Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Achieving Permanent Hair Removal

Many people get sick and tired of shaving and waxing, which is why they seek out laser hair removal in Edmonton. One place where they can talk about all of their various options is Edmonton dermatology.

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Not only is their initial consultation absolutely free. They will hear about all of the hair removal options they have. Especially which ones are permanent, so that people do not have to wax or shave any longer.
They will likely hear about a treatment called intense pulse light treatment. Which is a laser treatment. That targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles. When the laser finds the pigmentation.
It literally explodes the cells. Which are then pushed out by the body. Because those cells are no longer useful. While the first treatment is not permanent. Repeated treatments will result in permanent hair removal.
However, patients should keep several things in mind. Before they undergo this laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Not everybody is a perfect candidate for this treatment.
While a large percentage of people can undergo laser hair removal in Edmonton. People that have certain skin conditions, or are on medications. Are not good candidates.
For example, people that are on antibiotics, or taking the medication Accutane. Are going to have bad reactions. When they undergo any laser treatments. Therefore, not only can they not be taking the medication.
But dermatologists recommend that they stop taking it for six months. Before getting any laser treatments. However, people with medical conditions may not be good candidates either.

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For example, people that have the skin condition called melasma. Are not recommended to get laser hair removal. Because melasma is made worse by heat.
And since lasers are intense, concentrated light. Light is hot. Which means undergoing a laser treatment. Will only make a person’s melasma worse. Often, women develop melasma during pregnancy.
But also, pregnant women should not undergo laser hair removal either. Even though the pregnancy hormones. Often make them grow hair in bizarre, and embarrassing places.
Drs. and dermatologists recommend women giving birth. Before undergoing any laser treatments. As well, the intense pulse light treatment. Is best used on people with lighter skin tones, and darker hair.
Since the laser actually targets pigmentation in the hair follicle. People with darker skin tones. Risk having the laser affect the pigmentation in their skin. Which permanently damages the skin.
Therefore, to avoid injury, and permanent damage. The dermatologists use what is called a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine who has the best skin tone for this procedure.
After that, the dermatologist will take into consideration the colour of hair. The darker the hair is, the more effective the treatment. Which means people with blond, or light brown hair.
May need several more treatments. In order to get permanent results. But at least the hair is lighter, and is therefore less noticeable. However, that is not always reassuring to people who have unwanted and unsightly hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Attaining Permanent Hair Removal

Trying to get rid of hair every day, or every other day can be time-consuming, which is why many people look for laser hair removal in Edmonton. It can take away this daily chore. And in only a few treatments, can eliminate the need for people to shave or wax.
However, even before patients set up a free consultation with Edmonton dermatology. They have many different questions they want to ask about this treatment. To see if they truly are interested.
Many people want to know if laser hair removal in Edmonton is painful. And while each person has their own pain threshold. Many people think that it is far less painful than waxing.
While waxing is significantly painful. Especially depending on what part of the body that is getting waxed. Dermatologists say the same applies to laser hair removal in Edmonton. And unlike waxing.
People that undergo laser hair treatments. Will only have the laser flash for a second. And the dermatologist will go at the speed. That is most comfortable to the patient.
Unlike waxing, that tears off a large percentage of hair. In one motion. Laser hair removal is just one blast of the laser. As often as the patient can handle. People often compare the sensation.
Two getting flicked by a rubber band. And depending on the area of the body that they are treating, that rubber band can feel like not a big deal. Or more sensitive, such as in their bikinis own.

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If people are concerned about the sensation. They can always talk to their dermatologist prior to their laser hair removal appointment. And the doctor can arrange for numbing gel, or cooling cream be applied prior to the treatment.
Which will help dull the sensations, and make the procedure more comfortable. However, the laser wand that is used. Also has a sapphire crystal embedded in the head.
Which serves as a way to cool the skin immediately before the laser. And then immediately after the laser. So that people can be as comfortable as possible during this procedure.
As well, as subsequent treatments happen. There will be fewer and fewer hair follicles in the area. Which also can cause the laser to not feel nearly as bad.
Any people often wonder how much healing time is needed. But to Edmonton dermatologist says that since it is a non-ablative laser. This means it does not cut the skin.
Healing time can be extremely fast. With most people no longer feeling sensitive. And no longer having red skin after about twenty-four hours. And because it is non-ablative.
People that do and up with a red complexion. Can you get their dermatologist to use makeup to cover it up immediately. So that they can go right back to work, or out for a night on the town.
Without anyone being the wiser that they have the procedure done. If people want more information about this procedure. They can call Edmonton dermatology for a free consultation.