Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Avoid Embarrassment From Hair

Most people consider shaving to be a nuisance, which is why many look into laser hair removal in Edmonton. However, they are also nervous about the procedure being painful.
Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton
Especially if they have heard from their friends. In the nineties, who said that laser hair removal. Was very uncomfortable. While the old lasers that were first use for this purpose were much more uncomfortable.
What people need to know, is that as technology has improved. It has become more effective. As well as more gentle. Most people do not feel any discomfort during this procedure.
Some people say that the heat is the most uncomfortable thing. About laser hair removal in Edmonton. While others say the discomfort comes. From the destruction of the hair follicles.
That feels a little bit like being lightly snapped. By a rubber band. However the majority of the people do not have any discomfort at all. But this is also something that should be discussed with the dermatologist.
At the initial consultation. They will have many different methods. That they can use to increase the patient’s comfort. Should they feel any, because everyone has. Completely different pain tolerances.
They will be able to ensure, that the Sapphire Crystal. That is embedded in the head of the wand. That is used to deliver the laser treatment. Is turned to its coldest setting. Cooling the skin immediately before.

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As well as immediately after each pulse of light. To offset the heat that is generated. From the laser itself. In addition to that, Edmonton dermatology can also apply. A cooling cream, topically to their treatment area.
What it does, is it helps continue to cool the skin. So that it can offset the heat from the laser as well. The dermatologist can also bring in a cooling fan. That will gently blow cold air. On the patient during their treatment.
If it is the snap of the hair follicles being destroyed. That people are nervous about. The dermatologist can apply what is called a numbing cream. To the treatment area. In order to numb the skin.
So that people do not feel the sensation. Of the hair follicles being destroyed by the laser. As long as they bring up all of their concerns. To the dermatologist, they will ensure each patient is comfortable.
In addition to that, the appointment is scheduled. To be longer than is actually needed. So that patients can dictate how fast, or how slow. The dermatologist applies each pulse of light.
This way, they will not feel rushed. Or pressured to have their treatment continue. Allowing them to take as much time. As they need in between each burst. To collect themselves for their comfort.
When people are ready to talk to the dermatologists at Edmonton dermatology. All they have to do is pick up the phone and call. Or, they will be able to send an email.
Receptionists will contact people with the available times. So that they can create the appointment. So that patients can get all of the information about laser hair removal in Edmonton.

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton | Avoid Being Embarrassed Of Your Hair

Finding out about laser hair removal in Edmonton. Will help many people make the decision. To get this procedure done. And avoid any embarrassing situations. From unwanted and unsightly hair.
Whether it is hair on their legs, face, arms or hands. That is causing them embarrassment. Or if the hair, is simply causing them irritation. Or that the shaving and waxing to get rid of that hair. Causes irritation.
They might find that laser hair removal in Edmonton. Is a fantastic solution to their problem. However, they are uncertain of what exactly this procedure is. Or how it works.
The laser that is currently used in order to eliminate unwanted hair. Is called an IPL laser. Which stands for intense pulse light. And while it is called a laser, it is not actually a true laser.
Which is an extremely concentrated beam of light. Instead, this intense light. Targets the pigmentation in the hair follicles. And destroys them on contact. Because it is not a true laser.
The IPL is actually the most gentle laser type treatment. On the market. But this does not mean that it is ineffective. Because the IPL is known worldwide, as the gold standard. Of unwanted hair removal.
One of the first questions that Edmonton dermatology gets. Is people wondering how many treatments they will need. In order to generate completely permanent results. Many people are very skeptical.

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Because they often heard, many years ago. That with enough waxing treatments. They would also be hair free. But here they are. Years or decades later. Continuing to wax, because they still have hair.
However, while waxing simply pulls the hair out. Laser hair removal in Edmonton actually destroys the follicles. And while the body will try to regrow the hair follicles. It will not want to waste its resources.
Continuing to grow hair follicles. That are continually destroyed. The more resources the body has. The more persistent it will be at regrowing the hair follicles. And since blood flow delivers the body.
The resources it needs. To grow hair follicles. Parts of the body with more vascularity. Which means more veins and arteries, will be more stubborn. Such as the legs, and the bikini area.
However, parts of the body with very little blood flow. Such as the underarms. Will have much more success. Eliminating hair in just a couple treatments. However, it is not just where the hair is.
But the thickness and darkness of the hair. That factors into how many treatments someone will need. Although thick and dark hair is considered stubborn. This is actually the best care.
That can be targeted by the laser. Since the laser looks for pigmentation. The darker the pigmentation is. And the thicker the hair, gives more cells. For the laser to find and destroy.
Anyone wanting more information. Find out how many laser treatments they will need. Should contact Edmonton dermatology directly. And arrange a free consultation.