Dermatologist Edmonton | How Effective Is The CO2 Laser Treatment ?

One thing that people should keep in mind, is that not all laser treatments are the same as each other says dermatologist Edmonton. They are not designed to be the same, and they all have different capabilities and ways that they work. However, the CO2 laser is an extremely effective laser, that eliminates fine lines, deep lines, scarring and even discolouration for patients.
However, people need to be aware of how this laser works, and what the treatment is like in order to decide if this is a treatment option that would deal with their issues, and be something that they are interested in going ahead with.
The first thing that people need to keep in mind, is that the CO2 laser is considered what is called an ablative laser. Dermatologist Edmonton says that ablative means that it actually cuts the skin. This is different than a lot of other lasers that do not actually cut the skin. Help works, is by drilling microscopic lasers into the second layer of skin called the dermis.
There are three layers of skin that people have, the epidermis being the outermost layer, the dermis being the middle layer, and finally that size being the third layer.
By drilling lasers directly into the second layer of skin, causes a person to lose a significant amount of collagen. What happens when a person loses collagen’s was dermatologist Edmonton is that the body works hard to produce more. Not only does it produce more, but it produces even more collagen then was therefore. More collagen the skin works to give the skin in the face more youthful appearance, smoother younger and fresher.
Also, because the CO2 is a laser, the heat from the lasers to a secondary job, by heating up the face, it actually vaporizes the top layer of skin called the epidermis. What this does, is that peels away the skin, peeling away the scar tissue along with it. This can eliminate fine and deep lines, removes scars, as well as gets rid of any discolouration caused by sun damage. Because it eliminates the top layer of skin, as new skin grows in, that brand-new skin is younger, giving younger look to the face. In addition to a younger skin, the increased collagen helps that look, giving people a youthful look.
What people need to keep in mind however, is the ablative laser can actually be uncomfortable, because not only is it using heat, but the laser also burns microscopic holes into the skin. This option right not be something that everyone wants to go through, but dermatologist Edmonton says for those who are interested in this procedure, they should know that they work to ensure everyone is as comfortable as they possibly can be during this process.
Understanding how the CO2 laser works is part of understanding if this is something that people would like to get done, and if they are interested in this procedure, they should contact dermatologist Edmonton to get a consultation so that they can get even more information, and see if their face is a good candidate for this procedure.

Dermatologist Edmonton | How Effective Is CO2 Laser Treatment ?

People who are looking for a one step process to younger looking skin should look no farther than the CO2 laser says dermatologist Edmonton. The reason why, is because is an extremely effective procedure that can help people not only eliminates scarring and lines on their face, but to get a more youthful appearance in just a single treatment. In fact, not only as a single treatment effective, but people are advised against getting this procedure done on a regular basis, therefore it is extremely effective in the first appointment.
The CO2 laser is an ablative laser means it actually cuts the skin. Need to understand that not all laser treatments cut the skin. Therefore, it might be a bit more uncomfortable than any other laser treatments that they have experience with. Because of that, dermatologist Edmonton ensures that they apply a numbing cream, and wait for that numbing cream to take effect before they start procedure. In addition to that, they gave each patient a cooling fan that they control, so that they can pointed in any part of their face that is uncomfortable or hot.
Procedure is scheduled for two hours, the people within a high tolerance can get through it and 35 to 45 minutes of people while others that have a lower tolerance will proceed at the pace that they are comfortable with. That is why the appointment is two hours, dermatologist Edmonton is not going to try to push anyone through procedure that they are not comfortable with.
In addition to understanding how long the treatment will take, and how uncomfortable it might be, people should expect to weeks of healing time after the procedure is done. This is quite a large commitment, because not only does two weeks of healing mean people should avoid sun exposure and will have a red face, but the ablative laser has actually cut holes into the skin, leaving the face painful, swollen, and needing to grow new skin.
It is true that people need to avoid the sun, but they also need to keep it clean, and ensure that they are taking antibiotics to guard against infections. In addition to that, the swollen, redness and crispiness of the face might startle other people, or to put people off that they are getting procedure done that they might not want other people to know.
Once the procedure is done and they are healed, dermatologist Edmonton says it is very important for people to ensure that there following the aftercare instructions and following the skincare routine that they have recommended. It is important that they do this, because as the procedure can only be done once, people need to take care of their skin, so that the results can last as long as possible.