Botox Edmonton | Don’t Do This After Botox

When it comes to skincare and antiaging Edmonton dermatology is one of the best places to have any procedure such as Botox Edmonton done. We take great pride in doing everything for the health and beauty of your skin. Our professionalism shines through in every part of our clinic including our expert nurse injectors and doctors. We are trained on a continuous basis and are always gathering more experience as we go. We are very proud of that fact.
Botox Edmonton
Any procedure that we perform is done with the utmost care and professionalism. Botox Edmonton is included in the list of services that we provide. We are very sure that you will be satisfied and happy that you came to us at Edmonton dermatology for antiaging skincare needs. Not only do we sit down with you and share a lot of information. We also answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You will feel comfortable and calm when you have this procedure done. Once you have had this procedure done we will be sure to share with you any follow-up instructions and directions you need to know about. We want you to know how to care for your face after any procedure is done.
As we have mentioned previously when you have Botox injected into a muscle it is in a very small quantity. This poses no risk when it comes to being toxic in your skin. The effects that the Botox Edmonton has on your muscle is to paralyze it so that it stops increasing the skin and therefore causing wrinkles.

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Once you’ve had your procedure done we want to be sure you understand how to keep your Botox in place so that it doesn’t move where it shouldn’t be. Before you leave we will always share with you some of the things you shouldn’t do after this procedure is done. One of the main things you will want to be sure not to do is to have your head too low to the ground. This would include things like downward dog in yoga as well as laying on a bed or a couch to rest. The gravitational force can cause the Botox to migrate from the original place that it was injected. This essentially could cause drooping eyelids which is a look that none of us want.
Something further to mention is that we suggest you do not sleep with your face down for the first couple of days after you’ve had the Botox Edmonton procedure done. Again this can cause the Botox to move and not be in the right position to have the right effect. Edmonton dermatology wants you to feel like you look your best and that should be reflected in the mirror. If you adhere to all of these suggestions we make you will have a total facial rejuvenation that looks the way you wanted to look. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or us to repeat the directions if you’re unsure.

Botox Edmonton | What Happens After Botox

At Edmonton dermatology we want to do everything for the health and beauty of your skin including Botox Edmonton. When you come into our clinic you will see professionalism all around. Our front desk administrator will greet you kindly and help you. To get settled filling out any paperwork that we need from you before any procedure is done. Once that is completed you will be met by a professional nurse injector. Who will help you to understand what procedure you are having and how it works. One of the first steps after the court your questions are answered so long as you choose to have the procedure done is to have your before pictures taken. This is simple and quick but really helps us to have great before pictures. This also helps us to see clearly what is happening with your skin.
When it comes to Botox Edmonton you want to make sure you know all the things you need to know before you leave the clinic. You have finally decided to come in and have this procedure done so that you feel more comfortable in your skin. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied in the next few days and weeks as well. We are the ones to place the syringe in your skin and put the Botox exactly where it’s needed. But you are the one who needs to know how to take care of your skin. So that Botox Edmonton does not move to the wrong place.

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The reason that we are very careful about explaining this to you. Is that if the Botox moves it could cause the wrong muscles to not be able to do their job. Essentially this could look like droopy eyelids and we do not want that look for you or anybody.
Once you leave the clinic you will probably be tempted to touch the spots where you have read marks and we really want to suggest you refrain from doing that. What can happen is the Botox Edmonton underneath the skin. That’s in the muscle can be manipulated and it could migrate away from the original site we placed it. This again can cause drooping eyelids or brows. We have also suggested you do not lay down for the first four hours or sleep on your face for the next couple of days. This is again for the same reason we do not want the Botox moving from those muscles. But what if you have some bruising?
Having some bruising after the Botox treatment is not necessarily a bad thing. It happens depending on some factors before you even come into the clinic. If you have alcohol, pain relievers, or blood thinners 24 hours before the treatment. This can actually affect the blood platelets and the clotting effect that your blood is able to do. So you might see some bleeding or some bruising due to this. This of course is not life-threatening but it’s just something to keep in mind.