Botox Edmonton | Is Botox Right for You?

What do you think of when you think of Botox Edmonton? Do you think of going to the best dermatologist in Edmonton? You would be right if you looked at going to Edmonton dermatology. They have amazing nurse injectors who help you. Decide how much Botox you want and how much you need for the look that you want. Have you always thought Botox looks frozen? That is how it has been seen in the past. However at Edmonton dermatology where you can get Botox Edmonton, you do not need to worry. They will take every concern and consideration in mind when helping you decide how much Botox you should have.
Botox Edmonton
You can have the frozen look. But maybe you want a softer, subtler look. They can do that. Whatever you decide for your Botox Edmonton treatment it will be the right to treatment for you. So if looking frozen is something that has held you back from changing just a little bit of your appearance you do not need to worry about that. If you are wanting to achieve a more conservative look that is very easy to achieve. You can also enjoy that type of treatment without looking like you had Botox.
At Edmonton dermatology the nurse injector will be very specific in administering exactly as much as you need for your individual preferences. Some people like to have that frozen look but a lot of us just want a subtler softer look on her forehead. Sometimes you might want to be able to still give your kids the I to get them to stop doing whatever it is they shouldn’t be doing. Our nurse injector can give you exactly what you need to still have a little bit of control over the muscles on your forehead.

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Whatever you choose you don’t need to worry because having Botox Edmonton is safe and effective for whatever the look you are going for is. Botox is a pure protein that is injected into the muscle causing the muscle to relax and stop responding to messages that cause it to move. Essentially Botox stops the muscle from increasing and therefore causing a wrinkle.
At Edmonton dermatology we would be more than happy to have a one on one consultation with you to answer any questions you have and to discuss a course of treatment for you. Of course this plan is tailored to your needs and exactly what you want to achieve with Botox. We can help you achieve the look that you desire. When you smile in the mirror what you will see first is your smile and not the lines caused by the muscles.
Please call Edmonton dermatology today to book your complimentary consultation and we would be more than happy to explain Botox and how it can help you. We will share what it does, where we will inject it, what to expect. When you have it and after you have it, how long it will last, and what the cost will be.

Botox Edmonton | Botox Isn’t A Negative Thing

When it comes to getting Botox Edmonton, we hope that you will think of Edmonton dermatology first. It is interesting to note that the first uses of Botox were not for aesthetic reasons. Believe it or not the one of the highest users of Botox in Canada is the BC Children’s Hospital. Botox was used initially for helping the sick children who could not move their muscles to even walk or do things for themselves. It was injected into their muscles which allowed them to move and be children again.
From inception Botox was actually a medication. Children would go into the hospital unable to move and use their muscles then they would be given Botox. And come out of the hospital able to move, walk, run and all the things that children do because of the Botox.
This medication, Botox, was administered as a medication for muscles to help them change the messaging and actually to block the messaging that the muscles were giving and receiving. It is Healthcareless just a word now Canada and FDA approved. It’s a safe purified protein that is injected right into the muscle. By relaxing the muscle group it also stopped the skin from moving around the muscle as well. And this is where Botox Edmonton for our face came in. When injected into the four head location it stops and relaxes the muscles so that they stop increasing the skin. The muscle is not able to receive messages.

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If you have felt negative feelings around Botox, you can be assured that it was actually used for good purposes from its inception. Once they discovered how Botox could be used as a medication for muscles in children. It allowed them to study and research more to see how many other uses they could find for Botox. The use of this same medication could be applied to different muscles in the body. This is how it evolved and the use of Botox was applied to the four head to soften the lines that showed up from the muscles creasing the skin. Botox Edmonton can give you a soft, conservative look on your forehead.
At Edmonton dermatology you can get your Botox Edmonton by booking an appointment. With our nurse injector who will give you all the information you need. You will find out how much Botox is needed, how long it will last, any side effects it might cause. If there will be any pain, how soon you will see results, and how much it will cost.
Our experts will go over every detail with you to help you make an informed decision. That is right for you and the look that you want to achieve. Please call our office and book a complimentary consultation. We will be very delighted to give you all the information you need to make the right choice. Maybe Botox is the answer that you’ve been looking for to achieve that soft beautiful smile.