Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Ways to Reduce Scars

Finding the right acne scar treatment Edmonton is a mental health issue. And the reason why, is because 96% of people surveyed. Said that having acne scarring, as well as acne cause them to be depressed over their appearance.
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Therefore, helping people find a treatment that can eliminate their scarring. Can help them not only feel better about themselves. But help them conquer their mental health issues.
However, before their dermatologist will talk to them about the right acne scar treatment Edmonton for their needs. They will first talk about eliminating active acne breakouts from happening.
So that they can avoid forming new scars. After they have worked so hard to eliminate their existing scars. They will do this through great skincare products. That will be designed to eliminate acne breakouts.
But also, at the same time. The dermatologist is going to till the patient. What they can do to avoid causing any worse scarring while there waiting for the acne treatment to kick in.
How scars form in the first place. Is by collagen being disrupted. And when people have acne. Especially the large acne, such as cystic, nodular, ice pick or boxcar acne.
The large inflamed nodules underneath their skin. Will pull the collagen down in many different angles as it heals. Resulting in the scar look that is very noticeable with acne scarring.
And while this is unavoidable. People who pick at their acne. Can cause even more of a disruption to the collagen. Which will result in more pronounced scarring. So people should avoid picking.


However, another way that people can make their scarring worse. Is unintentional, as they think they are helping keep their face blemish free.
People who are aggressively exfoliating, or aggressively washing their face. Are actually disrupting the collagen. And causing their acne scars to be worse than they need to be.
Therefore, by learning these tips. As they wait or the dermatologists acne treatment to work. People can end up with fewer scarring in the meantime.
Once they have their acne breakouts under control. The next step will be talking to the dermatologist about which acne scar treatment Edmonton. Will be the best for the patient.
This depends on many different factors. Including how significant the scarring is. What their skin type is. As well as what results they are hoping to get from the treatment itself.
Once they talk about all of the variables. The patient can make their own informed decision. So that they can go ahead confidently with the right acne scar treatment that they choose.
Knowing that no matter what treatment they have decided to go with. They are in great hands with Edmonton dermatology. Because not only are they extremely skilled. When they are also extremely knowledgeable.
Therefore, anyone who is looking to reduce the look of acne scarring on their face. Should contact Edmonton dermatology right away. For their free consultation. To help get on the road to a clear, smooth face.

Acne Scar Treatment Edmonton | Reduce Acne Scars Using Lasers

Even though there are many different acne scar treatment Edmonton. That people can choose from. It may be a very daunting task. Which is why people should go visit Edmonton dermatology.
They will have a consultation with each patient. In order to find out exactly what their problems are. See what skin type they have. And help them choose the right acne scar treatment. That will give them the results that they desire.
One of the first treatments that they are going to recommend for patients. Is called the Fraxal laser. And the Fraxal laser is a true laser. Unlike IPL which is intense pulsed light. And simply is a concentrated beam of light.
The Fraxal treatment is a true laser. That will target the dermis, also known as the second layer of skin. Where collagen production happens.
While collagen being disrupted. Is responsible for forming scars. When collagen floods an area. It is also responsible for healing that scar. And the reason why people develop scars as they age.
Is because collagen production becomes decreased as people age. Resulting in a tendency to develop more scarring as people get older.
This is why the Fraxal treatment is so beneficial. Because using heat, they can increase collagen production. And start to heal scar tissue. Giving people a smoother look to their face.


However, the scars will not be healed 100%. The goal will be to improve the scars by 50%. Which will give people unnoticeable smoother complexion.
However, if people are looking for more feral results from their acne scar treatment Edmonton. They should talk to their dermatologist about the CO2 laser. Which is much more powerful.
And while it works to eliminate scars in a single treatment. It is much more invasive. And takes a lot more time to heal. It works in two ways, first the heat of the laser literally vaporizes the skin on the epidermis.
Which is the top layer of skin. Causing not only the skin to be vaporized. But the scar tissue as well. When the body grows a new epidermis on the face. It will grow without the scar tissue.
Giving people a smooth look. With hardly any sign of scarring. The second thing that this treatment will do. Is real microscopic lasers into the dermis layer of a patient’s skin. To increase collagen production.
That can help aid the regrowth of the epidermis. But also, to help heal what is left of any scar tissue. To give people an incredibly smoother looking complexion. With almost 100% reduction of scar tissue.
However, this does require two weeks of intense healing time. And may not be the right acne scar treatment for each person. Therefore, a consultation is going to be very helpful.
If people want to get started with an absolutely free consultation with Edmonton dermatology today. In order to find out what the acne scar treatment Edmonton that is best for them would be.
They can simply call the office, and arrange a time that is most beneficial. To start them on their journey to beautiful, clear looking skin.