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Edmonton dermatology performs so many amazing procedures including Botox Edmonton. We are a reputable and professional cosmetic clinic that can meet your needs when it comes to everything related to skincare which includes antiaging solutions. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin. Our doctors and nurses injectors are very knowledgeable, professional, and caring.
Botox Edmonton
When it comes to Botox Edmonton you will want to look into how we can help you achieve your antiaging skincare needs. One of the ways we can help you to look younger and more vibrant is with the Botox procedure. Let’s back up for a minute and explain what Botox is.
Botox is a brand name for neuromodulator injections just as Kleenex is a brand name for tissue. There are other brands that do the same job as Botox Edmonton. One other brand that we use in our clinic is to Dysport. Most people know the name Botox and understand it is used in antiaging regimens. In case you don’t know exactly what Botox is, I will explain it next.
Botox is actually called botulinum toxin. It is a health Canada and FDA approved substance that is injected into the facial muscles but also other muscles in the body as well. It is injected at very small quantities thereby making it safe for the body. As indicated by the name it is a toxin but as mentioned, when it is used in very small quantities for the face it does not pose any danger.

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Particularly when it comes to the face, most often the quantities needed to soften the facial muscles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes is a very small amount. When it comes to around the eyes we are referring to what are sometimes called crows feet or smile lines.
When people hear the word Botox they often think toxin and therefore think unsafe by association with that word. At Edmonton dermatology we take great care in keeping you safe but also satisfied with the results you get when you have an antiaging procedure with us. As mentioned above when used in small quantities Botox Edmonton becomes a very unlikely problem. It has little to no toxic potential when used in the quantities we use on the face. So as has been mentioned it only becomes dangerous when used at high levels of quantities. What is needed in the face poses a very unlikely and small threat.
We at the Edmonton dermatology clinic always have our patients best interests in mind when we perform any procedure. Our doctors and nurse injectors are experts at every task that they do. They are trained as well as gaining experience on a continuous basis. When you visit our clinic you will see our level of professionalism. Combined with our level of care and concern for clients is unmatched in the skin care industry. Please call our clinic today to book your complimentary consultation with us. And we will answer any concerns and questions you may have.

Botox Edmonton | More About Botox

At Edmonton dermatology we offer Botox Edmonton in a professional environment where the comfort and concern of our clients is our number one priority. Everything we do at Edmonton dermatology is done for the beauty and health of your skin. When we perform the Botox procedure it is our utmost concern to make sure you are safe but also satisfied with the results you get.
We have already established what Botox is but to remind you it is simply botulinum toxin. We have established that it is a safe toxin used in your muscles that stops them from moving. So we know it is safe because the quantities needed for your facial muscles are quite small. This poses little to no toxic potential. How long does Botox Edmonton really last in the system? Let me break it down for you next.
As we have established Botox is injected into your muscle at the muscle junction level. This Botox Edmonton substance works to denervate the nerve muscle junction. The effect you will see on the surface level is a softening of the lines and wrinkles and creases that those muscles have caused when they are able to move. Botox disrupts those muscles from moving by paralyzing them and it takes about 3 to 4 months for those actions of the muscles to come back. It is understandable now why most clients see results for up to four months because that is how long it takes for the Botox to wear off and the muscles to regain their function.

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Generally speaking, it takes up to six months for the Botox to completely be eliminated by the body. There is good news and there is bad news when it comes to that. The good news is if you didn’t enjoy or prefer having the look that the Botox gave you. You can rest assured that it will eventually wear off and leave your body in its natural state. The bad news is if you loved how the Botox Edmonton looked and how it made you feel when you looked in the mirror. You might be disappointed to know that it does not last for more than 4 to 6 months.
At Edmonton dermatology we see our clients on a consistent basis as they love coming back to have their Botox procedure done again and again and again. This is a great sign that we have done our job well and that we have done everything for the health and beauty of our client’s skin. The biggest compliment we can have is having a client become a repeat customer. Please call our clinic today to book your complimentary consultation with us. And we will do everything we can to assure you that this is a safe place and a professional environment to have your antiaging skincare needs met through Botox. We will answer any questions and concerns that you may have.