Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | An Alternative To Waxing

When people are tired of shaving, they often turn to waxing, however laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is quickly becoming the way. Many people are getting rid of unwanted, unsightly and embarrassing hair.
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While waxing helps people stay here free longer than shaving. It is expensive to get done in the salon. And is quite painful. As well, studies are showing a correlation between waxing and early onset of wrinkles.
This is because the wax not only pulls the hair. It pulls the skin, which destroys the elasticity. And while it may help people stay carefree longer. The onset of wrinkles, and pain. As well as the cost make this very prohibitive.
While people have heard, that waxing consistently. Can help make their hair lighter and thinner. It is not a permanent solution, requiring people to utilize this method every 2 to 4 weeks. In order to remain carefree.
Laser hair removal in Edmonton on the other hand. Is a permanent solution, with enough sessions. The reason why more than one treatment is necessary. Is because the body will try to regrow the hair that is being destroyed.
However, if enough laser sessions are used. The body will eventually give up. Not wanting to spend time, or resources regrowing hair that just gets destroyed soon after. Since the body gains nutrients from blood flow.
Areas of the body that have a large vascular system. Tend to be the more stubborn to get rid of hair. Requiring anywhere between 6 to 8 sessions. In order to permanently get rid of 95% of the hair.
And while that may seem like a lot of sessions to undergo. People should keep in mind that these sessions will be spaced out. Every time they go in for a laser hair removal and Edmonton treatment.

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It will take several weeks for the hair to regrow. And after the next session. It will take the body even longer. So the seventh or eighth session, might be several months or even a year apart.
Therefore, the eight sessions that might be needed. To permanently remove hair. Might seem like no big deal, to someone who will have visited a salon for waxing session, a dozen times in the same period of time.
In fact, the prospect of buying razors and shaving cream. Or paying for waxing sessions for the rest of their life. Might help them see 6 to 8 sessions, as inconsequential. To never have to worry about hair removal ever again.
When people want to find more information about this procedure. Whether they are a good candidate or not. And what they can do. To ensure they get the best results from the procedure.
They can contact Edmonton dermatology for consultation. Not only are the consultations absolutely free. They will be able to find out all about the laser hair removal in Edmonton. And what they need to know, in order to ensure they get the most out of this procedure.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | An Alternative To Waxing Is Here

Many people use waxing as an alternative to shaving, however laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is quickly gaining popularity for many reasons. It can help people stop waxing, and even shaving permanently.
There are things that people should keep in mind about this procedure. The first is it will only get rid of about 95% of the hair in the area permanently. However, hair that remains is extremely easy to take care of.
And is typically very thin by that point. As well, it will take more than 1 Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton treatment. In order to generate permanent results. Because it will take the body several sessions.
To give up trying to regrow that hair. However, after those 3 to 8 sessions. People will never have to worry about shaving or waxing ever again. And can help give them the confidence they may have lost.
Or help them have free time in their hygiene routine. As well as save money from having to buy razors and shaving cream. Or pay for expensive salon waxing treatments regularly.
Unfortunately, laser hair removal in Edmonton is not for everybody. Because the way it works, is by targeting pigmentation in the hair follicles. People with darker skin tones may run the risk.
Of having the pigmentation in their skin targeted by the intense pulse light. Which could be painful, and damaging to their skin. Therefore, dermatologists use a Fitzpatrick scale. To determine the suitability of each patient.

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Because the laser is a non-ablative. Not only is it very gentle, and does not cause a lot of pain or negative sensations. It also does not require a lot of healing. Because the skin is intact at the end of the procedure.
Some people compare the sensation of the intense pulse light. To a similar sensation of being snapped by a rubber band, and just as fast too. Which may be no big deal to some patients.
But people who are concerned that they may not be able to tolerate the sensation. Or have a low pain tolerance should discuss this with their dermatologist. At their initial, and free consultation with Edmonton dermatology.
They will hear about the sapphire crystal. That is built in to the tip of the wand. That is used to deliver the treatment. This sapphire crystal is designed to cool the skin immediately before and after each pulse of light.
That cooling, is designed to increase comfort. However, if people are still concerned about the sensation. They can also utilize a numbing cream, or cooling gel. That can make things more comfortable.
As well as request that the dermatologist or laser technician. Ames a cooling fan at the treatment area. To help continue to increase their comfort during this procedure. The laser technician will also only go as fast as the patient allows.
So there need not be any worry about not being able to tolerate this procedure. When patients want more information, they should contact Edmonton dermatology for free consultation right away.