Dermatologist Edmonton | How Can The CO2 Laser Eliminate Scars?

There are many reasons why someone might have scars on their faced says dermatologist Edmonton. It could be from cystic acne, from a surgery that they may have had, or even an accident. Regardless of the reason, many people have been looking for a solution that can help eliminate deep scars effectively.
Those who have been searching, should understand that the CO2 laser can be an effective way that they can not only eliminate scars on their face, but also take their skin and improve the tone of their face. However, they need to understand what is involved in this procedure, so that they can find out if their good candidate.
One of the first things that people should understand, is that this procedure uses a laser that is going to be ablative. This means it is going to actually cause microscopic cuts into the skin. Help works says dermatologist Edmonton is by burning microscopic holes with the laser into the second layer of the skin called the dermis.
What this is going to do, is actually cause the skin in the face to start to lose its collagen. When a person’s body realizes that so much collagen is being lost, is kick starts the collagen production. The influx of collagen to the area is going to help tighten the skin.
The reason why, is because collagen is responsible for skins elasticity, and is important in the health of people’s skin. Therefore, this part of the procedure is going to be responsible for helping keep the skin tight and smooth and tone in appearance.
The second thing that this procedure does is it actually uses heat to the vaporizes they top layer of skin, called the epidermis. This is the part of the procedure that is going to help eliminate scars, as the skin dies and peels away, the scar tissue is left off with it.
The new skin that grows underneath will be new, and will have no trace of the scar. Therefore, people who get this procedure done can expect when they are healed up, to have a more younger looking face, and the scars greatly reduce to.
In order to get this procedure done, people may find that it is a bit uncomfortable. Because of this, dermatologist Edmonton says that the appointments are scheduled for two hours long. The first half-hour is to put the numbing cream on and wait until it starts working.
While some people may not be uncomfortable during this, or even describe the feeling like a rubber band snapping, other people might find that it is very difficult to get through. In order to minimize people’s discomfort, they will get a cooling found that they can control and aim at any part of the face that needs additional soothing.
That is also the reason why the appointments are two hours long, so that those who have a low tolerance can take lots of breaks so that they can be as comfortable as possible.
Once they are done healing from the procedure, which will take about two weeks, people can simply get back to their regular routine ensuring that they are using a good quality sunscreen and following the skin care routine given to them by dermatologist Edmonton. As long as they take care of their face, these results can last for a very long time.

dermatologist Edmonton | How Does Laser Treatment Eliminate Scars?

People who are living with scar tissue on their face may lack confidence, or be embarrassed by not being able to cover up the scars says dermatologist Edmonton.
However, there is hope for people who are living with facial scars that a CO2 laser can virtually eliminate scars in many cases. While this procedure may be invasive to some, those who are living with scars on their face may simply be relieved to know that there is an option out there that can help them eliminate this unwanted look.
One of the first things that people should keep in mind, is that while it can be an invasive procedure, many people opt to take about two weeks off work. While the healing is not all that bad, some people may not want to see others will their base is healing, especially as it may look and swollen.
Others may want to keep the fact that they are getting this procedure done a secret, and so it might be important to avoid going out.
In addition to that, it is very important that people avoid sun exposure during this important healing time. They best way to avoid sun exposure is to simply avoid going out to the sun.
Because of that, there choose to get this procedure done in fall or winter because of the shorter hours of daylight, as well as the tendency to want to stay inside where it is warm.
The two weeks of healing can be expected to go like this says dermatologist Edmonton: as they leave the end, their base might be pleading slightly and crusty. Up-to-date three can be swelling of the face, which might be very fair to look at.
As the cresting on their face starts to fall off, the swelling will go down, and people may report having a greasy feel to their face for about a week. After week, their top layer of skin, they epidermis is going to start sloughing off, healing the scar tissue along with it, leaving shiny pink skin underneath.
This skin is new, and very fragile so should ensure that they are utilizing sunscreen when their skin is new to avoid further sun damage.
After they heal from this procedure, people should still be avoiding direct contact with the sun whenever possible, using a good quality sunscreen.
If people go into the sun too quickly, or do not you sunscreen they may find that brown spots start to develop, so using good protection is very important. Once they have completely healed, people can enjoy all of the regular activities that they will instead, but with the increased confidence of a scar free face. Helping people feel as beautiful as possible is one goal of dermatologist Edmonton.