, is by zapping the area with the laser. It essentially vibrates the pigmentation out of a person’s skin says acne scar treatment Edmonton.


As a result, because of the vibration that is used, people will notice within five days that pigmentation will come to the surface of their skin, and feel crumbly.
After five days, it will take about another five days for the crumbly bits to peel away, revealing smooth and lighter skin underneath.
One of the most beneficial thing is about this type of laser treatment. Is that it knows the difference between pigmentation in a person’s skin that affects their skin tone. And pigmentation that is there because of things like birthmarks, or other discolouration.
This means that the synergy laser is extremely effective for many different people, who have a wide variety of skin types says acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Depending on the severity of a person’s problem. And the deepness of the colour. The synergy laser treatment may take multiple treatments. Which is why it is very important for people who are thinking about getting this treatment done.
Should contact their dermatologist for a free consultation. To find out what laser they should be using. And how many treatments they should expect says acne scar treatment Edmonton.