Botox Edmonton | More Botox Woes

When you come into Edmonton dermatology to have your Botox Edmonton treatment you will be met with a warm, inviting and friendly place. We pride ourselves on being welcoming as well as professional. Everything we do is done for the health and beauty of your skin. When you come and be sure you have all of your medical information so that we can have all the information that we need to suit your needs. We want to be sure we have everything up to date and that all of the information is correct. Once that is all cleared up you will be able to sit down with our expert nurse injector who will give you all the information you need about the procedure that you are looking at having done.
Botox Edmonton
When it comes to having Botox Edmonton done we want to make sure you know what is appropriate and what is not. As we’ve discussed before some things you should look at are the reputation of the clinic that you are visiting and having the procedure done at. The doctors and nurse injectors should be professional in nature and experienced. They should have answers to all of the questions and concerns you might have surrounding Botox. At Edmonton dermatology you will find that we are continuously training and learning new and more effective methods to how we provide our treatments. We want you to have a safe experience when you have any skincare treatment. We think it’s important to mention some red flags when it comes to having skincare treatments such as Botox.

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Some of the things that you don’t want to influence or be a part of your Botox Edmonton treatment are things like the environment a “Botox party” provides. Maybe you have never heard of these parties but essentially they are gatherings of a small group of people that come together for fun as well as having Botox injections. This poses some risk that we want to make sure you are aware of if you have ever seen this trend. The first thing you should know is that to have safe and effective treatment you would want a sterile environment, ample lighting, and positioning. When you don’t have these things in place that is when complications can arise.
Of course a sterile environment makes sense if you don’t want any danger of infection happening. Lighting also is important because when you can’t see well that’s when complications can arise if needles are not placed properly or in the right place. The last thing mentioned above is proper patient positioning. What does this mean? This means that the patient is to be in a laying down position with the head elevated high enough that it is easy to see where needles should be placed but also so that the Botox does not go into the wrong muscles.
These are the things that Edmonton dermatology takes very seriously when they do any procedure and especially when it comes to Botox Edmonton. We want you leaving our clinic satisfied and confident that you have been taking care of in the most professional way.

Botox Edmonton | Please Don’t Do This With Your Botox

Edmonton dermatology is very professional in how they approach every procedure including Botox Edmonton. We have a clean, sterile environment that suits the needs of every client that comes in. You will notice this from the moment you step in our door. You will be greeted by a friendly face who will gather your information. From there after the information is processed you will meet with an expert nurse injector or Dr. to discuss your overall needs when it comes to your skin.
Any procedure such as Botox Edmonton is taken very seriously with every precaution met. Once you’ve had the Botox administered into your muscles of the places on your face that you’ve chosen. That we talked about in our consultation. We will share with you some things that you want to keep in mind for after the treatment. We want you to have the best experience and the best results. This is why we will share with you a list of things you need to be careful with so that your Botox gives you the best look possible.
When you leave the clinic you’ll probably see tiny pin prick marks where the needles were injected into your skin. These marks will go away and if there was any bleeding that will also go away. The holes will close up as well. However you might be tempted to touch or massage those spots just because of human nature. Please refrain from touching or manipulating those sites. As it can cause the Botox to move into other parts of the muscle.

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Even though this area is small and it is a small quantity of Botox Edmonton. It can change the effect that the Botox has on the look of your face. Some people actually see their eyelids or their brows droop; that is not a look we are going for. Also remember it takes 3 to 4 months for that to wear off. We do not want you to be unhappy with what you see in the mirror. After you had your Botox Edmonton treatment.
Also when leaving the clinic you may be tempted to reapply your makeup in the areas that were injected. We also strongly suggest you wait until the holes close up. So that you are not introducing any foreign materials into the surface of your skin. In addition to that we would not want you to be manipulating those areas. And moving the Botox to where it shouldn’t be.
At Edmonton dermatology we know that our clients come to us because they trust the products. Procedures and expertise that we bring to them for their skincare and antiaging needs. This is why we are very clear on instructing our clients. On what to do after they have had a procedure with us. We want you satisfied with the results that you get. We also want you coming back to us again for your next skincare and antiaging need.