Dermatologist Edmonton | Learning More About What A CO2 Laser Can Do

With all the advancements in anti aging, dermatologist Edmonton says the CO2 laser can help people eliminate signs of aging, as well as scars. This can be extremely important in helping people feel confident about their look, so that they can enjoy the lifestyle that they want. However, they should understand what is involved in getting a CO2 laser treatment done, and then arrange a consultation in order to determine if this is the best treatment option for them.
A CO2 laser is considered an ablative laser, which is the term used for lasers that actually cut the skin. While many lasers they use light and heat to work, this laser actually drills microscopic holes into the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin.
The reason why, is to get the skin to start losing its collagen. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity, and when the body starts losing it significantly, the body responds by increasing collagen production. The influx of collagen to the area help to increase the skins elasticity, making the skin tight and toned.
The second thing that this does, is the heat coming off of the laser actually vaporizes the skin on the top layer. This is called the epidermis, and as this skin dies and feels way, it also peels away all of the signs of aging. This means deep flaws like wrinkles and lines, discoloration like age spots all disappear with the skin.
The new skin that goes underneath, well ahead of any of the same signs of aging, as its brand-new skin. Therefore, when people are done healing from the procedure, dermatologist Edmonton says that they should expect to have a tighter, toner face that has greatly reduced signs of aging.
One of the best things about this procedure, is that it only takes one treatment in order to get the desired results. Therefore, even though it can be a bit more of an invasive procedure, people only have to go through once, and then enjoy the improved confidence of a toner face.
It is also very important to note that as long as patients are following the care instructions from dermatologist Edmonton, which means a good skin care routine and a good quality sun screen is used, the results can last for a very long time.
Not only should people ensure that their taking care of their skin after the procedure, but it is going to be very important that they avoid direct sun exposure as often as possible, and if they are not careful, they can start to reverse the treatment, or start getting sunspots because their skin is so new.
Therefore, it is very important for people to ensure that they are strictly following the instructions that they are given.
For people who are interested in long-lasting results, can contact dermatologist Edmonton to find out more information about the CO2 laser, and if they are a good candidate. Whether they have signs of aging they want to erase, if they want to tighten sagging skin, or eliminate unsightly scars this can be a great procedure for people looking to achieve those results.

Dermatologist Edmonton | Learning What The CO2 Laser Can Help With

People may be embarrassed to admit that they want to eliminate signs of aging says dermatologist Edmonton. However, people should not feel this way, because it is one of the most sought after treatments out there.
And in order to help people achieve that, there is the CO2 laser. This is also known as a laser resurfacing tool, that uses ablation to achieve its results. By affecting the top to layer of skin the epidermis and dermis, people are getting tighter skin, and virtually erasing signs of aging and scars.
However, people should keep in mind that because it is a bit more of an invasive procedure, there appointment might be a bit longer, or be a bit more uncomfortable. Dermatologist Edmonton says that some people report the feeling being similar to that of a rubber band snapping, and some people have an extremely low tolerance for the procedure.
The comfort of the patients is of paramount importance, therefore they do everything that they can to ensure the clients are as pain-free as possible. This includes using a numbing cream, and supplying a cooling fan that the client controls in order to pointed at the area that needs soothing the most.
After the procedure, people can expect about two weeks of healing time, at which point they may decide to take the time off of work, not only so that they can heal as effectively as possible, but so that they can also avoid this.
Avoiding the sun is very important during this procedure, because sun on the new skin can cause damage. Because of this, many people opted to get this procedure ten the wintertime, when the daylight is at its shortest, and people often want to stay inside where it is warm.
The first few days after the treatment, dermatologist Edmonton says people should expect to have some crust on the face, from the minor bleeding that they might have. In a few days, they should start to see some swelling of the face, and then the crust will start to fall off.
At this point, they will notice that there skin may be shiny or greasy. In about a week, people should see that there skin starts to slip away, and with it, comes the scar tissue, the wrinkles and all signs of aging. The new skin that is poking out underneath is going to be think is going to be extremely fragile.
People should ensure that they still avoid the sun, and when they are completely healed, they use a good quality sunscreen every time they go out into the sun.
When people are completely healed from this, as long as they are following the dermatologist Edmonton recommended skin care routine, they can ensure that they are enjoying the results of this procedure for a long time to come.
If people are looking for one procedure that is effective in ensuring that there eliminating signs of aging in a single treatment, people should consider the CO2 laser. Help people look and feel confident is an important part of what they do.