Botox Edmonton | Breaking Common Botox Myths

At Edmonton dermatology we’ve heard many common misbeliefs about Botox Edmonton. We want to help dispel some of that misinformation by sharing in this article some of the more common myths we have heard our clients say and in the public in general. When you come in for your complimentary consultation we like to share this information with you right off the bat so that you understand what to expect when you receive Botox. We would like you to have all the information before you make your decision.
Botox Edmonton
One thing we hear people say is that Botox accumulates in the body. This is not true. We wish this was true. If it were so we would not need to continuously re-administer Botox Edmonton into your muscles. Botox does not accumulate in the body. There are pros and cons to this that we will share next. The good thing about Botox not accumulating in the body and staying there is that if you are not happy with the results that Botox gave or maybe you’re just not happy having it anymore then rest assured eventually the Botox will metabolize and leave your body.
A con to this is that if you do like the effect that Botox has had on your smile and your facial expression, unfortunately one day in the next few months you will no longer have that effect. The Botox will eventually leave your system and leave you with your original state of skin.

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Botox Edmonton is a temporary solution to a long term antiaging issue. In the beginning Botox incrementally makes everything tighter and smoother as it begins to kick in more and more. But that being said it is still a temporary solution to an everlasting issue, wrinkles and creases in the skin. The great thing is that we are always here at Edmonton dermatology to get you right back in for another treatment so that you can again receive the look that you want.
You will find over the weeks that the effects that the Botox Edmonton provided will eventually decrease. Week by week you will see an incremental decrease in the results. One thing to keep in mind is exercise can cause your body to metabolize Botox faster. The more that you are active with your exercise the faster your body metabolizes. What this means is that the Botox will eventually leave your body faster. You may find that you need to visit Edmonton dermatology more often than if you were not exercising as much. Many of our clients adjust their schedules accordingly so that they always have the look that they love. Of course everyone’s body metabolizes at different rates so that is something else to also keep in mind.
At Edmonton dermatology we want you to be happy with the results that you get when you receive Botox from us. We will be sure to answer any of your questions and concerns in the consultation helping you to make a good decision on whether Botox is right for you.

Botox Edmonton | Emotionless Botox

Edmonton dermatology is a perfect place to receive your Edmonton Botox. We take great care in providing you with the best solutions to your antiaging skincare needs. Everything we do is for the health and beauty of your skin. Our expert nurse injectors and doctors are very careful and meticulous in how they perform all of the procedures we offer. They also are concerned that you, the client, feels comfortable while you are having the procedure. Botox is no exception.
Typically when people think of Botox they think about a frozen four head or frozen expression on a person’s face. This is not actually the case. The results that you will get when you come in for Botox Edmonton in Edmonton dermatology’s clinic is much more sophisticated than that. Of course you can have Botox administered that gives you that frozen look if that is what you desire. If that is not something you want then that is what we discussed in our consultation with you before we even administer the Botox. Every decision is in your hands for the health and beauty of your skin.
Some clients love to keep more emotion and a few expression lines in their look. This is easily achieved with our expert nurse injectors and doctors. We are sure to give you the right dosage for your specific individual needs. There is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to administering Botox Edmonton. This is why when you come in for your consultation we go over all your concerns and your needs and we even take pictures of your skin before we start.

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We mark everything on the skin first and review with you before we even pull out a syringe. We also share with you how much Botox we will put in your skin and where it will go and what that will look like for you.
Gone are the days of being worried about having a frozen look unless that is something you want to have. You will still have a motion. People will still be able to see your happiness, your anger or sadness or whatever it is you want to show on your face. We tailor Botox Edmonton to your needs and we are able to preserve some of the muscle movement on your face. You will still be able to give the eyebrow look to the kids if you need to. But on the other hand let’s say you want to mask some of the things that you might be thinking that can be taken care of as well and we can administer the Botox so that you do have less expression coming through.
Come into Edmonton dermatology’s clinic and we will discuss all of the concerns you may have as well as an action plan of how to address those concerns using Botox Edmonton. Our expert nurse injectors will patiently sit down with you and share their knowledge as well as answer any questions and concerns you may have. Book your complimentary consultation today at Evanston dermatology.