Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Ways to Decrease Acne Scars

The reason why so many people want to find an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. Is not just because they feel self-conscious over their appearance. But because literally, they are depressed because of it.
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A study was conducted in Canada. To find out how people’s appearance can affect their mental well-being. And it was discovered that 96% of respondents. Said that they felt depressed over their acne and acne scarring. Which means acne scar treatment Edmonton is important for people’s mental well-being.
Therefore, when people talk to their dermatologist about acne scarring. One of the first things that they will talk about first. Is illuminating active acne breakouts in the patient’s first.
While some people will have had acne breakouts as teenagers, or as younger people. But now, they do not have any active breakouts happening. However for others, whether they are young.
Or they have aged, but have not outgrown their acne. Minimizing the acne first is the important step. Because a dermatologist and a patient. Will not want to eliminate scarring. Only to have new scars form, when they continue to have acne breakouts.
And while they are waiting for the acne treatment to work. Their dermatologist will also share with patients. How to avoid developing deeper scars while they are waiting.
Because scars form when collagen is disrupted. When people have acne, particularly the large style like cystic or nodular acne. But also ice pick or boxcar acne. It forms large nodules underneath the skin.
And when those inflamed nodules heal. It pulls the collagen in a bunch of different directions. Which creates the acne scarring that people are familiar with. However, that is just the beginning.


People may have a tendency to pick, poke or prod at their acne. And if they do. They are continuing to disrupt the collagen. Which can result in larger scars forming.
As well, patients may be very tempted to aggressively exfoliate or wash their face. Often to the point of bleeding. In an effort to eliminate their acne breakouts completely. But all this does is because increased scarring.
Therefore, by treating the acne itself. And avoiding doing anything that will make the scarring worse. Can help ensure that the patient will be a good candidate for the right acne scar treatment Edmonton.
Once they have eliminated the breakouts. Their dermatologist will be able to talk about a treatment that is going to be effective for not just the amount of scarring that they have on their face.
But also taking factors into consideration such as their particular skin type. As well as what their desired result is. And most people should keep in mind.
That even the most effective acne scar treatment. Will not be able to hundred percent eliminate acne scarring. When patients are ready to talk to their dermatologist about this.
They can contact Edmonton dermatology for an appointment. Because not only is the initial consultation free. But because they will be able to find out exactly what they need to know.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Ways to Decrease Scars

When people are ready to take action and find an effective acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should look no further than Edmonton dermatology. And the reason why, is because they are extremely knowledgeable.
They have so much expertise in this area. As well as a lot of experience helping eliminate and minimize people’s acne scarring. And they also have a wide variety of machines to use.
New matter how much scarring people have on their face. What their skin type is. Or what they want their results to be. They are going to be able to find the treatment they need at Edmonton dermatology.
The first acne scar treatment Edmonton that they are likely going to hear about. Is the Fraxal laser treatment. And unlike the intense pulse light treatment. Which simply uses a wide spectrum of light.
The Fraxal laser is a true laser. That actually is designed to target the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin. And that happens to be were collagen production is developed.
It uses heat, because collagen loves heat. And wherever area is because it is an important skin building block. And when it floods the area. It will heal any parts of the skin that have not been fully healed.
Such as scar tissue in the area. What it will do, is start filling in the areas where there is scar tissue. And while the Fraxal laser will take about two hours to treat an area.


It needs to wait 4 to 6 weeks in between treatments. To ensure that they can get a full effect from that laser treatment. Before doing another one.
And ultimately, they may need anywhere between three and four to have a 50% reduction in scar tissue. However, for a faster treatment. With faster results. People should talk to their dermatologist about the acne scar treatment Edmonton CO2 laser.
This is also called the fractional laser resurfacing. And it is unique, because it is also an ablative laser. Which means it cuts the skin. However works, is first uses heat to vaporized the epidermis.
Which is the outermost layer of skin. And as the skin is vaporized. So is the scar tissue. And it will cause the body to start growing a new outer layer of skin. That will have no sign of scar tissue that was there before it.
The ablation part of the laser. Will ablate the dermis, by drilling microscopic holes into it. And that will increase collagen production significantly. To start healing what is left of any scar tissue.
As well as help the new skin that is growing to form the epidermis. To be aided in that growth. For smooth, younger looking skin. If patients want to learn more about the CO2 laser. Or the Fraxal laser.
They should contact Edmonton dermatology for free consultation. And find out exactly what they need to know. To help get the right treatment.