Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Achieving The Best Results

People who say that they did not get great results from their laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment. Also admit that they did not follow their dermatologists instructions.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
And that is most likely the reason why they did not get great results. That being said, it is very important for people who are interested. In getting more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton.
Set up a consultation with Edmonton dermatology. In order to find more out about the procedure. Whether they are good candidate or not. And most importantly, what they can do. To get the best results.
One of the first things that their dermatologist will discuss with them at this free consultation. Is if they are a good candidate. Because people with some medical conditions. Or who are on certain medications.
Should not get laser treatments at all. Their skin might be too sensitive. Or easily damaged due to this medication or condition. However, after they rule that out. The dermatologist will likely talk to the client.
About what areas they would like to get treated. And what they should expect from the experience. Both men and women are going in for laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments equally.
Whether they have hair that they consider embarrassing. Or hair that is simply irritating, causing chafing. Or being itchy against their clothing is a good example of one reason.

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The dermatologist will be able to look at the thickness, and darkness of their hair. In order to prepare them. For approximately how many treatments there going to need. In order to achieve permanent results.
But also, the location of where the hair is. That they are trying to get rid of, will play an important role. On how many treatments they will need. In order to get permanent results.
The reason why, is because how vascular the area is. Means, blood flow there will be to that part of the body. The more blood flow, the more stubborn the hair is at being eliminated permanently.
Therefore, the legs, with their extensive vascular system. With their veins, arteries and blood vessels. Are very stubborn to get rid of hair. As well as the bikini zone. Patients need to understand.
That it may take 6 to 8 treatments. In order to get rid of the hair in this area permanently. However, when faced with a lifetime of shaving every other day. Or waxing once a month. This may seem like no big deal to most.
However, in areas of the body. That have much less blood flow. Such as the underarms, people can be primly hair free in his view is three or four treatments. By knowing what to expect, can help people get the results they desire.
When patients are ready to find out more information about laser hair removal in Edmonton. And if they are good candidate. They should call Edmonton dermatology today. Not only can they arrange a consultation, but consultations are also completely free.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | How To Achieve The Best Results

Regardless of the reason why people want laser hair removal in Edmonton. They need to follow their dermatologists instructions. In order to get the best results possible.
Many people have said that they did not get great results. From their treatment, however they also admit. That they did not follow the directions as well as they should.
And that is the reason why they did not get great results. In order to understand why people must prepare properly. The first need to understand exactly how laser hair removal in Edmonton treatments work.
The intense pulse light, that is used to get rid of unwanted hair. Actually targets pigmentation in the dermis. Which is the second layer of skin. This is where hair follicles start to grow.
Therefore, when the light of the laser is pulsed. Any hair follicles that have dark pigment, will be affected. Where the laser, will then explode any cells that it finds immediately.
In order for this laser treatment to be effective. Patients need to have as many hair follicles in the area as possible. If people have been waxing, or plucking their hair. What this has been doing.
Is pulling the hair out of their skin. Directly by their route. Which means there are no hair follicles in the area. To be hit by the laser and exploded. Therefore, people who are waxing or plucking their hair.

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Are not going to get very good results. Which is why Edmonton dermatology recommends. Patients stop waxing, and plucking for a minimum of two weeks before their first laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment.
However, if patients do not stop waxing or plucking. They are going to negatively impact how well the treatment works. And may end up feeling disappointed. That they did not get the permanent results that they desire.
While Edmonton dermatology recommends patients stop waxing and plucking. For a minimum of two weeks. The longer patients can go without waxing or plucking. Before their first laser hair removal treatment.
The more likely, the more hair follicles will be present. That will help people get the best results possible. Because they will have more hair follicles affected by the laser at that time.
The next thing that Edmonton dermatologist will recommend for the patients. Will be to shave the treatment area. Twenty-four hours in advance of their first treatment.
The reason why, is because they hair that is attached to the hair follicles. Will be burned up by the laser. If it is long, and poking up out of the skin. It can cause more discomfort during the treatment.
However, if patients shave closer to the appointment. Then twenty-four hours. What could happen, is they could end up with razor burn. Or shaving bumps. That could be painful when hit with the light pulse from the laser.
The reason why there is an initial consultation. Before any laser hair removal in Edmonton treatment. Is to help each patient prepare properly. In order to get the best and permanent results.