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At Edmonton dermatology we pride ourselves on being a professional, friendly, environment that helps you with your Botox Edmonton needs. When you come into visit our clinic you will find a friendly face to greet you. Our receptionist will ask you for your medical and health information that may not be in our system. You will be given some time to fill out any necessary paperwork before any procedure is discussed or performed. We want you to feel comfortable and settled so we have a welcoming space for you to fill out your information.
Botox Edmonton
After you finish filling out the paperwork you will be brought to a consultation room to discuss any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to having Botox Edmonton administered. We suggest you write down all the items you would like to know more about as this will be a great time to bring them up with us.
You may have questions about what Botox Edmonton is and what is not. Let us review what Botox is at this time. Botulinum toxin type A is a health Canada FDA approved protein. This substance is injectable into the muscle through a syringe. This substance is injected in small quantities into the facial muscles right to the muscular junction. This is how Botox can affect the muscle. It is a toxin but because it is used in such small quantities it poses little to no toxic potential.

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Botox is used to paralyze the muscle so that it no longer creates movement. When the movement has stopped on the face the lines and wrinkles can no longer be made. The three areas that most clients are interested in treating are the horizontal lines on the forehead, the 11 lines between the brows and the lines around the eyes usually refer to as crows feet and smile lines. These are the most common places where people are not comfortable having those pronounced deep lines. Looking in the mirror or seeing a picture can reveal those lines. When they see those lines they want to do something about softening them. The research to figure out what can be done starts there. Many times when searching they will come across the word Botox Edmonton.
This is where Edmonton dermatology’s cosmetic clinic comes in. We have expert nurse injectors and doctors that have been well-trained to administer the Botox so that the best results are achieved. Do not just take our word for it though, when you come in please ask to view our before and after pictures. We are more than happy to share the results that we achieve for our clients.
Edmonton dermatology is clear on its objective to do everything for the health and beauty of your skin. We want you to feel confident and satisfied with the procedure that you have done with us. When you look in the mirror and see the effect that Botox has on the lines on your face you likely will be happy with what you see.

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At Edmonton dermatology we do everything we can for the health and beauty of your skin including Botox Edmonton. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in having any of the services we provide. Our expert nurse injectors and doctors are professional, reliable, licensed, and experienced in every service they provide. You should always have those qualities in any clinic that you have skincare and anti aging care procedures done. The great news is that Edmonton dermatology takes that just as seriously as you do.
Before you even come into our clinic you will probably have learned something about Botox Edmonton. You may wonder what it is and is it safe. Basically Botox is a toxin called botulinum toxin type A. It is Health Canada and FDA approved. This protein is injected into the muscular level on your face. It is used as a substance that paralyzes the muscle so that it stops making creases on your skin. It is commonly used to treat forehead lines, between the brow lines, and lines around the eyes such as crow’s feet and smile lines. When you hear the word toxin you might be concerned that it is unsafe. Let me share more with you about why it has little to no toxic potential.

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As the name suggests Botox Edmonton is a toxin that is used to paralyze your muscles. However, when you come into a reputable clinic like Edmonton dermatology you will feel comfortable with our expertise and precise application of this protein. We use very small quantities to get the results that you love on your face. The amounts used to change the function of the muscles are very small and this is why it is considered safe but still effective. If you needed large quantities that would be a different story. That would become unsafe. However, when dealing with the muscles on the face very little is needed to do the job.
Essentially this toxin is only harmful at high levels and what is needed to treat the muscles in the face is so small that it poses little to no toxic risk. At Edmonton dermatology we are just as concerned about your safety as you are. We do all of our procedures with one thing in mind; for the health and beauty of your skin. When you are visiting our clinic you will see that our sterile, clean, calm and professional environment shows how seriously we take every precaution to keep you safe and happy when you come in to have a procedure done.
Please call our clinic to book a complimentary consultation with our expert nurse injectors and we will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have around having Botox Edmonton or any procedure done. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in choosing our clinic to help you with your anti aging concerns. We cannot wait to meet you and help you love the skin you’re in.